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Old Posted Apr 4, 2020, 6:01 AM
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Senor Citizens

Senor Citizen Issues

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to coronavirus infection: a wider study shows the elderly carry the highest risk
Advise senior citizens, children below 10 years to stay indoors in view coronavirus: Health Ministry

Indian Railways suspends concession for senior citizens in trains to discourage travel

Covid-19: Why social distancing is a big worry for senior citizens

How will we eat, ask worried B'luru's senior citizens

Grounded With Little Help, How Seniors Are Coping With Coronavirus Crisis

Covid-19 outburst: Elderly care providers see a hike in service requests

Senor Citizen Best Practices

Dos and don'ts for senior citizens amid coronavirus pandemic
Senior citizens face a high coronavirus risk. Here’s what you can do

Coronavirus: Elderly, differently-abled to get 3 months' pension in advance
Coronavirus Pandemic | Senior citizens, widows, divyangs to get Rs 1,000 through DBT: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Centre directs states to provide COVID-19 info to disabled persons in accessible format

Senior Citizens Living Alone? City-Wise Helplines That’ll Deliver Essentials

Fight against coronavirus: Good samaritans keep Mumbai spirit alive, supply food, ration to elderly

Coronavirus: Indians offering to help parents of those who are abroad

COVID-19: Volunteers pitch in to help home-alone seniors

Postal & bank staff come to aid of senior citizens

Here’s how India can help the disabled during 21-day coronavirus lockdown
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Old Posted Apr 4, 2020, 6:03 AM
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People with disabilities (PWDs)

PWD Issues

Covid-19: Implications for the disabled
Disabled communities, elderly populations and individuals with chronic health conditions are the worst hit by Covid-19. Nonetheless, there is little mention in the media of Covid-19’s impact on their lives when millions are under lockdown.

People with disabilities (PWDs) are more susceptible to viruses like Covid-19 relative to others. We take “hand-washing” as a normal precaution, but PWDs face serious limitations to follow this practice frequently. Besides, there is a lack of public toilets for them. Next is “social-distancing”, but most PWDs depend on others due to physiological constraints. Many disabled have to frequently visit hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Further, most of the PWDs are largely dependent on the caregivers (family, relatives or professionals). Many caregivers may be reluctant to provide their services as the coronavirus is highly contagious. Persons with intellectual impairment cannot be expected to practice or cope with self-isolation.

Lack of adequate measures

The coronavirus poses serious threats for PWDs. Persons with visual disabilities rely on “touch functions for mobility and work”, thus, increasing their risk of infection.

The deaf have been facing lack of Indian sign languages and necessary communication equipment. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment asked the departments in collaboration with States/UTs to make Covid-19 related information accessible in audio-formats and Braille for visually impaired people.

The PWD Act of 2016 mandated dissemination of information in accessible formats (print and electronic) in addition to making government websites accessible. Little progress was achieved on this front. The sudden instructions to create such infrastructure may remain a dead letter.

Further, the State disability commissioners are nodal agencies and have been instructed to coordinate with other relevant bodies. However, these posts are not permanent in nature and the personnel lack power, planning, adequate knowledge and motivation to execute action plans. Perhaps, it is time India created a “National Disability Commission” in line with the commissions established for other vulnerable sections.

Around two-third of the PWDs are unemployed, and those who are employed, are in the unorganised sector. A large number of PWDs are homeless, contractual labourers, migrant workers, and beggars. These guidelines don’t address their concerns. Further, the Centre has instructed States to provide medical aid to disabled at their home, and ensure their caregivers provide them uninterrupted services. However, the litmus test will be if these are actually implemented.

PWD Best Practices

Coronavirus: Centre to give elderly, differently-abled, widows 3 months' pension in advance

Coronavirus: UP CM Sanctions Rs 850 Cr For Poor, Disabled

Covid-19: Implications for the disabled
What can be done

There are a large number of workers who are moderately impaired. Like most informal workers, they have migrated to different corners of the country in search of livelihood. These people are panicking and want to return home. Thus, it is crucial that stranded PWDs be rehabilitated on priority basis.

An official online portal may be created to specially disseminate authentic information related to the coronavirus crisis to PWDS, in regional languages. Many services required on a daily basis for PWDs are suspended. Access to aid and devices for the disabled during the lockdown should be made available. Alternative provisions should be made for the PWDs who don’t have disability certificates so that they could avail uninterrupted government services.

