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Old Posted Apr 13, 2020, 6:59 AM
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We have now completed first phase of lockdown which lasted for three weeks. People have to go through next phase also without anxiety or fear. For this we need to have some more motivational activities to unite nation's souls! Hope like two activities in the first phase PM announces a few more.

One activity I like is doing exercise in sunlight in the evening. This may result in strengthening immunity system by accumulating Vitamin D and also through exercises like breathing exercises. Breathing exercise may also reduce anxiety. Any way any other secular exercise is also fine.

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Old Posted Apr 15, 2020, 12:10 PM
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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Worlwide

Countries with compulsory TB vaccine BCG like India are showing fewer Covid-19 deaths

These ‘disease hunters’ developed a novel technique for tracking pandemics after 9/11, but lost funding right before COVID-19
New Study on Covid-19 by British Doctors Links Loss of Smell to Infection

Korea’s response to Covid-19 was widely praised. Startups had a lot to do with it
South Korea turns to tech to take on Covid-19

Israeli Bio-Defense Lab Reports 'Significant Progress' On Corona Virus Vaccine

Explained: Why researchers have developed the musical structure of COVID-19

Anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin can kill COVID-19 coronavirus within 48 hours, claim Australian scientists

STAT’s guide to how hospitals are using AI to fight Covid-19
Updated: This AI camera detects people who may have COVID-19

Combating Covid-19 with the Help of AI, Analytics and Automation

Coconut against COVID-19? 2

‘Coronascope’ enables live observations of COVID-19 infections

British Indian entrepreneur's firm begins arthritis drug tests for COVID-19

Robots may become heroes in war against COVID-19

How Covid-19 has created revenue opportunities for tech businesses adopting this unique approach

Can We Have Access and, Not Versus, Innovation for COVID-19 Treatments?

COVID-19: 42 Vaccines in Pre-Clinical Stage; Two in Phase 1, Reveals WHO

Comparison: COVID-19 Innovations in the U.S. Versus the Rest of the World

Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic, CDC Wants To Hire A Chief Data Officer

Facebook expands location sharing data by providing it to Covid researchers
Google, Facebook Share Mobile Location Data for COVID-19 Efforts
Government, researchers and big tech team up for digital COVID-19 tools

UK doctors to research more severe COVID-19 impact on Indians
Hawaii researchers seek clues to COVID-19 risk in DNA

Second US study for COVID-19 vaccine uses skin-deep shots

Care Access Research Launches COVID-19 Clinical Trials Alliance to Accelerate Vaccine and Drug Development

Coronavirus may ‘reactivate’ in cured patients: Korean CDC

Wuhan hospital says HIV drug beneficial to Covid-19 patients
Swedish hospitals abandon trial of promising malaria drug chloroquine for coronavirus patients after it caused them blinding headaches, vision loss and agonising cramps

So, Indian companies' plan to ramp up production has to be relooked into.

Active Motif launches a portfolio of recombinant COVID-19 antibodies; the first full human antibodies derived from patients infected with the 2019 Coronavirus, now available for research and commercial use

New drug promises to change Covid-19 response, gets nod for human trials

Covid-19: 3 Indian Americans showing signs of recovery after plasma transfusion

FDA has approved saliva test to detect Covid-19 that lowers infection risk for health staff

Chinese Research Firm Attached to PLA First to Start Second Clinical Trial for Covid-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus Mutation Found in India “Raises Alarm”, Could Hinder Development of Vaccine: Study
Mutation strain from India could kill current research efforts for coronavirus vaccine: report
New coronavirus mutation strain could threaten vaccine development

Alphabet : Supercomputers Help Researchers Speed Drug Discovery for Covid-19

After Forcing India To Export Drug, Trump's Expected COVID-19 Cure Kills 11 People In Brazil

How wearables can assist in curbing spread of covid-19

Scientists discover six new coronaviruses in bats in Myanmar
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Old Posted Apr 15, 2020, 6:01 PM
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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Research & Innovations in India

Drones, security may be the answer to change in crucial times
Drones for surveillance, food delivery start-ups, artificial intelligence and IoT are some of the key tools which have helped the country bring down the panic level during the present COVID-19 crisis.
Coronavirus: IIT Ropar Develops Device To Sanitise Grocery Items, Bank Notes, Delivery Packages
Sanitizing currency notes, mobile phones made easy! IIT Bombay develops portable UV sanitizers
IIT Bombay develops ‘digital stethoscope’ to ensure social distancing between doctors, patients
ICICI and IIT Kanpur to develop indigenous, portable, affordable and invasive ventilators in fighting COVID-19

Bhopal emerges as the hotbed for innovation, using smart technologies, for managing COVID-19

India joins Global Hackathon to provide solutions to COVID-19

NIPER-Guwahati designs innovative 3D products to fight COVID-19

Coronavirus | Karnataka’s first ‘sanitiser bus’ rolls out of scrap yard

COVID-19: Karnataka readies for blood plasma therapy
Karnataka will soon get a blood bank, specifically for COVID-19 patients, which will collect antibody-rich plasma from patients who have recovered from the disease recently.
ICMR seeks participation in trial to study efficacy of convalescent plasma in COVID-19 patients
Top Medical Body ICMR Seeks Participation In Study Of Plasma Treatment For COVID-19
ICMR plans plasma therapy clinical trials in 2 weeks to treat critical Covid-19 cases

Can India tide over COVID-19 with minimal damage?

Marine Red Algae may Hold Key to Preventing Spread of COVID-19: Reliane Researchers

Coronavirus | Department of Science and Technology moots research to study effects of yoga in fighting viruses
Think you can prove yoga, meditation ward off Covid-19? Modi govt has an offer for you
The central govt is seeking research by experts on how yoga & meditation can boost immunity, improve the respiratory system and alleviate depression and anxiety.
After Modi’s appeal, AYUSH ministry gets over 2,000 proposals to tackle Covid-19 pandemic
AYUSH ministry has so far received around 1,300 proposals under Ayurveda, followed by 700 under homeopathy and 100 each for Unani and Siddha.
Research to ascertain herbs’ role in tackling Covid

We need to have a database of AYUSH treatment results against prescription to check effectiveness for all kinds of diseases.

Covid-19: Software firms sharpen focus on AI, big data as IT spending drops

Indo-US science forum is inviting scientists and engineers to research on COVID-19
Indo-US S&T forum invites joint research proposals on coronavirus

Why India's Stated Policy on Hydroxychloroquine Makes No Sense

India to consider use of Ebola-drug Remdesivir to treat critical coronavirus patients?
Drug used for Ebola may be effective in stopping Covid-19 replication: ICMR
Will an anti-Ebola drug be the silver bullet in the fight against COVID-19?

Survey of India’s new app will map geo-tagged Covid-19 data to help fight the pandemic

Maharashtra seeks permission to use BCG vaccine for clinical tests on Covid-19 cases
The decision was taken following "positive results" of research carried out by experts at the Haffkine Institute in Mumbai.
The initial research reportedly hints that people who received BCG vaccines are found to be more immune against Covid-19 than those who did not receive the vaccine.
BCG vaccine to be tested in Covid-19 battle

These Indian students from SRIHER won the MIT COVID-19 Challenge with their ideas for a PPE suit and at-home testing

C-CIDA shortlists 13 near deployment-ready Covid-19 products
C-CAMP shortlisted 18 near deployable techs from start-ups across India ready to scale

MeitY announces innovation challenge for ‘Made in India’ video conferencing solution

Indian solutions dominate global hackathon to combat COVID 19

Fighting COVID-19: Eight high priority research projects get approval
Besides NCBS and inStem, researchers from the University of Hyderabad and two Bengaluru-based institutions, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) are also part of these projects.

The projects
  • Rapid compressed sensing technology for COVID-19 pooled testing to overcome the shortage of reagents for the manufacturing of diagnostic test kits
  • A rapidly deployable method of disinfection which can neutralise the coronavirus on contact with any surface
  • Colour-based test for point-of-care COVID-19 detection
  • A community questionnaire in multiple languages to assess the possibility of using the symptom of loss of sense-of-smell as a potential screening methodology
  • A test for sense of smell to identify potential COVID-19 clusters and high-risk individuals
  • A method to rapidly screen FDA-approved drugs that interfere with key steps of viral entry and processing
  • To study whether antivirals already in use for other coronaviridae infections could be repurposed for COVID-19
  • Mathematical models of COVID-19 spread that will fit to national-level quantitative data to provide recommendations on outbreak suppression
These 4 healthtech startups are helping with their solutions to fight coronavirus
Docturnal ... The flagship product will help with the at-home screening of pulmonary tuberculosis. ...

Qure.ai ... provides an automated interpretation of radiology exams like X-rays, CTs, and MRI scans ...

AI Highway ... Its COVID-19 pre-screening and triage tool ...

‘RespirAID’, an automated respiratory assist device ...
Coronavirus Mutation Found in India “Raises Alarm”, Could Hinder Development of Vaccine: Study
This mutation leads to a “weaker receptor binding capability” in the novel coronavirus, which is proof that change has occurred in the part of the spike protein that allows the virus to bind with human cells.

As scientists have possessed more knowledge about this receptor than any other, they have so far been working on creating antibodies that target this specific receptor. But now, with the mutation modifying the receptor’s structure, the entire research work done on this subject could possibly end up becoming useless.
The mutant coronavirus the study refers to was first sampled by the National Institute of Virology from a patient in Kerala, India in January. The full genome sequence, however, was released to the international community last month—a delay that some researchers find quite surprising.
The SCMP report has quoted an unnamed researcher as saying that the findings of this study will need further verification, as there remains the possibility of the mutation being caused by a technical error during the sequencing process. There is also a chance of the results produced by the computer simulation being misleading.
Mutation strain from India could kill current research efforts for coronavirus vaccine: report

Defence Research Body Develops Kiosk For COVID-19 Sample Collection
DRDL Hyderabad develops kiosk for COVID-19 sample collection

Military’s innovations to help combat Covid-19
From PPE Boxes To Surgical Masks, Indian Armed Forces' Innovations Bolster Covid Battle
Indian Navy Develops Innovative 'Evacuation Pod' to Airlift COVID-19 Patients - Video

Modi govt approves made-in-India rapid test kits after Chinese supply is delayed

An app to track case history
‘Sahaya Setuve’ Web app launched
Positive response to home delivery system

Apollo Group joins hands with Airtel to fight COVID-19

L&T Uses Artificial Intelligence To Support 20 Cities In Combating Against COVID-19

Online workshop for scientists and clinicians working on COVID-19 research

Tracking sewage to surveil COVID-19

Chennai Corporation's COVID-19 monitoring app helps to track containment zones

Six Indian companies working on COVID-19 vaccine, many challenges in finding a preventive: experts
Coronavirus: 6 Indian Companies Working On COVID-19 Vaccine, Say Experts

Start-up India receives over 550 tech proposals to fight Covid-19

How India's science capital is helping fight the corona battle
Stop, fight, kill: Karnataka opens multiple fronts in corona battle

The Crusaders: 10 Indian Startups Fighting The Pandemic With Cutting-Edge Tech

‘Low-cost innovation by MSMEs are key to minimising supply chain disruptions amid Covid-19’

Hack the Crisis – India selects top 10 innovative ideas to beat spread of Covid 19

SCTIMST scientists develop disinfection gateway & facemask disposal bin to fight COVID-19
SCTIMST for free tech transfer; inks MoU with HLL Lifecare for mass production of 3 innovations

How India’s ‘Smart Cities’ are fighting against COVID-19

We'll find a treatment for coronavirus – but drug companies will decide who gets it

Research & Innovations Issues

Belagavi ICMR demands BSL-3 lab to develop anti-covid drug

COVID-19: Is India equipped to carry out clinical trials on vaccines?

Emerging Technologies – Opportunities from the challenges posed by Covid-19
A credible policy and regulatory framework has thus become important for not only putting in place necessary safeguards but also for creating an enabling environment for new market opportunities and innovations. An agile governance structure that is sensitised to the needs of the community and the changing technology, and willing to work in collaboration with the ecosystem, can help India leverage the benefits that frontier technology has to offer. The experience of the past few weeks has demonstrated the capacity and willingness of the Government to act on these lines. Going forward, this needs to be institutionalised through appropriate mechanisms that allow for closer interaction and constant feedback mechanisms with the stakeholder communities, be it the academia, industry, startups, incubation centers and R&D hubs, to facilitate rapid growth for meeting the present and future challenges.

Research & Innovations Control Actions

Centre Invites Proposals To Study Yoga, Meditation Effects In Fighting COVID-19

COVID-19 India: PM Establishes Task Force For Scientific Validation of AYUSH Medicines

Govt to create innovations repository to fight pandemic

Research & Innovations Suggestive Actions

Opinion | How to fund innovation in the time of coronavirus

Covid-19: What India must do next| Analysis
The sixth step, research, has to not only meet these defensive challenges, but also launch an all-out offensive against the enemy. We must innovate at every step, use our fabled “jugaad” as a stop-gap defensive measure, while our premier research institutions work to provide new weapons in this fight.

While the challenges are severe, the unified response of the government, industry and academia in this time of crisis has been heartening. For example, to test widely, we need diagnostic kits. As global supplies of kits and their components start becoming scarce, Indian industry and start-ups, supported by academia, are developing indigenous alternatives. Medical researchers, epidemiologists, molecular biologists, and technocrats are jointly formulating strategies for minimum testing for maximum insight.

Apps like Aarogya Setu leverage India’s digital and telecom infrastructure and tech talent to supplement community testing and provide virtual intelligence. Previous investment in high-quality basic research is also paying off. The recent development of futuristic alternatives such as a Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR)-based paper strip test, which may eliminate the need for expensive and scarce real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines, came from years of background work.

