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Originally Posted by mcgrath618 View Post
Wack. At least the church and 640 N Broad remain.
Originally Posted by PHL10 View Post
Me too. It says the SW part of the property is where the new construction will be sited. I'm assuming it's that mid-century annex located at 15th and Mt. Vernon that will be demo'd.
Mcgrath618, I'm like you. When I looked at that site on Google Maps & panned around, I surmised that's the only "low-rise non-historic building" Blumenfeld could be referring to.

Although there's other businesses that's located in that complex, it would make more sense to put a tower of that height and massing on that block. Allow the option for those businesses to either relocate or to be incorporated into the new tower, if there's a commercial included.

That's probably what Blumenfeld should've made clear in that he wants to keep the Lofts (renovating that and possibly the annex, which is 4/5 stories, at 15th & Mt Vernon) and the church intact on that block BUT across the Mt Vernon, he wants to build a tower
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