While issues remain in expeditiously bringing new tech to market — for example, sufficient quantities of the input materials for the CRISPR test are difficult to find — a strong academia-industry combine is working hard to overcome the obstacles. Meanwhile, numerous research labs across the nation are using their infrastructure to enhance the national Reverse Transcription (RT)-PCR testing capacity. Young companies funded by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Department of Biotechnology industry programmes are coming out with affordable and simple indigenous diagnostic systems that can be used by local centres without advanced infrastructure. Together, these form a viable plan to widen the testing net and effectively determine local and personal risks.

Similarly, procurement challenges in personal protective equipment (PPE), hospital beds, oxygen, ventilators, and newer anti-viral drugs, must be met by focused science. Towards this, Indian research organisations are using cross-sectoral strengths to create the necessary pipeline of products. When biohazard suit production was constrained by the unavailability of seam sealing tape, a sealant glue from submarine applications was substituted by Defence Research and Development Organisation, ensuring that these suits can be produced in large numbers, forming a robust line of defence for frontline health workers. An indigenous oxygen concentrator from the CSIR Venture Centre may make the difference between life and death for hypoxic patients, if central oxygen supply runs short.

Lifesaving drugs, with promise in Covid-19 treatment, are being synthesised by CSIR labs in collaboration with pharma majors. Inspiration from traditional medical systems is guiding the ministry of Ayush’s efforts. The idea is to not blindly copy anyone, but to take the best of what is available and by using universally-recognised scientific principles, modify it to local contexts and needs. We have bought ourselves time to prepare and have the scientific capacity to deliver. This war will be won by smart data-driven defence, coupled with strategic offence.

While the medical side defends with what they have, the research side must support them with what they need. Importantly, we must not take our eyes off the real solution — effective treatment and vaccines; developed in India for the world. We have the leadership to inspire and mobilise the public. Can science guide decisions to shape the public health response and to restart the economy? If we do this well, not only will we save grief to hundreds of thousands of Indians, but also contribute to global good and emerge a stronger nation.
Covid-19: 8 ways in which technology helps pandemic management

Research & Innovations Volunteer Actions

CODE19 hackathon begins: 6,000 tech minds to innovate against Coronavirus

IHF’s Quest to support innovations to tackle respiratory diseases, including Covid-19

Innovative ideas invited by US India S&T Endowment Fund to address COVID-19 challenge

Research & Innovations Private Actions

Startup Street: C-CAMP launches accelerator to fast-track COVID-19 related innovations

Here's how Indian startup Wingify is aiming to help fight COVID-19 crisis through Coronathon

Research & Innovations Innovative Actions

Govt to create innovations repository to fight pandemic

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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Worldwide

How Innovators Are Adapting Existing Technologies to Fight COVID-19

These are the new hot spots of innovation in the time of coronavirus

In-depth Analysis of How COVID-19 is Impacting the Physical Therapy Equipment Market | Growth Strategies, Opportunity, Rising Trends and Revenue Analysis 2026

Chinese startup Rokid pitches COVID-19 detection glasses in U.S.

Can a Wearable Detect Covid-19 Before Symptoms Appear?

Estimote launches wearables for workplace-level contact tracing

How Ava is attempting to solve the Covid-19 testing crisis

IoT developers to focus more on smart healthcare post-COVID-19

AT&T Lends Technology to Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 crisis brings new visibility to IoT and building air quality

SPHCC employs IoT tech and wearable sensors to monitor COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 vs. Raspberry Pi: Researchers bring IoT technology to disease detection

How can IoT help in the COVID-19 crisis

COVID 19: Halix ready for vaccine production

Three Chinese Vaccines against COVID-19 are on the Way

Novavax to commence COVID-19 vaccine trial with Nucleus Network

Coronavirus: 3 COVID-19 vaccines in early-stage testing in US

US begins clinical trial of an artificial antibody for Covid-19 treatment

Researchers hunt for COVID antibodies in plasma of recovered patients

Swedish seeks plasma of COVID-19 patients who've recovered

Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug, may not be effective against COVID-19, says a Chinese study

Coronavirus: Drugs to be tested on lungs of ICU patients

Vaccines, Antibodies and Drug Libraries. The Possible COVID-19 Treatments Researchers Are Excited About
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Old Posted Apr 17, 2020, 5:18 PM
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Supply Chain

DMart’s Radhakishan Damani only Indian tycoon to get richer during lockdown; here’s how

Coronavirus lockdown: India’s supply chain is finally moving to deliver essential goods

This fintech platform sees coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to build resilient supply chains for MSMEs

India Post delivering medicine and emergency articles

Manufacturing industry gears up for life after coronavirus lockdown
Lockdown aftermath: Deliverance in delivery mechanism

Stranded Truck Drivers Hold Key to Supply Chain Needs as Lockdown Is Relaxed

Non-essential businesses to resume operations slowly but surely amid extended COVID-19 lockdown

Indian traders signing rice export deals again after 3-week pause

Covid-19 lockdown dealt blow to Punjab drug smuggling: Official

Amul to SpiceJet to Railways — Supply chain heroes are making sure India runs in lockdown

Raymond expects gradual pick up after lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown: Disruption in global supply chains pave way for ‘Make in India’ products

Government makes addition to list of what is allowed after April 20 amid lockdown

Supply Chain Issues

India's bulks supply chain takes a hit during lockdown

Packaging industry faces disruption in supply chain, labour shortage

Traders accuse Amazon, BigBasket for holding back supplies of essential commodities amid lockdown

Labour shortage may break supply chain in Coronavirus lockdown extension
Availability of labour to be major challenge amid extended COVID-19 lockdown: SIAM
Availability of workforce is major concern amid COVID-19 lockdown: Godrej Consumer Products

Slowly, India Inc begins to fire up its engines

Chaos in India as lack of drivers impacts every sector and transport mode

Trucks carrying $4.5m in goods are abandoned on India's roads

Exports decline by 34.57% in March as COVID-19, lockdown snap supply chains

Now, even essential goods stock falls, as lockdown hits production; govt weighs options

Lockdown 2.0 bleeds travel, aviation; manufacturing, agriculture plan hesitant comebacks

Steel industry struggles as blast furnaces begin shutting down

Will this make any impact on continuation of essential services & construction?

Link missing to start economic activities from April 20 despite green signal from government

Lockdown to impact Indian operation but focus on providing goods: Metro Cash & Carry

One in four MSMEs may shut if coronavirus lockdown extends beyond eight weeks: PHDCCI President

Diamond sector grinds to halt as India’s lockdown bites

Will MHA directive on cargo movement ease supply chain woes?
"Making a distinction between essential and non-essential goods for the purposes of the guidelines under the Disaster Management Act has caused problems because the law does not have the definitions of these terms, nor does it have any provisions relating to the maintenance of supply chains during a lockdown or a disaster," says Alok Prasanna Kumar, Senior Resident Fellow at Vidhi Legal.
Durables, electronic items to feature high on shoppers'' list post lockdown: Croma
Products such as laptops, smartphones and printers have become crucial for those working from home, while household appliances like washing machines, ACs, TVs and vacuum cleaners are now more important than ever for households.

"These are all likely to feature high on the list of people as they come out of lockdown, especially since there is already talk of scenarios where another lockdown might be required," Infiniti Retail CMO Ritesh Ghosal told PTI.
Coronavirus impact | Retail channels see sharp fall in growth: Nielsen India

Supply Chain Control Actions

Stats to home delivery: Dharwad becomes first Karnataka district to launch dedicated COVID-19 website
According to an officer, they have developed the website keeping the days to come in their mind. If community spread or stage 3 happens in the district, lockdown may continue. In that scenario, citizens will not be allowed to come out of their houses and getting essentials like milk, medicine, vegetable and grocery will be a big challenge. Home delivery is the practical solution for such cases and hence the website has been designed and gathering information of all vendors who are ready to deliver goods at doorstep.
MHA guidelines for lockdown: Highway dhabas to open from Apr 20; religious places shut till May 3

As delivery workers emerge as COVID-19 frontline soldiers, India's government warms to e-commerce
Ecommerce For Essentials, Supply Chain Clarity And More In New Lockdown Guidelines

Home delivery helpline to service many areas in south Bengaluru

Lockdown Guidelines Revised to Give Relaxations to Farmers, E-Commerce and Industries. Check All Exemptions Here

Explained: Haryana model of fight against coronavirus

Indian Railways steps up to fill gaps in supply chain

Govt moves to ease essential supply & improve availability

Supply Chain Suggestive Actions

‘Low-cost innovation by MSMEs are key to minimising supply chain disruptions amid Covid-19’

Allow home delivery by all retailers, not just e-commerce players: RAI

You know what can help Indian businesses beat coronavirus? Bots

Use Army to hold supply chain

Delivering daily needs items amid lockdown, here’s how FMCG firms can ensure production and supply
To ensure it is an easy recovery and build the preparedness to stay ahead in the curve, it is critical for FMCG companies to create an Emergency Response System (ERS).
Supply chain is the key to retailers’ battle against COVID-19

Supply Chain Volunteer Actions

Ready Assist to offer free services to emergency vehicles during lockdown

Supply Chain Private Actions

Retailers resort to reverse supply chain to procure goods

Trade bodies, distributors, startups come together to digitize ‘kiranas’
How m.Paani is helping kirana stores in India thrive during the Covid-19 lockdown

FMCG makers prepare for second phase of lockdown

Lockdown: Zomato, Zoomcar partner with Godrej for delivery of essentials

Coronavirus: How Udaan is tackling delivery challenges amidst increased demands during lockdown

Retailers, e-commerce platforms turn to private label brands to plug gaps in supply chains

Supply Chain Innovative Actions

Positive response to home delivery system

Coronavirus: Is Indian FMCG, retail industry heading towards a supply-chain reinvention?

5 Start-ups that are enabling offline essential good providers to combat covid-19 crisis

Coronavirus: Order online from local kirana stores! Govt helps digitise small shops

Trade bodies, distributors, startups come together to digitize ‘kiranas’
How m.Paani is helping kirana stores in India thrive during the Covid-19 lockdown
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Supply Chain (Food & Agriculture)

Solar-powered vegetable vending vans come in handy

Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) Food security and Food independence

Britannia operates at 65% capacity amid lockdown; says focus on ensuring essential supplies

Supply Chain Issues (Food & Agriculture)

Restaurateurs struggle to keep kitchens running
India’s Food Supply Chain Frays as People Stay Home

Maintaining supply chain key worry for food processing cos in lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown leaves ready-to-cook, snacks companies high and dry

Warning issued to those distributing food without permit

Indian rice exports suspended on supply chain disruption -industry

Across India, a massive agricultural crisis in the making due to coronavirus shutdown
The lockdown has severely disrupted India’s agricultural sector, starving it of buyers and migrant labourers as the restrictions halt people’s movements. With a sharp decline in takers for vegetables, fruits and flowers, farmers are looking to the government for help.
Fishers try to stay afloat amid lockdown

Lockdown distress: Horticultural farmers worry over low price
Department of Horticulture Assistant Director Yathiraj said, "The department is striving to provide marketing facility. Traders within the district and outside the state have been contacted. Owing to the lockdown, transportation could not be taken up. It would be better if the farmers come to the market and sell the horticultural crops directly."
Strange, scarcity in cities and low price for farmers!

Chalk out measures to rescue farming sector, say experts

West Bengal: Amid lockdown, crop theft growing concern among farmers

Coronavirus: Gallons of milk go down the drain amid lockdown

India’s Food System in the Time of COVID-19

Coronavirus lockdown leaves a bitter taste for India's sugar industry

Lockdown cripples India’s MSME-dominated mustard oil industry; recovery may take multiple months

Less demand, more supply: The sad tale of Tamil Nadu farmers

Supply Chain Control Actions (Food & Agriculture)

India: MSAMB creates onion supply chain

Bakeries exempted from lockdown in Karnataka

Agricultural activities in Karnataka gets 'fuel booster' despite slump in sales
SSCMC to monitor supply of commodities in wake of lockdown
Bengaluru, Mar 31 (PTI) A State Supply Chain Management Cell (SSCMC) has been set up to monitor supply of essential commodities and agriculture inputs related items in the wake of the lockdown following COVID-19 outbreak.

The SSCMC, which will function under the agriculture secretariat, will see the issues related to the supply of seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides, a government order said.
A control room will also be set up to coordinate with the heads of departments and nodal officers of various department level supply chain management cells entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring proper supply chain management, the G.O said.

The team will monitor the demand, availability, transport and issues pertaining to the key commodities under their control and provide the daily report to SSCMC .
Farm activities give fillip to OMCs in time of lockdown
There is also a separate supply chain management cell in the agriculture department that follows up with retailers and manufacturers, to ensure food production goes on uninterrupted, he said. With various parts of the state receiving pre-monsoon showers over the last few days, harvesting and sowing activities have truly picked up, Kataria said, thanking the petroleum dealers for fuelling this essential service that will help feed people across the state.
Green passes for movement of farmers during lockdown

Supply chain, agriculture, food processing and rural India among top focus areas in lockdown guidelines

Coronavirus: Order online from local kirana stores! Govt helps digitise small shops

Lockdown: 12 new markets coming up near Bengaluru to help farmers

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar launches “Kisan Rath”Mobile App to facilitate transportation of foodgrains and perishables during lockdown

Supply Chain Suggestive Actions (Food & Agriculture)

Podcast: How did Covid-19 break down India’s food supply chain – and how can it be fixed?

Nine measures that could help keep India’s agriculture supply chain from breaking

Preparing food systems for disasters

Containing COVID-19 impacts on Indian agriculture

Opinion | Food processing sector after lockdown

Covid-19 lockdown exposes gaping holes in e-commerce and farm food supply chains

Supply Chain Volunteer Actions (Food & Agriculture)

Alumni association of UAS-B steps in to help grape farmers

Supply Chain Private Actions (Food & Agriculture)

TVS SCS launches Corona Kavach, to focus on 90-day plan to combat lockdown

Flipkart, Tata collaborate to ensure delivery of essential food items amid lockdown
Flipkart, Snapdeal ready to scale up operations for delivery of products
India’s offline and online players are pooling their resources to survive the Covid-19 havoc
Zomato kicks off grocery deliveries in India amidst Covid-19 lockdown
Safety of the entire supply chain top priority: Amar Nagaram, CEO, Myntra

Supply Chain Innovative Actions (Food & Agriculture)

BOX8 to Home Deliver Fresh Essentials in 30 Minutes, Amidst Lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic: Safety measures food delivery apps are taking to win back customers' trust

In Lockdown, Satara Farmers' Revolutionary New Model

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar launches “Kisan Rath”Mobile App to facilitate transportation of foodgrains and perishables during lockdown
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Supply Chain (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

Top Indian Research Lab to Get 700,000 Rapid Testing Kits for COVID-19

Ola, Uber services for non-COVID medical emergencies

Pharma stocks are on fire, but domestic growth rates may taper in FY21

Coronavirus pandemic: OPPI says pharma supply chain disruption easing, companies have stock for 2-3 months - Manufacturing units are slowly coming back to normalcy

Uber partners Medlife to deliver medicines in 5 cities

Supply Chain Issues (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

Pharma firms await ingredient from China to make sought-after drug HCQ

Pharma exporters seek extension for payments as lockdown hits business

Details of labs, ventilators, patients sought

Zydus Cadila boosts key Covid drug hydroxychloroquine production 10X

Hydroxychloroquine Drugs Market: Surged in Demand of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19

Antibody test kits: After China issues, govt taps 3 nations

Government Initiatives Minimize Indian Pharma Industry Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Lockdown to have "material" impact on production, sales: Dabur India

Supply Chain Control Actions (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

West Bengal to procure 3 million tablets to tackle corona

Is this good hoarding example?

Covid-19: India has enough testing kits to continue for 6 weeks, says ICMR

Covid-19: India has contracted Chinese firms to supply 1.5 crore PPE kits, says envoy

Lockdown 2.0: Hospitals, nursing homes, facilities for AYUSH services will be open

Supply Chain Suggestive Actions (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

Covid-19: What you need to know today
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Supply Chain (Fuel & Energy)

Farm activities give fillip to OMCs in time of lockdown

Supply Chain Issues (Fuel & Energy)

India's renewables installation could fall by a fifth due to lockdown: Wood Mackenzie

Covid-19 to have 'outsized' impact on India's wind and PV build in 2020: WoodMac
Covid-19 lockdown will affect India’s rooftop solar sector more than large-scale PV
[URL="https://www.saurenergy.com/solar-energy-news/indias-solar-energy-plans-bogged-down-with-supply-chain-issues"]India’s Solar Energy Plans Bogged Down With Supply Chain Issues]/URL]

Wind Turbine Factories Struggle to Get Parts in Virus Lockdown
India’s Lockdown Amid COVID-19 Hurts Wind Supply Chain Globally: Report

India lockdown: Extension unsettles oil and gas, shipping markets

Supply Chain Control Actions (Fuel & Energy)

India shuns Gulf producers, diverts oil to strategic reserves
India will divert 19 million barrels of Gulf oil from state-run firms to strategic petroleum reserves (SPRs), skipping direct purchases from producers to help refiners get rid of extra oil as their storage is full, three sources said.

India’s decision to divert cargoes meant for state refiners will not soak up excess oil from the market following the demand collapse caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but it will help local companies to avoid demurrage charges at a time of expensive freight.

It also secures purchases at a low price.
MRPL playing active role in nation s crude reserves
India dips in to weakened crude market to fill up its strategic oil reserves

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Healthcare & Pharma Infrastructure

Karnataka: Three railway hospitals ready for COVID-19 patients

Now, Belagavi ready to open disinfectant spray tunnel

Tata Group to build specialty hospital in Kasaragod with 540 isolation beds

Vizag to get Corona Disinfection Center soon

Virology lab set up at KIMS in Hubballi

As India Battles Coronavirus, Here's All You Need to Know About Its Kits

Medtech Zone, Visakhapatnam: 'Naidu's Vision Helping India Fight Corona'

Kasauli research institute becomes third Covid-19 testing centre in HP

Latest list of Private Laboratories to test COVID-19 in India

Fujifilm to help hospitals in early diagnosis of COVID-19 cases

COVID-19: DRDO, ITI team up to manufacture portable ventilators

ICMR invites applications from medical colleges for setting up COVID-19 testing facilities

Government of India sanctions Rs. 15000 crores for India COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Package 2

Karnataka: Covid-19: 100 KSTRC buses to be transformed into “Mobile Testing Labs”

Rapid tests for COVID-19 in Hassan district soon

Red zones, fever clinics to roll out rapid testing from next week
Fever clinics to be set up across Karnataka
More fever clinics in Dharwad district

Karnataka sets up critical care support team for advise to physicians in COVID-19 cases

Covid-19: West Bengal to ramp up the production of Hydroxychloroquine

East Central Railway sets record, converts sleeper coaches into isolation wards in no time

Ahead on requirement of isolation beds - ‘Positive news’: Govt, while warning of possible ‘exponential rise’ in Covid cases

Coronavirus pandemic: Complete list of COVID-19 testing centres in India

India Is in Need of an Inclusive Public Healthcare Law to Combat Pandemic

How Telemedicine Is Aiding The Fight Against COVID-19

In Kerala, this 'friendly' clinic-on-wheels keeps migrant labourers hale & hearty

Whether there is any mobile clinic with laboratory to test & announce results (at least pool testing results) at the spot itself? Whether railway is developing anything like - South Africa’s COVID-19 testing capacity increased with 60 new mobile lab units launched?

Govt sets up 586 dedicated covid-19 facilities, says lockdown helped curbing cases

Healthcare & Pharma Infrastructure Issues

Private hospitals turned away India’s first COVID-19 victim

With clinics shut, people self-medicate

Let us hope for faster adoption of telemedicine.

'Private doctors should cooperate with govt'

Do we need new ventilator protocol to treat COVID-19 in India?

Healthcare & Pharma Infrastructure Control Actions

Rope in ENT specialists, resident doctors to fight COVID-19: Health Ministry to states

Coronavirus: Minister directs hospitals to keep paediatric ICUs ready
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Propagation Analysis and Mitigation

Bhilwara inches towards being coronavirus-free, nine more patients return home

No, mosquitoes cannot spread COVID-19
There is no evidence that mosquitoes can transmit the COVID-19 virus. The World Health Organization has maintained that position for some time now.
Is there evidence that mosquitoes can't transmit the COVID-19 virus? What are the experiments carried out on mosquitoes?

Coronavirus through the eyes? Wear glasses, say ophthalmologists

25 districts offer glimmer of hope as caseload hits 9879

As India crosses 6,000 COVID-19 cases, ICMR study hints at early community transmission

COVID-19: PIL in SC seeks mass testing, says else lockdown futile; number of cases grossly underestimated

Data from latest ICMR study and what Germany’s Heinsberg district reveals about Covid-19

Northeast people will be more immune to Covid-19, here's why!
“I wonder if hydroxychloroquine has improved our immunity,” he said. H Lalchungnunga, the Director of Health and Family Welfare of Mizoram, appeared to concur. “The drug could have boosted our immunity. In malaria-prone areas, the picture is completely different as compared to other areas,” he said.
What the world can learn from Kerala about how to fight covid-19

India readies for calibrated opening up of economy

Controlling COVID-19: To slay the Coronavirus-Goliath

Explained: How coronavirus attacks, step by step

No evidence of BCG protection against coronavirus: WHO

Coronavirus update: Covid-19 cases in India cross 10,000. State-wise numbers here

Flattening the curve, R0, pool testing: Terms that will dominate India’s Covid-19 discourse
R0 data shows India’s coronavirus infection rate has slowed, gives lockdown a thumbs up

UP to Become First State to Start Pool Testing of Covid-19 Samples as Cases Jump to 558
Punjab begins rapid Covid -19 tests in Mohali, Jalandhar

Scientists confirm smell and taste loss as early signs of COVID-19

India can prevent long-term lockdown, contain Covid if 90% people download Aarogya Setu
We are also quickly able to trace everyone who had problematic contact with the new patient zero over the past three days when they were contagious. And these people, who have not yet had a chance to infect others, also self-isolate, get tested and depending on the result resume normal life or get treated for the disease. They too are no longer a danger to the rest of the herd.
For Covid-19, 230,000 samples have been tested so far, says ICMR

Don’t panic, experts say after COVID-19 animal killings

India Set to Increase COVID-19 Testing in the Coming Days

Israel The Best, India Surprisingly 'Very Good' For Handling Covid-19 Pandemic: Research

COVID-19 crisis: Testing still key to containing outbreak

Covid-19 Body Count: India's Low Mortality Rate and the Contrasting Pictures of Two States

What Is Pool Testing And How This Could Help India Increase The Number Of COVID-19 Tests

A reverse estimation based on mortality rate, R0 and undetected covid deaths can be usefull to get approximate number of Covid cases. But R0 is also doubtful and there is a problem of undetected 'undected covid' deaths. Something similar to 'defect seeding' can be tried for testing ability of the team but not by intentional infection and killing patient .

In Kerala, this 'friendly' clinic-on-wheels keeps migrant labourers hale & hearty

Whether there is any mobile clinic with laboratory to test & announce results (at least pool testing results) at the spot itself? Whether railway is developing anything like - South Africa’s COVID-19 testing capacity increased with 60 new mobile lab units launched?

New strategies to expand Covid-19 testing at affordable costs as cases rise

COVID-19 patients spread virus two to three days before symptoms appear: Study

Bihar turns clock back for Covid-19 fight, seeks to replicate 1998 polio eradication drive

Covid-19: Maharashtra reports only 34 new cases after testing protocol changes

India would’ve had 8.2 lakh cases without lockdown & containment measures: Health Ministry
Doubling rate of COVID-19 cases in India reduced with imposition of lockdown: Health Ministry

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Issues

Karnataka: With better testing protocol, positive cases may rise in State

Social distancing takes a back seat at markets
7 booked for holding mass prayers
MLA serves biryani at his b'day party with kids

Covid-19 latest updates: The extent of spread in India and Stage 3 concerns
ICMR study on SARI patients with COVID-19 hints at community transmission in India
“About a third of COVID-19 positive SARI cases did not have any history of contact with a laboratory-confirmed case or international travel, and such cases were reported from 36 Indian districts in 15 states. These districts need to be prioritized to target COVID-19 containment activities,” the study states.
Pets cannot transmit COVID-19, says 'People for Animals'

Covid-19 fear has Mysuru quarantined
Two localities in Bengaluru to be sealed completely after detection of COVID-19 cases

Karnataka moves to 11th position from 3rd, but more tests are key
Relaxations likely during next phase of lockdown
Karnataka fails to use vet labs for COVID-19 testing
COVID-19 testing in Karnataka at a low, to pick up soon
COVID-19: Five policemen who visited Karnataka patient’s home quarantined

COVID-19: Contact tracking, testing to be carried out in vulnerable areas, says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

Covid-19 will make malaria tracing and treatment much harder - WHO

Single-use plastic turns out to be an unlikely hero in corona battle

India’s plan to purchase antibody kits hits a wall
With concerns over kit quality, antibody testing yet to take off
India will use rapid antibody tests in Covid clusters even after WHO advised against it

Coronavirus crisis: Discharge mechanism in focus after false Covid-19 negatives
“To reduce the number of new cases, strict adherence to discharge criteria is needed. In addition, it is recommended that patients should be isolated for several days after discharge to reduce the risk of transmission,” the study concluded.
Coronavirus update: India reports deadliest 24 hrs as death toll rises to 324, active cases past 8k

Infections among frontline medical staff minuscule: Health ministry

Transmission of coronavirus COVID-19 possible from mother to newborn, says ICMR

Coronaviruses found in two bat species in Kerala
Two Indian bat species have 'bat coronavirus', says ICMR study
Coronavirus, found in Indian bats, not evidently connected to COVID-19
Bats not related to COVID-19: study

COVID-19: Why long-term exposure to air pollution is worrisome

Covid-19 cases rising exponentially, it’s critical to test more: ICMR

Coronavirus Mutation Found in India “Raises Alarm”, Could Hinder Development of Vaccine: Study

Mass testing, close surveillance of cases is needed to fight pandemic

Tracking sewage to surveil COVID-19

This can help to identify infected locations but sewage having virus is an issue also. Hope sewage going to rivers & sea will not affect people & aquatic life. Government has allowed fisheries. Anyway people are eating cooked fishes. And fishermen may have to clean their hands after touching fishes.

All 5 Covid-19 patients who died in Bhopal are gas tragedy victims, say organizations

Karnataka: Man who recovered from COVID-19 gets admitted again

Karnataka: Only 50% of Covid-19 samples tested in last 48 hours, 1,500 pending
Karnataka will have to wait longer for rapid test kits

Mess-up in Karnataka's Belagavi? COVID-19 suspects quarantined in hall
Devotees throng chariot pulling festival at Kalaburagi amid lockdown, police file FIR
Family misuses travel pass to attend wedding - now facing compulsory quarantine

Data show India’s coronavirus lockdown may not be working

Why India could be under-reporting its covid-19 caseload

New study suggests COVID-19 may become seasonal; countries must continue physical distancing until 2022

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Control Actions

After tiger tests positive in NY, Karnataka on alert to stop spread of COVID-19 to animals
Dept keeps temple jumbos under scanner
Elaborate health measures taken in zoos, elephant camps, govt. tells HC

Karnataka - Community survey in rural areas from today

Belagavi: Officers working on three tasks in Containment Zones

Kerala opts for reverse quarantine to flatten Covid-19 curve
Extra care
Those who are to be put under reverse quarantine include elderly people, persons in need of palliative care, cancer patients, people with caridac ailments, those who had undergone heart surgery or angioplasty, patients with respiratory illness or asthma, chronic disease patients and immunocompromised ones
— LSG Dept Directive
Covid-19: Maharashtra health experts to study Kerala model, conduct death audit

ICMR advises ‘pool testing’ in low-infection areas to increase number of Covid-19 tests

Extended quarantine for the discharged

Hope recovered patients testing positive happens within this period only - Why are some S.Koreans who recovered from the coronavirus testing positive again?.

Social distancing: Only 5 MNREGA workers at a time

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Suggestive Actions

Covid-19: What India must do next| Analysis
When physician Harvey Fineberg recently talked about 10 weeks to crush the curve in America, he outlined six key steps. With slight modifications, these are the following: One, establish a clear command system. Two, test widely. Three, protect health workers with proper gear and equip hospitals for a surge in demand. Four, determine and track who is infected, likely to be infected, exposed, unexposed, or recovered. Five, inspire and mobilise the public. And last, but not the least, learn from research to continually improve. These principles apply equally to India, but the relative difficulties of each step are very different.

For India, the command system is clear and active, the public is engaged, but testing is low, the determination of the five classes (of step four) is not yet clear, and supply chains of protective gear and hospital equipment are thin and fraying.

The sixth step, research, has to not only meet these defensive challenges, but also launch an all-out offensive against the enemy. We must innovate at every step, use our fabled “jugaad” as a stop-gap defensive measure, while our premier research institutions work to provide new weapons in this fight.
Karnataka: Random screening for people in essential services, suggests DyCM

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Innovative Actions

Survey of India’s new app will map geo-tagged Covid-19 data to help fight the pandemic
The new app, SAHYOG, will help crowdsource and integrate data on a web portal that will help government agencies make location specific decisions while responding to outbreak.
Chennai Corporation's COVID-19 monitoring app helps to track containment zones

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Volunteer Actions

Five recovered persons volunteer to work at COVID-19 care centre in Ahmedabad
The initiative has been taken as the patients who have recovered are likely to have developed immunity to the disease and chances of them contracting the infection again are several times less.
What we have to worry is also about these disturbing news - COVID-19 reappears in recovered South Korean patients 2, Coronavirus infection may cause lasting damage throughout the body, doctors fear 2, Gurugram: Italian woman dies of heart attack after recovering from coronavirus.

Propagation Analysis Issue Cases

Man tests positive, Hubballi turns ghost town

Kerala baffled as ICMR study indicates the presence of a mystery COVID-19 patient

Covid-19: Deaths rise in India's biggest slum
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COVID-19 impact: Delhi breathes third week of clean air
A breath of fresh air: How air quality has improved during the coronavirus crisis
News updates from Hindustan Times: Air pollution in Maharashtra sees significant drop during Covid-19 lockdown and all the latest news
'Beautiful' view emerges as polluted sky clears in India amid lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown | Ganga water becomes fit for drinking at Haridwar, Rishikesh; 500% decrease in sewage, industrial effluents
Lockdown plugs flow of effluents to Cauver; river flows pure again
Bengaluru Water Bodies Look Cleaner, 3 Weeks Into Coronavirus Lockdown

Opinion: Pollution Kills Nine Million People a Year. How Is That Okay?

Whether reduced pollution has reduced death rates during lockdown? Other factors like reduced accidents, deaths due to non-availability of alcohol, ambulance blockades should also be counted.

Covid-19 may be a blessing in disguise for flora & fauna in Western Ghats
While, reduced human activity on account of lockdown has helped animals move freely in Western Ghats, it also has indirectly reduced the instances of forest fire, they claim.
Coronavirus lockdown gives animals rare break from noise pollution

So, air, water, noise pollutions have reduced due to lockdown.

As lockdown keeps humans indoors, winged beauties reclaim spaces

House Arrest & Terrace Gardening

Potential impact of coronavirus outbreak on Medical Waste Management Market Set to Witness Y-o-Y Growth by 2019-2029

Increased Risk of Infection from Dead Body of COVID-19 Patient Unlikely: Govt
Covid-19: How to bury the infected dead

Environmental Issues

Proper disposal of biomed waste a must
Discarded COVID-19 Medical Waste Puts Sanitation Workers At Risk
Biomedical waste from quarantined homes remains a potential hazard
Amid COVID-19, biomedical waste turning more hazardous
Madurai: Sanitary staff vulnerable to medical waste
10% of Gurugram's biomedical garbage is related to Covid-19
Karnataka civic bodies pass the ‘muck’ over handling COVID-19 waste - KSPCB, BBMP yet to find ways to manage biomedical waste
Provide PPE Kits to sanitation workers : ABSMS
Panaji: No guidelines on handling of medical waste
Kashmir: Biomedical waste from COVID hospitals poses major challenge
Risk in waste of quarantined

Sanitation is Luxury in India’s Urban Slums and is Making Them Vulnerable to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Researchers sample sewage to measure infections in six European countries
Tracking sewage to surveil COVID-19
How sewage could reveal true scale of coronavirus outbreak
Will India’s COVID-19 crisis be a wakeup call for clean water?
Can The Coronavirus Disease Spread Through Drinking Water?
Sewage could hold clue to coronavirus circulation
Scientists, however, clarified that there is no evidence yet that sewage is a transmission mode for SARS-CoV-2.
No evidence does not mean sewage water is not a culprit! Drinking water polluted with human waste without boiling could be a factor in propagation of disease. Anyway in India fish is always eaten after cooking.

Air Pollution Could Make People More Vulnerable to Covid-19

Whether lockdown has saved a few thanks to reduced air pollution?

Is the Air Quality Improvement in India's Lockdown Sustainable?

Two trees chopped down in Mysuru over fear of bats
Covid-19 fear may affect bat population in Hyderabad, say biologists

Environmental Control Actions

Pollution watchdog releases guidelines to handle COVID-19 biomedical waste
Management of waste from COVID-19 isolation wards now part of ‘essential services’
How to dispose of bio-medical waste

Guidelines on dead body management

Maharashtra pollution board: Dispose COVID-related bio-medical waste within 48 hours

Kerala: Special protocol in place for handling biomedical waste

Tamilnadu: How waste from hospitals, hotspots are disposed

Vijayawada Government General Hospital generated 1,500 kg biowaste in 23 days

Colour-coded, labelled bins kept for bio-medical waste

Guidelines for disposal of masks, gloves soon in Andhra Pradesh

Indore: 12K kg Covid waste disposed in city till April 14

Tamil Nadu: Biomedical waste from wards to be segregated during collection itself
Generation of bio-medical waste down across Tamil Nadu

Survey of India’s SAHYOG in combating COVID-19
The platform will have geo-located information of hospitals, testing labs, quarantine camps, containment and buffer zones as well as information on biomedical waste disposal sites.

Environmental Suggestive Actions

Source segregation of waste, safety equipment for municipal workers must to contain COVID19: Infectious Disease Experts, Scientists, Environmentalists
Coronavirus: Waste segregation at source essential amid COVID-19 crisis to break chain of transmission, say experts
COVID-19: Experts Suggest Segregation Of Garbage As Important Step To Contain Spread

Climate Change Tracker: A greener future after covid-19?
How can we be sustainable post-Covid 19?
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Sanitation Workers

Sense of duty drives AIIMS biomedical waste collector

COVID-19: Sanitation workers go beyond call of duty

Hired sanitation workers go extra mile to ensure cleanliness in city

Covid-19 update: Srinagar sanitation workers ‘unsung heroes’ in fight against coronavirus

Sanitation Workers Issues

Coronavirus: Civic workers, waste pickers are at a high risk
Sanitation Workers At Risk From Discarded Medical Waste Related To COVID-19

Coimbatore boy’s COVID-19 highlights vulnerability of conservancy workers

No Masks, No Gloves
Shortage of PPE will endanger health workers' lives

Bathinda: Water supply, sanitation workers on duty without protective gear

Sanitary workers in Madurai govt hospital’s COVID-19 wards not getting proper safety gears?

Sanitary workers demand 'rightful' wage for their work

COVID-19 Pandemic: How Sanitary Workers Are Risking Their Safety To Keep India Clean

India: the struggle of Coimbatore sanitation workers

Dharavi reports second covid-19 case; Maharashtra tally rises to 339 cases
54-Yr-Old Dharavi Sanitation Worker Tests Positive For COVID-19, Country's Front Line Soldiers At Risk?
Mumbai: 23 sanitation workers in home quarantine after co-worker tests positive for COVID-19

Two sanitation workers at PGI test positive for coronavirus
Chandigarh: Two health workers, Sector 30 woman test Covid-19 positive

Covid-19: Sanitation workers, survey team attacked in Madhya Pradesh

Sanitation Workers Control Actions

'Safety of sanitation workers top priority'

SC Records Centre's Submission That WHO Guidelines On Sanitation Workers Are Being Followed; Disposes PIL
Provided protective kits to sanitation workers, WHO guidelines followed: Centre to SC

Delhi to give ₹1cr to kin of sanitation workers, doctors, nurses who die treating covid patients

COVID-19: Punjab Announces Special Rs 50 Lakh Insurance Cover for Policemen, Sanitation Workers

Covid-19 update: Govt issues advisory to stem social stigma

NDMC sanitation workers wear personal protective gear as precautionary measure amid COVID-19

Haryana doubles salaries of healthcare officials and workers fighting Covid-19

Telangana MLA distributes essential commodities to sanitation workers

Hyderabad: As promised, sanitation staff receive incentives

Minister bows before sanitation workers as a mark of respect

Ludhiana: Legislator honours sanitation workers

BMC starts testing of staff for COVID-19
Apart from regular staff, the civic body has also decided to collect samples of all sanitation workers on the field for Covid-19 test in a phased manner. While 700 workers are employed by BMC on labour roll, around 2,400 sanitation workers have been engaged by three private sanitation agencies. However, sampling will only be done for those who are at present engaged in sanitation work in different wards of the city.

Sanitation Workers Suggestive Actions

How To Help Sanitation Workers During COVID-19?

India’s Sanitation Workers Risk Their Lives Every Day. What Can We Do?

Taking care of our sanitation workers during COVID-19 times

Sanitation Workers Volunteer Actions

Coronavirus: Plea seeking protection of rights of sanitation workers filed in SC

Mukatsar SSP honours sanitation workers
Sangrur residents felicitate sanitation workers with currency-note garlands
Bihar People Shower Sanitation Workers With Flower Petals; Applaud Their Anti-COVID Effort
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Crisis Management

Coronavirus: Amit Shah Reviews Migrant Crisis, Essentials' Supply In COVID-19 War Room

Combating Covid-19: India’s responses and experience

Crisis Management Issues

How COVID-19 Will Hit India

'In some states, disaster response forces are like a motley crew, need specialisation'

Diktats from Delhi are harming India’s lockdown – and friction between states doesn’t help

India’s fight against health emergencies: In search of a legal architecture

On road to recovery, Gujarat lags behind India's average

Bengal's Sluggish Response to COVID-19 Is Unbecoming of Its Potential

Disaster management: Gaps in our responses to battle Covid-19

Covid-19 and the crisis of planning

COVID-19 and the Current Challenges of Quarantine Law Enforcement in India

Can non-pharmaceutical interventions help India come out of Covid-19 crisis?

Can we handle another disaster in chorus with COVID-19?

PMNRF is available to meet some expense of the second disaster. Lockdown/social-distancing is the issue.

CSR conflict: Why PM-Cares is ok, but not CM-Cares?

Crisis Management Control Actions

India's response to the COVID-19 pandemic
How India is managing its fight against COVID-19 on the ground
Is the world coming around to an 'India model' of handling COVID-19?

Nationwide Janata curfew begins on PM Modi's appeal
80 districts in lockdown to contain virus spread
As COVID-19 toll touches 10, PM announces 21-day lockdown

Centre's Approve Rs. 15,000 Crore For COVID-19 Emergency Response Package
Why Modi's PM CARES is more democratic than PM National Relief Fund

MHA sets up 11 empowered groups to combat COVID-19 crisis

Inside Modi govt’s virus ‘war room’ — ministers sleep over, 50 phone lines, 4 control rooms
With Ministers Sleeping Over, Control Rooms To Monitor Crisis Situation, Home Ministry Turns Into Covid-19 ‘War Room’
Inside PM Modi’s COVID-19 task force | India Today Insight

Covid-19 outbreak brings India's 'medical diplomacy' to world's notice
PM Narendra Modi pitches for new crisis management protocol at G-20 video conference on coronavirus
Inside the control room of MEA’s Covid-19 crisis management cell

Ministry of Civil Aviation ready with war room to fight against Covid-19

Labour ministry sets up control room to address worker issues during Covid-19 lockdown

How RBI set up war-room manned by 90 most critical staff in just one day amid coronavirus outbreak
RBI: Shaktikanta Das' war-room takes extraordinary measures to fight Coronavirus threat

PM CARES Fund better suited to deal with coronavirus crisis, say legal experts
Not just PM CARES fund, all these Covid-19 activities can be treated as CSR expense

Defence Ministry urges States to release disaster response funds to cantonments boards

COVID-19 lockdown: Centre asks states to coordinate with control rooms to resolve workers' issues
Tracking to testing: Control rooms at forefront of efforts to contain Covid-19 spread
Set up control room, helpline number to ensure availability of essential goods: Centre to states
Coronavirus: Home ministry releases helpline numbers of all states

All states, Union Territories activated emergency response centres: MHA on lockdown

Covid-19: Kerala moots rapid tests, sets up war room
Covid-19: How Kerala is using tech to prepare for worst-case scenario
Inside Kerala's war room on coronavirus
Inside the war room that keeps Kerala ticking
SIMS: Kerala’s hack for supply chain distress in the times of COVID-19

Tamil Nadu: COVID-19 | Disaster Response Force deployed

Karnataka’s corona count goes to 10, war rooms set up in govt hospitals
Karnataka: Govt medical colleges to act as COVID-19 war rooms in districts
Karnataka CM writes on how the State is fighting the pandemic
Karnataka Sets Up 'COVID-19 War Room' To Answer Queries Regarding Coronavirus
How well is Karnataka govt dealing with the COVID-19 crisis?

A sneak peek into Andhra Pradesh's COVID-19 war room
A sneak peek into Andhra Pradesh's COVID-19 war room

Telangana: Inter Departmental Control Room set up in Hyderabad
Control room set up by Agriculture Department to attend procurement issues

Maharashtra to scale up key health infrastructure, ropes in McKinsey

Madhya Pradesh: Control room to meet basic needs of people
Control room at MP Bhawan monitors plight of residents stuck outside state
Madhya Pradesh: Dial-100 gets nearly 70,000 Covid-19 calls in 29 days

Chhattisgarh: Coronavirus pandemic: 24x7 Control Room in all districts
People can seek help from Police Control Room in emergency situation: DGP

Odisha: State govt opens control room to monitor lockdown
Coronavirus Lockdown: Odisha Police Sets 500 Helpline Numbers To Redress Grievances Of People
Helpline launched for goods vehicles in Odisha

Exclusive: CM Vijay Rupani shows 'War room of Gujarat'

Uttar Pradesh: CM Yogi inaugurates Integrated Control Room to monitor COVID-19
Uttar Pradesh CM inspects control room set up to help UP residents struck in lockdown

Two Satellite Control Rooms formed in Uttarakhand to monitor COVID-19 spread

Bihar Govt sets up control room at Bihar Bhawan to help migrant workers
Patna based NDRF teams deployed in seven districts of Bihar to mitigate COVID-19 spread
NDRF rendering yeoman's service in Bihar's fight against COVID-19

Assam's control room & helpline
Coronavirus: Karbi Anglong police set up control room

http://Nagaland Governor suggests se...tment War Room
COVID19 control room set up at Bhandari near Nagaland-Assam border
Tripura government releases helpline number for people stranded in other states due to lockdown
COVID-19: Mizoram govt launches mobile app, helpline for farmers
Manipur starts home delivery control room, helpline for essential commodities
COVID19: Meghalaya govt opens new helpline no 1070

Covid 19 : Sikkim Police Constitutes Crisis Response Command CRC

Rajasthan-Jaipur: War room set up at secretariat

30-member control room to coordinate wheat harvesting, procurement

Unique COVID-19 Emergency Response and Management Centre (ERMC) mechanism comes up in Srinagar

Smart Cities control room becomes war room for COVID-19
45 smart city command and control centres turn into Covid-19 war rooms
Within a few days, cities switched the functions to monitor quarantine facilities, provide free WiFi facilities to quarantined people and give them support, track health of suspected patients and their contacts under home quarantine, monitoring the roads and traffic through drones and pushing awareness messages through the helplines.
How India’s ‘Smart Cities’ are fighting against COVID-19
Coronavirus war rooms: Integrated Command and Control Centres in smart cities
Coronavirus | Municipalities using Smart Cities’ command centres turn into war rooms

A war room, drones, CCTVs — how ‘hotspot’ Agra became Covid-19 model town

Bengaluru: It’s a war, this is how the state fights it
Watch: Bengaluru Gets Its War Room to Battle Coronavirus Within 24 Hours Of Announcement

Pimpri Chinchwad: PCMC forms tech war room to combat Covid-19

Nagpur Municipal Corporation covers lakhs of people in COVID-19 survey

Exclusive: Gurugram police’s COVID-19 war room & how it functions

Varanasi's smart city command, control centre now 'COVID-19 War Room' with CCTV, GIS tech

Vigilant Jaipur Police monitors lockdown from coronavirus war room

#Surat evolves Rapid Crisis Management Plan under SBM-Urban

How Hyderabad's well-equipped Disaster Response Force is helping fight COVID-19

Explained: Haryana model of fight against coronavirus

How Kerala flattened the curve
Pathanamthitta: How Kerala’s Immigration Hotspot Reined In COVID-19 Spread

How the Ministry of Defence is fighting Covid-19

Why India has the upper hand against COVID-19

Govt launches iGOT portal to train doctors, health care workers to combat Covid-19

Dashboard of CoronaWarriors employed in India’s fight against Covid-19 goes live
COVID-19: Government forms database of healthcare workers, volunteers to manage human resource

Health ministry sets up task force to work on vaccines, drug testing related to COVID-19

Crisis Management Volunteer Actions

How Indian firms are upholding their CSR promises during the COVID-19 pandemic

What goes into updating Kerala’s volunteer-driven COVID-19 dashboard every day

From food supply to information sharing: How a citizen collective is helping Bengaluru deal with COVID-19

COVID-19 Crisis: 13,500 Volunteers Registered In Assam To Help People Manage Mental Stress

COVID-19: Unified Response with Indian Red Cross Volunteers' Frontline Support

Covid-19: Where relief falls short, groups of volunteers step in, plug gaps

Techies turn volunteers to assist Kerala to contain Covid-19

Crisis Management Private Actions

Perfect Relations introduces 24x7 War Room for clients Amid COVID 19 crisis

War Room Actions And Pro-Bono Arrangements By Indian Law Firms During India Shut Down

A Grocery Tycoon Races to Keep India Fed and His Company Afloat

DBS Bank India’s Nagina Singh on battling COVID-19 crisis

Crisis Management Suggestive Actions

India’s top entrepreneurs form Founders against COVID-19 and ask government to head for a complete lockdown, build war rooms

Coronavirus crisis: Ten steps to ease life during COVID-19 lockdown

In search of the Covid war room

"War room" set up can help firms lead through COVID-19 crisis

Kerala offers the rest of India a model to fight the pandemic

Five takeaways from PwC's corporate crisis management study

McKinsey paper offers insights on how businesses can navigate the new normal post-Covid-19

Covid-19, India and crisis communication

Here’s how the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown can be India’s last

‘Smart Tech’ can help India manage global crisis better

Need to mobilise scientists, engineers to work on innovative solutions to COVID-19 crisis: Rahul Gandhi

Crisis Management Innovative Actions

Covid-19 war rooms: Officials tap ‘Survey of India’ to plan responses better

India’s Smart Cities Get Primed To Fight Covid-19 With Tech Innovations

States are making best use of technology to combat covid-19: Lav Agarwal

This Is How Karnataka Is Using Technology To Tackle The Coronavirus Outbreak

How Are Indian Startups Leveraging Community Action To Fight Off Covid-19?

How Indian states are using surveillance technology to track Covid-19 cases
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Coronavirus impact: Centre’s lockdown advisory binding on states

COVID-19: Guide to legal issues on Employment and Workplace
India: COVID-19 - What Employers In India Need To Know
COVID-19: Workplace FAQs answered by legal experts

COVID-19 and its legal impact on companies: What India Inc needs to look out for

Coronavirus, Force Majeure And Impact On Commercial Contracts
What is force majeure? The legal term everyone should know during Covid-19 crisis
Talking Legal: Covid-19, a force majeure event

India: COVID-19: Latest Relaxations From Legal Provisions

COVID-19: Legal Issues and perspective relating to Real Estate in India

The 123-year-old law that India may invoke to counter coronavirus

Coronavirus: Follow govt instructions or go to jail! There are enough laws

Coronavirus: Key Legal Issues For India Inc. With Covid-19

Covid-19: Will arbitration help India navigate legal wildfire expected in energy sector?

India: COVID-19 Pandemic Legal Intelligence

COVID-19 Lockdown in India: Only Negligent Companies to be Penalized

When compliance with law becomes an impossibility: COVID 19 Fallout

Brazil and India Act to Protect Employers and Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Outbreak: Techno, Commercial & Legal View on Indian Businesses

Pandemic Legal Intelligence - Impact On MSMEs Amidst COVID-19

Legal Issues

COVID-19 has raised several quarantine issues

India’s fight against health emergencies: In search of a legal architecture

Fake news, that other pandemic

Does the Constitution Allow Modi to Declare a National Emergency Over COVID-19?

Covid-19: Antique laws return to fight a modern disease
How India is fighting Coronavirus with a colonial-era law on epidemics
To fight a pandemic like Covid-19, India needs overarching healthcare laws

Corona is a wake up call for Indian courts. They aren’t equipped to function in a crisis

Formulate ‘National COVID19 Management Protocol’: PIL in Supreme Court
Supreme Court will hear the plea filed by United Nurses Association (UNA) seeking directions to formulate a ‘National COVID19 Management Protocol’ for addressing the serious concerns relating to imminent and extreme risks posed to the health and safety of ‘Health Care Workers’ and to ensure the availability of ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ kits to every healthcare worker who are working to treat COVID19 patients.
Tapping into the "extremely urgent" hearings during the COVID-19 lockdown

Covid-19, A Tsunami Of Commercial Litigation, And Force Majeure

Will force majeure apply to Covid, writes Abhishek Singhvi

Corona and the courts: Covid-19 crisis is like wartime. Courts must not restrict executive from taking decisions

Coronavirus: Surge in health surveillance apps in India, concern among privacy advocates
  • Karnataka and Telangana states recently made public the names, addresses and contact details of everyone under quarantine.
  • People's Health Movement, a group working for equitable health access in India, said several people on the list complained of harassment, public shaming, and in some cases, eviction.
  • The group wrote to the Indian health minister that such a "breach of confidentiality" would "drive the disease underground" and deter people from reporting their illnesses.
Mass monitoring cannot become the norm post Covid-19
But the argument in favour of a mass monitoring system is incomplete unless it takes into account the limitations, the unknowns, data protection and privacy laws and the cybersecurity risks. To be effective, such apps will need to use Bluetooth and cannot solely depend on tower locations. What Apple, Google and the authorities must consider is the need to reduce false positives, given Bluetooth’s inherent weaknesses in range and accuracy.
Also, when building a mass monitoring system, regulators must be mindful of the need to share data with other countries openly to be able to make progress. Hence they must tap into technologies like blockchain and AI that can act as game-changers in this exercise. What is also relevant to this thread is the debate on data localisation. While it’s a no-brainer that data must be hosted locally to comply with privacy laws, what it doesn’t guarantee against is looming cybersecurity issues.
Covid-19 fallout: Will Uddhav Thackeray have to resign?

Digital Wills in times of COVID-19 crisis: Legal or not?

‘Andhra Ruling Party MLA Thwarted Screening Of Tablighi Returnees In Kurnool, Responsible For Huge Rise In Covid-19 Cases’: Legal Group

Don’t force industry to pay wages during COVID-19 lockdown

COVID-19: The Law of the Lockdown

Jobs need quarantine clause in post-covid world

Are we ready for the next pandemic: Analyzing India’s social, fiscal and legal preparedness

Legal Control Actions

Covid-19: India issues revised travel advisory

The Force Majeure Exemption Not Applicable To Essential Services: Bombay High Court

Concerned about pay cut, losing job amid Coronavirus crisis? Labour Ministry issues advisory to employers

http://Health ministry approves use ...virus patients
“Emergency situations can also be an opportunity. The telemedicine guidelines would be invaluable in counselling and triaging patients in these trying times. There were several legal issues related to telemedicine, including medical licences, which were cleared. We were also getting demands from the digital health industry to release the guidelines. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the process got expedited, which would have otherwise taken longer," said Alok Kumar, adviser (health) at NITI Aayog.
Supreme Court issues directions for prevention of children from COVID-19

SC issues directions for release of prisoners to prevent spread of COVID-19

Jammu And Kashmir High Court Seeks Govt. Stand On Increasing Domestic Violence Cases Amid Lockdown

Centre brings ordinance to end violence against medical staff
Covid warriors get bigger legal shield
Attacks on doctors a non-bailable offence attracting 7-year jail term and Rs 5 lakh fine

Karnataka: Ordinance promulgated to protect frontline health staff

Legal Private Actions

SCAORA Revises COVID-19 Financial Scheme To Aid Lawyers

Legal Innovative Actions

COVID-19 brings down legal system but, technology comes to its rescue

Legal Suggestive Actions

India Needs Legal ‘Circuit Breaker’ to Save Economy Amid COVID-19
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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Research & Innovations in India

India ranks 19th in Covid-19 global innovation map

Delhi's COVID-19 patient recovers well post plasma therapy, weaned off ventilator support: Max hosp authorities

Ashoka University and ThoughtWorks to build simulation model to track Covid 19 spread
IISc., TIFR researchers model post-lockdown scenarios in cities

IBM supporting organisations to respond to COVID-19 and emerge stronger
IBM offers Watson Assistant for Citizens on virus queries

When will Watson speak in other languages of India?

AI tech to monitor quarantined patients

New health dept app to help trace primary, secondary contacts faster

Jharkhand: IAS officer builds robot to assist suspected COVID-19 patients

Startup in Kerala develops AI-powered drone to combat COVID-19
COVID-19 | A robot to fight virus in Kannur

Engineering students create nursing robot to help Covid-19 patients reduce interaction with healthcare workers

A 3ft caregiver Covid-19 can’t frighten

LPU Researchers developed ‘Contactless Smart Dustbin’ to combat Covid-19 Pandemic

Budding engineers design 'easylator'

COVID-19 innovation: This thermal camera measures temp and detects social distancing violations

e-passes to buy medicine, essential goods and for emergency travel
Uttara Kannada officials issue e-passes
Online permission for re-starting industries

Tech sector can shine amid COVID-19 pandemic: Report

DRDO Introduces two new products to enable COVID-19 disinfection process

Indian Army has disinfectant drone, UV gun that kills virus in seconds in its Covid arsenal

Can coronavirus crisis change Indian science for good?

Tackling Covid-19: Bengaluru firm creates affordable ventilators that need no electricity

India to Minimise Covid-19 Infection Risk by Innovative Mobile Testing in Containment Zones – Video

Hyderabad Based Company Develops Innovative Disinfectant Trolley to Fight Covid – 19

Shiv Nadar University Leads Research In India For International Citizen Project COVID-19

COVID-19: ICMR launches study on side effects of hydroxychloroquine

Coronavirus pandemic | Centre looks to study link between obesity and COVID-19

Kerala university launches Covid-19 search engine for India, will let experts find latest research material
Artificial intelligence drives content in fight against Covid-19 pandemic

Indian envoy sees opportunity for deeper U.S. research ties in face of coronavirus pandemic

India may see second wave of COVID-19 outbreak in monsoon, say scientists

Scientists begin sequencing of Covid viral genomes

Hospitals told to share COVID-19 data, patients' biospecimen with researchers

Rajasthan readies for plasma therapy, seeks permission from ICMR

India gears up for patient trials on 20 different drugs for Covid-19

India Races In Search For Elusive Coronavirus Vaccine: 5 Things You Must Know
India Races In Search For Elusive Coronavirus Vaccine: 5 Things You Must Know
Covid 19: Six Indian companies working on coronavirus vaccine
Six Indian companies working on a vaccine for COVID-19
6 vaccines in human trials bring hope of early Covid-19 relief
India’s Serum institute working with Oxford University to find Covid-19 vaccine
Made-in-India Covid-19 vaccine could be ready in a year, says Biocon’s Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Mutation strain from India could kill current research efforts for coronavirus vaccine: report

ITC Savlon accelerates innovation to help fight against COVID-19

Mind matters: Sangath’s tele-psychiatry project relevant for Covid-19 response

Forbes Marshall, Swiss Startup SymbioSwiss Develop An Innovative Chemical Free-disinfectant Eco-friendly Surface Disinfectant

Covid-19: National Innovation Fund to back Bengaluru team's anti-microbial coating

Kerala’s ‘Nightingale-19’ Robot Serves Meals, Helps Doctors Treat COVID-19 Patients

UDNPIC - An Innovative Effort to Combat the COVID-19 pandemic by researchers at Alliance University

Covid-19: In a breakthrough, novel RNA extraction kit developed
Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute develops magnetic nanoparticle-based RNA extraction kit for PCR and LAMP tests for COVID-19

Indian academic institute develops probe-free COVID-19 testing kit
IIT-Delhi develops coronavirus test kit, gets ICMR's approval

Battle Against COVID-19: Innovative Solutions by IIIT Delhi giving India an Edge in the Fight Against the Virus
IITs are helping India win the Covid battle
How IITs Are Leading Innovation In The Fight Against COVID-19
With 208 R&D projects, IITs lead India’s fight against Covid-19
IIT- Delhi’s PRACRITI to predict district, state wise Covid-19 transmission rate

Covid-19: Over 1,000 tech proposals in 4 weeks by start-ups

How the Indian Railways is reinventing itself in the time of COVID-19
COVID-19: Northern railways develops hands-free washbasins for contactless experience
Coronavirus Update: Indian Railways develop remote controlled device to deliver medicines to COVID 19 patients

India's experts create disinfection cart using ultraviolet light

Pushing The Limits Of Innovations: India Works To Find Solutions For Pandemic

Bats cannot directly infect humans with Covid-19: Scientists

Gadvasu brings out cost-effective sanitiser

War on Covid-19 spurs a blitz of innovation

Research institutes and experts of Hyderabad aid COVID-19 fight

Tracking sewage for COVID-19

Over 1,000 technological proposals land in just four weeks

‘COVID has set example of how govt is looking at science, its role of facilitation’

Developing strategies for management of Covid-19

India begins blood therapy trials on COVID-19 patients

Research & Innovations Issues

Covid-19 impact: Indian startups deferring IPO plans, cutting investment round sizes

The research challenge

Models predicting infections removed from reality

Research & Innovations Control Actions

Grants galore for innovative solutions to tackle Covid-19

C-Camp’s Covid-19 accelerator shortlists 7 deep-science innovations to fight virus
C-CAMP picks deep science technologies to fight COVID-19

Districts of Jharkhand show innovation is key in Covid-19 combat

Research & Innovations Private Actions

Chitkara University launches research challenge NOVATE+ 2020 to fight COVID-19

Indian IT Industry Rises Strong Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Research & Innovations Suggestive Actions

Can Covid-19 spark deep-tech innovation?

As India Reels Under Covid-19 Outbreak, Here's How Community Innovation Centers Can Offer Unique Solutions​

COVID-19: Agriculture innovation to achieve food security & tackle malnutrition in India

COVID-19 | Disruptive tech and SME innovation can boost the fight against the virus

Can India's Startup and Tech Economy Survive the Effects of COVID-19?

#StartupsVsCovid19: Public-Private Partnerships Show The Way In Healthcare Innovation
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Migrant Labourers (In-migration)

Migrant Labourers Issues

Coronavirus lockdown: Migrant labourers from Bihar stranded in Mangaluru seek government’s help
Labourers, pregnant woman walk from Kannur to Thokkottu

Kerala CM warns creators of migrant workers'' protest

Deploy military to help migrants reach home, Farooq urges Modi

Deaths Due to Lockdown in India: More Than 25 People, Mostly Migrant Workers, Lost Lives Due to Coronavirus Shutdown-Related Reasons, Say Reports

Exodus of migrant workers into Karnataka continues, activists pin blame on state governments

Coronavirus: Exodus ebbs after seal
The court said it would not like to create further confusion by issuing directions on measures the government is already taking.The PILs, filed by advocates Alakh Alok Srivastava and Rashmi Bansal, sought relief, including food, water, medicines and proper medical facilities, for thousands of migrant workers leaving for their native places after being rendered homeless and jobless due to the lockdown.

During the hearing, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for Centre, said migration needs to be stopped to prevent the spread of the virus and the Centre, as well as the states, have taken requisite steps to deal with it.

But Srivastava pointed to the lack of cohesion and cooperation between states on the matter. And Bansal said medical and safety measures, including sanitisers, ought to be provided to keep the migrants safe and healthy. But the bench remarked, “You are assuming that government is not doing anything. It is advising us on what steps to be taken. Let us see what they are doing. Let them file a common reply on both these petitions.”
Bihar man beaten to death for informing Covid- 19 medical help center about arrival of two people from Maharashtra

Coronavirus: Migrants sprayed with disinfectants on road in UP, Bareilly DM assures action

Karnataka: Despite MHA orders, migrant workers remain on the edge

Labourer kills himself in Karnataka over fear of contracting Covid-19

Why India Needs Aggressive Social Safeguarding Measures To Protect Marginalised In The Time Of Corona

Coronavirus would reset distances, labour market: Experts
There may be a second wave of home-coming of migrant workers once the lockdown is lifted. Many who decided to stay back are desperately waiting for transport to be available. They would take off at the first opportunity, says Rajan. That would mean even if those who left earlier decide to return, companies may find a shortage of labour.
The long and gruelling road did not take them home
Labourers trek 100 km, but stuck at border for 2 days

Reverse migration exposes chinks in PDS
Even portability of ration cards has not got migrant workers to stay put in the city during lockdown
Podcast: Why India’s lockdown caused a mass exodus by migrant workers

Without food for four days

Coronvirus India - "We'll Die Of Hunger Before Virus Can Kill Us": Migrant Workers

Migrant workers come out on road in Mumbai's Bandra, say want to travel back home
Cops lathicharge migrants as thousands gather at Bandra station to leave Mumbai, defy lockdown orders

Lockdown 2.0: From Bandra to Surat, migrant crisis across India makes coronavirus fight tougher
Mumbai migrant crisis: How the chaos unfolded at Bandra station | Timeline

Amid Covid-19 Lockdown, Migrant Workers Protest in Surat for Better Food

Coronavirus in India: Migrants running away from quarantine

COVID-19 lockdown: As migrant workers stare at dark days ahead, experts call for urgent relief

Impatient, Starving, Angry: As India Extends Lockdown, Stranded Migrant Workers Emerge as Crisis in Making

Apathy and Negligence Characterise Plight of Migrant Workers as India Battles COVID-19

In Lockdown Desperation, Migrants Pick Bananas Trashed Near Delhi Cremation Ground

Covid-19 lockdown: 90% of migrant workers got no help from government or employers, shows survey

Vinay Dubey: The man accused of driving migrant chaos in Mumbai's Bandra

Do migrants have voting rights in migrated city?

Covid-19 crisis: On migrant workers, a lockdown divide appears between India’s rich and poor states

Migrant workers in India may shun cities after coronavirus lockdown
Migrant Workers in India May Shun Cities After Lockdown

Stopped from going home amid lockdown, migrant worker dies in relief camp

With lockdown extended, anxiety grips stranded migrant workers

COVID-19: Why are the migrant workers so desperate to move out?

COVID-19 | India’s cities must no longer ignore their migrant workers

Covid-19 lockdown: Thousands of migrant workers from Assam stranded across country struggle for livelihood
Over 4.32 lakh Assam migrant workers still stranded outside of state due to lockdown

In photos: The chaos in the lives of millions of poor Indians under a lockdown

89% stranded migrants hadn't been paid wages during lockdown period: Report

100 Million And More Indian Jobs Are At Risk After COVID-19 Lockdown. Is Your Job Safe?

Thousands of migrant labourers stranded in Maharashtra struggle to survive lockdown

Sleeping on empty stomach, migrant workers long for home in Punjab

Amid COVID-19 lockdown, PIL filed in SC to allow migrant workers return to native places
Send ‘Migrant Labourers’ to their Home Who Tested Negative for COVID-19: PIL in Karnataka HC

Coronavirus: Indian migrant worker sells phone for Rs2500 (Dh120) to feed family amid COVID-19 lockdown, then kills himself

Covid-19: Even if it can’t let migrant workers go home, India must treat them justly and humanely

COVID-19 Lockdown: With low bargaining power, migrant workers in Telangana await relief; NGOs call KCR's disbursal plan flawed
Covid-19: Many migrant workers in Telangana still waiting for help

‘Migrants are needed for growth and development … government must address their problems immediately’

Migrant workers’ distress calls flood UP government helplines

Migrants hope CMs won''t let them down after MHA guidelines to states to take them back

Biased reporting against migrant workers condemned

Covid-19 lockdown: Unable to get migrant worker's body home, family conducts dummy funeral

East to West: India’s migrant crisis looms large during COVID-19

COVID-19 lockdown: Let migrant workers go home

Lockdown, job loss impacted 40 mn migrant workers in India: World Bank
Coronavirus lockdown in India has impacted 40 million internal migrants: World Bank
COVID-19 Containment Measures In India, Latin America May Have Contributed To Its Spread: World Bank Report

COVID-19 creates more uncertainty for migrant workers in India

COVID-19: Bengaluru shaken as 10 migrant workers, living in slum, test positive

Odisha for mandatory COVID-19 test of migrant workers at places they are stranded
Covid-19: Decoding Odisha's crisis of migration of labourers from Bengal

Covid-19 has given developing countries a great chance to care for their migrant workers

India's migrant workers fall through cracks in COVID-19 lockdown

Bihar, Bengal Covid migrants aren’t as lucky as those from UP or MP

The migrant workers are the builders of modern India. Time to take care of them

Landlord attacks migrant labourers for not paying rent

Tension at IIT Hyderabad as hungry and angry migrant workers go on a rampage

Assam: No food or money left, stranded migrant labourers struggle to survive in Hojai

More than thousand Nepalese migrants stranded in India during harvest time

2 migrant labourers from Jharkhand test positive for Covid-19 in Chhattisgarh

7 UP migrant workers who returned from Maharashtra test positive for Covid-19

Returning migrant workers not allowed to enter in Andhra’s Srikakulam

Only 6% of migrant workers have received full wages till April 26, says report

As migrants return, Bihar faces new challenges of Covid-19 spreading to 30 districts

Homebound migrant labourers complain of lack of assistance from helpline numbers

Delhi police cautions against rumours after migrant workers show ‘travel forms’

Appoint a leader (or volunteer) for each group of migrant workers and guide them through him or by sending SMS messages.

Migrant labourers throng Bengaluru's Majestic Bus Terminal to return their homes
Migrant labourers in Chennai take to streets, demand transport to go home

Migrant labourers may impact Nitish Kumar, Mamata Banerjee's fortunes

Punjab industry fears 'exodus' of migrant labourers
Don't leave, start working in industrial units resuming operations: Khattar to migrant workers

Instead list out where all works are available and guide registered migrant workers to contact there based on their skill and job availability and get registered for the job. Include allowed construction, agriculture works.

Migrant Labourers Control Actions

Government of India Advisory for quarantine of migrant workers

India’s biggest transporter turns caterer for poor

Karnataka govt launches food helpline, identifies places to accommodate homeless
Karnataka - ‘A’ grade Muzrai temples instructed to feed the poor
Food being provided to 4,000 migrant workers: DC

Kochi: 1st mobile Covid screening unit begins operation among migrant labourers 2

India allows rural poor to work in coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19: SC says 'not an expert body' on health, management issues of migrant workers
Covid-19 crisis: Supreme Court seeks details of relief steps for migrant labour

Covid-19: In India, community kitchens spring up across cities to feed stranded migrants

Govt sets up 20 control rooms to address migrant workers’ issues due to Covid-19 lockdown
Govt sets up 20 control rooms to address wage-related issues, workers' plight

Take steps to bring back migrants & help them resume work — Covid-19 panel tells Modi govt

COVID-19 lockdown: Bihar intensifies outreach programme for stranded migrants in other states

Ensure safety, shelter, food to migrant labourers: Cabinet Secretary to state govts

Rotis, mobile recharges, carrom boards — how Kerala fixed its migrant worker anger

Centre opens job avenue for migrant workers, bars inter-state movement of labourers
No movement between states for labourers: Home ministry issues guidelines for return to work
Covid-19: Stranded migrants can work during lockdown, but conditions apply

Coronavirus lockdown: Labour department's three gruel centres feed 1,000 labourers daily

Bihar: More than 5 lakh rural workers, migrant labourers provided employment under MGNREGA

COVID-19 lockdown: Atleast 4,000 fishermen stuck in Gujarat to reach Andhra Pradesh today

SC asks Centre to consider PIL seeking minimum wages for migrant workers during COVID-19 lockdown
Covid-19; SC asks Centre to resolve plea seeking minimum wages to migrant workers

What about rest of migrant workers during COVID-19 lockdown: Telangana HC asks state government

AP HC Directs State Govt. To File Report On Stranded Migrant Workers

Madhya Pradesh begins bringing back migrant workers stranded in neigbouring states; over 2,400 workers have left from Gujarat, says CM
Covid-19 update: After UP, Madhya Pradesh brings back migrant workers stuck in Gujarat

Odisha govt to bring back migrant labourers from Gujarat

SC seeks Centre's response on interstate movement of migrant workers

MHA Permits Stranded Migrant Workers, Students, Others To Return Home, BUT CONDITIONS APPLY!

Opening a window of return for the migrant workers

Madhya Pradesh govt brings back over 20,000 stranded migrant workers

Delhi appoints nodal officer to facilitate movement of migrant workers

Chhattisgarh tackled migrant labourers issue proactively, says senior bureaucrat

Helpline launched for Karnataka labourers stranded across India

JK Govt issue online registration, Helpline numbers to facilitate stranded persons
Assam launches helpline no. for people stranded outside Northeast

Indian Railways prepares to run 400 special trains per day if required, says report
MHA okays ‘Shramik Special trains’ for migrants, railways sets terms for travel
Railways to charge states for ferrying migrant workers during COVID-19 lockdown
Special train to ferry migrants stranded in Covid-19 lockdown begins journey
Special train from Kerala to Odisha transport stranded migrant workers
Covid-19 special trains are almost on a `secret mission'

Need 400 trains to send back migrant laborers: Kerala Chief Secretary Tom Jose

COVID-19: Registration begins for stranded migrant labourers in Kerala

Migrant workers can now register, but will have to foot hefty travel bill
After migrant workers' cries, Karnataka govt cancels costly bus fares

Andhra Pradesh government has set up an inter-state control room in Vijayawada

Migrants in Haryana can register online to return to their home states

K'taka, Telangana & AP Frame Rules for Movement of Migrant Workers After Centre's Go-ahead

Migrant Workers Registration Form State-wise Helpline Numbers
Migrant Workers Registration (State Wise) प्रवासी लिंक Interstate Travel During Lockdown MHA Guidelines

How a Karnataka IPS officer's number accidentally became a food helpline for migrants in Bihar, Kerala

Bihar braces for massive influx of migrants; Nitish asks officials to pull up their socks

Migrant Labourers Suggestive Actions

Vulnerable Workers in Supply Chains Need Urgent Protection to Survive Impact of Covid-19: ISDN

Congress lashes out at PM Modi, says he should spell out strategy to tackle coronavirus
Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said the prime minister has not talked about the plight of migrant workers who are quarantined at state borders and what the government intends to do about them, as most of them have completed their 14-day quarantine.
Lockdown exit norms, labour policy changes needed

Breaking the value chain: How the lockdown migration will impact other parts of the economy
Going forward, governments should better plan the reverse migration because market forces might work with a lag under uncertain economic environment due to the pandemic.
After chaos at Bandra, Surat and Murshidabad, Subramanian Swamy says 'its high time' to send migrant labourers home

Coronavirus lockdown | Unorganised labourers need two kinds of cover: union organisation and legal, says labour expert

‘Now Is The Time To Show India Cares About Its Migrants’

7 ways to revive India's labour market and livelihoods in post-Covid world

COVID-19 Lockdown: How India Can Provide Food Grains to Stranded Migrant Labourers
COVID-19 crisis: India needs a plan to help migrant workers

‘Set up factories to help those workers who have returned’

COVID-19 outbreak: Immediate framework needed for reaching out to distressed migrant workers

Coronavirus in India: Desperate migrant workers trapped in lockdown

5 ‘R’s that can prevent another migrant workers’ crisis like Covid-19

COVID-19: South Asian countries need a migrant worker-friendly disaster management policy

For better disaster management tier-II/III cities have to be developed with first priority to generate jobs locally for a region surrounding the city so to avoid long-distance migrations.

‘Strategy must’: Ashok Gehlot to Centre on getting migrant workers home

COVID-19 and migrant workers in India: Reinstating ethics of care as state policy

India has the resources to care for its embattled migrant workers – but does it have the will?

As migrant workers struggle for lockdown aid, India seeks to count them

Migrant Labourers Volunteer Actions

This volunteer army provides relief to migrant workers

Humanity over hate: Religious organizations help out with covid-19 relief

Migrant Workers In Kerala Empty Their Savings, Donate To COVID Relief Fund

In times of Covid-19, a gift of hygiene for migrant labourers

30,000 daily wage and migrant labourers get food and shelter due to the work of this Delhi-based NGO

Migrant labourers are our priority, says Sudha Murthy

Migrant Labourers Private Actions

Schwing Stetter India supports migrant workers amidst COVID-19 lockdown
Schwing Stetter India provides support to migrant workers amidst Covid-19 lockdown

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Migrant Labourers (Out-migration)

Migrant Labourers Issues

COVID-19 | Inward remittances and the upcoming crisis
Remittances to India likely to decline by 23% due to Covid-19: World Bank

How Gulf diaspora, migrant workers will be most affected by an extended lockdown
Navy, Air Force Give Final Touches to Biggest Evacuation Plan Ever to Bring Back Indians Stranded in Gulf Nations
Downturn from Covid-19 hits Indian migrant workers in Gulf countries
Sick, stranded and broke: COVID-19 crisis hits Gulf's migrant workers

COVID-19 lockdown: 3.7 lakh Telangana natives in the Gulf await return
Jagan seeks smooth passage for Telugu workers from abroad (Gulf countries)

UAE warns on foreign worker repatriation, threatens to review work visa quotas
Coronavirus: Indian state leader calls for repatriation of migrant workers in UAE

Job fraud: 34 Karnataka youths stranded in Kuwait

Singapore's cramped migrant worker dorms hide Covid-19 surge risk
Indian migrant worker with COVID-19 infection found dead in Singapore
Coronavirus: after Little India riot, Singapore promised migrant workers decent housing. What happened?

Malaysia round-up of Bengalis over coronavirus: Malaysia to Myanmar and the UK legacy
Crackdown by Malay authorities on undocumented migrants hurts Indians

Is this the way to treat undocumented migrants?

Is Kerala ready for a wave of counter migrants?

Repatriation of foreign nationals continues even as Indians remain stranded abroad 2

While Indians Stranded Abroad Pay Nothing for Evacuation, It Costs Migrant Workers to Return Home

So, there is difference in the way Indian government treats out-migrats and in-migrats!

COVID-19: Parents press Centre to evacuate students stranded abroad

Above link though is a similar issue an exception against title of this post. Let it be so.

Migrant Labourers Control Actions

Inside the control room of MEA’s Covid-19 crisis management cell
Indian embassies helping NRIs in Gulf countries

India deployed Rapid Response Teams outside nation to deal with coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic: MEA

Think Kuwait control room is set up to help Indian migrants there.

Kerala sets up helplines, telemedicine services for Malayalis in Gulf

Indian Navy readies three of its largest warships to move to Gulf to evacuate stranded Indians
14 warships ready for evacuation of Indians from Gulf countries, says Navy vice chief
10-Ship in Navy Flotilla ready to evacuate stranded migrants from Gulf countries

There is no evacuation from western countries! Does that mean those countries are looking after Indians well?

Migrant Labourers Volunteer Actions

Kannada Culture Foundation leads efforts to help expat Kannadigas in distress

Kuwait offers to airlift stranded Indians

How did these countries decide these are not their own citizens but illegal migrants? Can we believe them? Can we believe the procedure using which they document someone as illegal migrant? Can't these be their own citizens or any other countries learning Indian languages through legal Indian migrants? When we have our own CAA & NPR issues why should we invite another trouble?
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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Research & Innovations in India

Affordable test methods to drones: Institutions take innovation route to aid Covid-19 fight
Affordable test methods to drones: Institutions take the innovation route to aid Covid-19 fight

Coronavirus: This Hyderabad startup aims to prescreen COVID-19 patients by analysing cough sounds

Whether nobody is developing Nadi Pariksha based robot arm which is attached to a chair arm or a stand and can test automatically and then be disinfected automatically?

India: how coronavirus sparked a wave of innovation

India’s IITs join Covid-19 fight
IITs, other institutes develop innovative devices to fight coronavirus
IIT Madras startups are developing smart bins, touchless dispensers and portable ventilators to tackle Coronavirus
A mask you can reuse up to 50 times: IIT-Delhi startup develops washable “NSafe” mask

C-CIDA shortlists 6 innovations to fight Covid-19
1,000 startups applied to C-CAMP's COVID-19 accelerator to help India fight coronavirus

India’s Center of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing to Work on Bioproduction of Potential COVID-19 Therapies

City's science institutes race to fight Covid-19

Bengaluru-based startup launches portable ventilator for coronavirus patients

Coronavirus: Mangaluru's VCET develops low-cost respiratory support device
Mangaluru doctors claim to develop ‘bubble helmet’ for better safety of health workers

Indian startups are fighting Covid-19 with innovation

Panjab University Develops Anti-Viral Spray To Disinfect PPEs, Masks

Bio suit with ‘submarine tech’, remote control trolley and 8 other tech innovations by DRDO, Indian Army, Navy & more
Here are some 'tech innovations’ by Indian Army, DRDO and others to fight COVID-19
DRDO develops new bio suit to keep medical personnel safe from Coronavirus
PPE kits developed by Indian Navy cleared by DRDO testing agency
DRDO, Noida Firm Design Hands-Free ‘Mist’ Sanitiser For Govt Offices
Defence Research Body Installs UV Disinfection Chamber At Cochin International Airport
Hyderabad DRDO Lab Develops Contactless Sanitiser To Disinfect Phones, Cash
DRDO is working On Vaccine, Drugs To Fight COVID-19: Defence Research Body Chairman

Fast and Cautious: Man From Tripura Creates Physical Distancing 'COVID-19 Bike'
‘Desi Jugaad’: Milkman Lauded For His Innovative Technique To Maintain Social Distancing

Mumbai Start-Up Designs Hands-Free Sanitizing Station; Installs 1050 Across City

Mekins Industries develops ultra violet light-based disinfectant trolley

BBMP develops app for residents in containment zones

Covid 19- Pankaja Kasthuri’s Ayurveda Formulation Gets Nod for Clinical Trials 2

IIT-Madras startup creating textile with antimicrobial material to tackle coronavirus
Bengaluru researchers eye static electric masks to repel COVID-19

This Bengaluru startup has developed a device to monitor multiple COVID-19 patients simultaneously

COVID-19 is sparking a new wave of tech innovation in India

This startup's personal safety app will help you maintain social distance during coronavirus

The week that was – From fighting coronavirus with technology to how India consumed during the pandemic

Maharashtra: Strong link between day temperature rise, cut in Covid-19 spread, says Study

Here is Canadian study - Hotter and humid weather may not stop COVID-19: Study.

Is there anyone in India studying effects of body warming pranayamas?

India to conduct clinical trials of ashwagandha to treat COVID-19
Covid research: Green signal to clinical trial on 4 ayurvedic medicines
Covid-19 treatment: 4 Ayurvedic medicines clear for trial

COVID-19: National Institute of Virology develops first indigenous IgG ELISA test kit for coronavirus
National Institute of Virology develops 1st indigenous antibody detection kit for covid-19: Harsh Vardhan

Mandatory BCG vaccination may make COVID-19 less virulent in India, suggests study

Noida: Two Covid hospitals from the district to participate in research project on coronavirus

Research Body CSIR To Begin Two Drug Trials For COVID-19
Researchers develop molecule for potential COVID-19 drug in India

Coronavirus crisis puts vaccine trials on the fast track
Indian firm to start making Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine in 2-3 weeks
Covid-19: Pune's Serum Institute to ready 20-40m vaccine shots at Rs 1,000/dose by Sept-Oct

Coronavirus vaccine: How soon will we have one? India’s role in COVID-19 war, how to avoid a second wave
Researchers launch race to develop sustainable COVID-19 vaccine delivery

Bharat Biotech to develop human antibodies for COVID-19 therapy
ICMR collaborates with Bharat Biotech Limited to create coronavirus immunization
India's research body partners with vaccine manufacturing company to develop indigenous vaccine for COVID-19
Indian COVID-19 vaccine: Bharat Biotech says will do everything to make this program successful

Virus has mutated into 10 types, one now dominant across regions: Study
Coronavirus mutations: 50% virus strains in India have new mutation; D614G could make disease more contagious
Has Covid-19 strain evolved since it was first reported in India? ICMR study to find answer

ICMR to study prevalence of asymptomatic COVID-19 infected people to check for community spread

Susceptibility and Sustainability of India against Covid-19: A research by Dr. Soumi Ray and Mitu Roy

Tech Firms in India Step in to Fight COVID-19

'Technology helping in many ways to make world free from COVID-19': PM Modi salutes researchers, scientists on National Technology Day

Research & Innovations Issues

Kerala-made Covid testing kit awaits approval two weeks on

State-backed hackers targeting Covid research data, US and UK warn

Coronavirus: Ganga Water For COVID-19 Treatment? ICMR Nixes Call For Study
Can Gangajal be Used to Treat COVID-19? Jal Shakti Proposes Research, ICMR Says ‘No, Will Need More Data’

Is Gangajal so harmful to our health compared to water from other sources? What would be the harm if a willing Covid-19 patient along with getting ICMR approved treatment drinks Gangajal instead of normal water?

How India Ignored Its Own Code for Use of Experimental Drugs in an Outbreak
Anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine fails another test as a Covid-19 treatment, says study

Research & Innovations Control Actions

HRD Ministry Setting up Dedicated ‘Research And Innovation Division’ to Boost Research in Academic Institutions

How Niti Aayog plans to make India a Covid testing superpower with private help

Combating Covid-19: India, EU keen on boosting research ties

Ayush practitioners allowed to conduct research on covid-19
AYUSH Ministry launches clinical trials of Ayurvedic medicines against COVID-19
Centre launches clinical research studies on Ayurveda interventions to deal with Covid-19 situation

Coronavirus | Key ICMR panel on vaccines dissolved

MHRD seeks details of research projects to take on COVID-19

Research & Innovations Private Actions

Coronavirus: VC funding may have paused, but market is seeing new ‘hot’ sectors and investing models

Action COVID Team (Act) Sets Up INR 100 Crores Grant To Seed Into Scalable Pandemic Eradication Ideas By Start-Ups

Research & Innovations Suggestive Actions

‘Covid crisis shows India’s science capacity but some issues need to be addressed … quality of research can improve’

India After Covid-19: Let us be a science-driven nation

Research & Innovations Innovative Actions

IISc launches web portal to bring coronavirus researchers together
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No plans to introduce PPE in schools, says Downing Street

Hope in India nobody will think of this extreme step to suffocate our children!

Why India’s Education Market Should Excite Foreign Investors

With No End to Covid-19 Lockdown In Sight, Education Reboots To 4.0 With E-learning

After meeting minister, Gujarat pvt schools offer fee flexibility

Myths around online education effectiveness, efficiency busted

Colleges, universities defer fee payments as covid hurts incomes

91% Indian students want to continue studying abroad even in Covid-19 lockdown: Here’s why

Doordarshan in loop, Punjab students to take lessons on TV

Covid-19: Top 5 important education updates

Edtech: 6 trends in school transformation due to covid-19

India’s biggest consumer internet company will be an education company, says Gaurav Munjal of Unacademy

COVID-19 lockdown: How students are coping with the online classes and syllabus
How education sector is learning to live with the coronavirus
Covid-19 crisis: How it has reshaped Indian education system?
How COVID-19 could permanently change the education sector and global learning habits
How technology is bringing the school to the living room

How e-learning is helping professionals upskill during coronavirus outbreak

Demand rises for e-learning during Covid-19 lockdown

61% Of Parents, Children Increasingly Opting For E-learning Amidst COVID-19 Crisis: Study

Educational Issues

Online university exams a ‘remote possibility’ as UGC officials highlight host of concerns

Schools in Karnataka likely to open in August?

Coronavirus lockdown 2.0: What about CBSE, ICSE exams, NEET?

Coronavirus Fallout: Impact of School Closures on Girls in India

Parents write to PM, start online campaigns as Delhi schools hike fees amid Covid-19 crisis

Should Schools Charge Full Tuition And Transportation Fee During Lockdown?

Lockdown Is Disrupting a Generation's Education. What Can Be Done?

Flouting Coronavirus Lockdown, a School in Rajkot Reopens; Probe Ordered

Coronavirus pandemic | Foreign education plans of Indian students go for a toss

How Covid-19 is affecting student placements

COVID-19 impact: Plan to study abroad this year? Tough money decisions lie ahead

Why online classes may not be such a good idea after all, especially for kids

Coronavirus | UGC to suggest academic calendar this week

Schools, Colleges Likely To Remain Shut Beyond May 3

UGC likely to give universities freedom to decide exam plan, but there may be no winter break

Limitations of online learning

Indian students trapped in UK by coronavirus 'actually starving'

Lockdown 3.0: Impact on schools, colleges, board exams and entrance exams
Covid-19 lockdown: Amid e-learning push, parents wary as children’s screen time increases

Indian education can’t go online – only 8% of homes with young members have computer with net link

The rise of online learning raises questions about the price we put on education

Coronavirus crisis' impact on rural India exposes inequality and pitfalls in access to education

The Covid challenge to Indian school education: Reform or perish

Coronavirus outbreak: Here's how Covid-19 is adversely affecting the education sector

Coronavirus: Chandigarh government schools postpone Class 9, 11 compartment exams

Child healthcare, education suffering considerably during lockdown: CRY study

Why e-learning isn’t a sustainable solution to the COVID-19 education crisis in India

Completion of medical college in Mohali held up amid Covid-19 lockdown, session not starting anytime soon

For many of India’s teachers, online classes amid lockdown have been an awful experience

Indian STEM aspirants reconsider their plans to pursue higher education abroad due to COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 pandemic to impact study abroad plans of Indian students
COVID-19 to impact study abroad plans of over 48 per cent Indian students: QS Report

Fiscal package doesn’t deserve taali since it’s kept education sector’s ‘bag & basta khali’: Jaiveer Shergill

Educational Control Actions

CM Adityanath’s 5-step plan for UP students under lockdown that other states can emulate

Chandigarh: Home delivery of school books for online classes considered

AICTE launches e-learning platform hosting free courses

Don't take school fees for March, April: Bihar govt

Maharashtra prohibits schools from forcing parents to pay fees during lockdown

Maharashtra govt announces end of school academic year and start of summer vacations

Coronavirus: Karnataka govt plans to do away with practical exams for UG, PG

Coronavirus: Semester exams for engineering, arts and other students postponed in Tamil Nadu

Manipur: BOSEM launches e-textbook for Class 1 to 10 students

Government issues instructions for engineering colleges during coronavirus lockdown

Private schools can’t hike fees, can charge only monthly tuition: Delhi govt

West Bengal schools and colleges to remain closed till June 10

Covid-19: Shops for school books, electric fans, recharge of pre-paid mobile phones allowed during lockdown

Academic sessions can be started from Sept, take exams online: UGC panels

5 education updates by HRD Minister from his Twitter live interaction during Covid-19 lockdown

COVID-19: UP government bars all schools from increase fees for 2020-21 session

HRD formulating safety rules for schools, colleges to ensure social distancing when they reopen
Coronavirus: Centre Preparing Safety Guidelines For Schools, Colleges Once They Reopen

JEE, NEET exam dates announced by Education Minister RP Nishank | Watch

India’s education minister aims to ‘save’ academic year

‘Education at Doorstep’ for students in Chhattisgarh

Haryana education dept asks govt schools to follow uniform syllabus while imparting online education

Social distancing in classrooms when schools reopen? HRD Minister hints at classes with 30% students

Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education to not conduct remaining exams for Class 10 and 12; students to be promoted on basis of internal assessment

AICTE directs private engineering colleges, tech institutes to pay salaries to faculty on time

Karnataka: Schools brace for a new normal

Karnataka: Government considers running of schools in two shifts

Schools could resume with 30% students ‘at a time’ after lockdown, HRD minister hints

‘PM eVIDYA’, to boost digital education, part of Modi govt’s final tranche of Covid package

Educational Suggestive Actions

Karnataka task force suggests promoting all students in colleges

Online Education a Contingency Measure During Covid-19 Lockdown and Not Long-term Strategy, Say Experts

Coronavirus lockdown: Here's how schools are providing seamless online education during Covid-19

UN agencies flag online education pitfalls

How to balance digital education and life amid coronavirus lockdown

Online education will be the new normal: JNU VC

Lockdown Is Disrupting a Generation's Education. What Can Be Done?

Indian educational institutes should break norms in Covid times, not conduct online exams
'Promote students, exams risky'

Education in the time of Covid-19: How institutions and students are coping

Online education in India extremely scalable: Abhijit Banerjee tells why shift to digital is good

Explained: When should schools reopen amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

It’s not trade dependence that makes India vulnerable but inadequacy of its human capital

COVID-19 in India: Education disrupted and lessons learned

How India Can Send Children of Migrant Workers Back to School

How Covid-19 is creating paradigm shift in India's education sector

How to plan for joining college while you are stuck at home in Covid-19 lockdown

Small screen, big impact: Educational TV could be India’s next frontier in remote learning

Post Covid-19 education system

Once schools reopen, help children reconnect| Opinion

Educational Private Actions

Indian education startup Byju’s is fundraising at a $10B valuation

HP announces education partnerships to support students

Educational Innovative Actions

GMAT to be conducted online from 20 April due to Covid-19

Covid lockdown has come as a blessing in disguise, says VC of Amity University

How GIIS is delivering online education to its 15000 students in 7 countries

LSAT-India entrance exam goes online amid Covid-19 pandemic

How coronavirus will change education in India by replacing or assisting physical teachers with virtual teachers

COVIDED! Education Left In The Lurch, Will Digital Classrooms Be The Way Forward?

Digital onboarding is catching up as freshers get to innovate

‘Innovation a necessity in post-Covid era’

Virtual lab at NITK a boon in the time of pandemic

COVID-19: How smart classrooms are transforming India’s education system

"Edtech can democratise education across India"

‘Study From Home’ in a K’taka Village

Vijaybhoomi University appoints its governing body members in virtual meeting amid COVID-19 lockdown

Lessons from Coronavirus outbreak to take centre stage at B-Schools
Risk management to HR dynamics: Lessons from COVID-19 to take centre stage at B-schools

Law School Admission Test 2020 goes online in India due to COVID threat


I was thinking that there will be some virtual laboratory simulational stuffs in this website. It would be interesting to explore how India can build virtual laboratory simulators in a way accessible to all. What is the internet speed needed if students are allowed to use virtual laboratory simulators in scheduled timeslot available through different servers distributed across country. Of course we have to automate scheduling task also.

Assuming government itself bears cost of electronic gadgets & online education fees of poor students how much budget is needed if educational services are provided by private organizations?

How many startups in India are working on artificial intelligence based virtual online teachers? (not robot teachers). May end up in teaching job losses.

Okay, here is virtual labs but is it accessible to all?

MHRD is meeting the Covid challenge
Virtual Labs

I don't think portals & TVs controlled by the government will not lead to necessary innovations in educational materials. Let us encourage competition.

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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Research & Innovations in India

JNU bags project on COVID-19 research

Genetic susceptibility to Covid-19: Mumbai doctors plan study to search for ‘rare gene’ fatal to young, healthy adults

Tech Mahindra R&D unit leverages AI for research on potential therapeutic drugs for COVID-19

IITGN develops interactive dashboard to help contain COVID-19 community infection post lockdown

Ashwagandha the new HCQ? Modi govt begins study to see if herb keeps coronavirus away

Mangaluru company develops UV light disinfection robot which sanitises entire room in 4 minutes

India needs start-ups, which can address future challenges: Agnishwar Jayaprakash

Bindley Bioscience Center collaborates with Bangalore-based company on COVID-19 research

NIPERs playing proactive role in Fight against COVID-19
NIPER-Guwahati designs innovative 3D products to fight COVID-19

These tech innovations are helping businesses to stay safe even after lockdown

IIT Kanpur team team up with Bharat Dynamics to manufacture ventilators for Covid patients

Innovation and technology in the age of Covid-19

Defence Ministry Patents Low-Cost PPE Developed By Indian Navy For Rapid Mass Production

South Central Railway Develops 'Rail-Bot' To Provide Better Health Care To COVID Patients

How medtech startup Docturnal repurposed its TB diagnosis app to prescreen COVID-19 patients

Glenmark initiates Phase 3 clinical trials on antiviral Favipiravir for COVID-19 patients in India

Trump hails India’s ‘great scientists’ in race for COVID-19 vaccine

Special plasma trial in Calcutta

No humidity boost for virus across most of India: Study

ICMR's Head Of Plasma Therapy Research Answers Questions On COVID

69 covid-19 patients recover in Chennai with traditional Indian treatment

100% recovery!

Research & Innovations Issues

Will COVID-19 Change AYUSH Research in India for the Better?

Research & Innovations Control Actions

Indian Covid-19 vaccine development to be backed by PM-CARES Fund

DBT floats N-BRIC to drive PPP in innovation to fight Covid-19
Bengaluru hosts national body to drive biomedical innovation

India opens nuclear energy space to private players but for cancer research and other consumer applications only
Can Nuclear Medicine Provide An Answer To Coronavirus?

India-Russia to brainstorm on Industry 4.0, mining sector prospects post-Covid

HRD Minister launches series on ‘psycho-social impact of pandemic’, first set of research books on coronavirus

How Indian government is helping 1,000+ innovators fight against COVID-19, explains Dr Harsh Vardhan

Research & Innovations Private Actions

Here's how ecommerce giant Flipkart is innovating to keep coronavirus at bay

T-Hub and Startup Genome to Promote India’s Innovation and Startup Ecosystem

S&T based innovative solutions by common people participating in NIF’s Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3) ready to make a difference

Research & Innovations Suggestive Actions

Entrepreneurs should use COVID-19 time as an opportunity to innovate, says Ratan Tata
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