In addition, special provisions may be explored for PWDs under “Ayushman Bharat”. PWDs with chronic illness are going through mental trauma, thinking that they won’t be able to access groceries or medicine if the supply runs short. Door-step delivery should be ensured for free or at affordable rates. Direct cash assistance can be provided along with special provisions under the public distribution system (PDS) for PWDs.

There should be separate rehabilitation and quarantine centres for the disabled population. Special training may be required for health professionals to deal with PWDs when quarantined.

A large number of PWDs are beggars and homeless. Reasonable accommodation could reduce the risk of contamination. For example, Australia has reserved a separate time slot in supermarkets only for PWDs and senior citizens.

The Prime Minister has done a great job by repeatedly talking about PWDs. Many disability rights organisations and advocacy groups believe that coining terms like divyang, enacting the PWD Act of 2016 (not adequate but at least an improvement over the earlier provisions) and initiatives like the ‘Divyang Kumbh Mela’ recently held at Allahabad, hold a silver lining. The pandemic gives an opportunity to the government to reorient its health strategies towards the disability sector.

Roy is Assistant Professor of Economics in Pataliputra University; Mehrotra is Professor of Economics, Centre for Labour, JNU
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Old Posted Apr 5, 2020, 9:07 AM
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Bioterrorism Issues

Biodefense & COVID-19: Rising Demand for Enhanced Security Measures - ResearchAndMarkets.com 2 3

Beyond Coronavirus: Why India needs to be prepared for Bioterrorism 2
The history of germ warfare and how prepared India is

Spies Are Fighting a Shadow War Against the Coronavirus

And India? - Bioterrorism is 'Contagious Plague'; Armed Forces Should be at Forefront of Combating it, Says Rajnath Singh

These ‘disease hunters’ developed a novel technique for tracking pandemics after 9/11, but lost funding right before COVID-19
Bob Dyer: Could dogs help sniff out coronavirus?
Analysis on Impact of COVID-19-Rugged Handheld Devices
Analysis on Impact of COVID-19-Rugged Handheld Devices Market Segmented by Type, End-user, Product, and Geographic Landscape
FDA authorizes hand-held COVID-19 diagnostic test
East Bay company to have hand-held COVID-19 testing devices ready by next month

And India? - IIT Guwahati researchers develop low-cost hand-held device to detect bacteria, can be used for anti-bioterrorism measures.

No idea whether these videos are genuine ones - COVID 19 virus! Lady in China infecting elevator by spitting in elevator. Will she get arrested?, Chinese woman seen deliberately spreading virus at Wuhan #coronavirus, Sydney Australia Infected Woman with Corona Virus Spitting On Food - but there is every chance that whoever wants to spread virus can do so.

Some of measures like localized food delivery through grocery & vegetable shops instead of supermarkets, home delivery of foods may mitigate the probablity of bioterror to some extent assuming staff is not involved in bioterrorism. Most of local shops know their local customers hence can report to concerned authorities on new visitors. Similar measures can be used in pharmacy shops etc. Even villages can inform new person visiting their village to police.

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Old Posted Apr 5, 2020, 9:10 AM
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Supply Chain (Fuel & Energy)

Supply Chain Issues (Fuel & Energy)

Indian coal-fired power sector braces for coronavirus
Covid-19 may impact India’s coal-fuelled power plants using Chinese equipment

Indian oil PSUs expected to be hurt the most amid tepid demand: WoodMac

Lockdown effect: LPG distributors see increase in domestic refill bookings due to panic buying

Supply Chain Best Practices (Fuel & Energy)

Reliance Industries initiates work-from-home for staff amid novel coronavirus outbreak

Oil cos say no LPG shortage at all, delivering at least 40 per cent more fuel now

No shortage of petroleum products especially petrol, diesel, LPG: HPCL Chairman Surana

COVID-19: Indian Oil Corporation insures over 3.2 lakh employees

As India goes indoors, BPCL warriors are on street serving the nation

Stocking Up crude oil

How is coal price affected by Covid-19? (Global thermal coal prices to fall following coronavirus outburst in China, Covid-19 impact: Coal import declines 14% to 17 million tonnes in February) Is it good time to build up coal stock by import or promote local coal production?

MRPL ensures steady supply of LPG, diesel, petrol during covid-19 period

Raichur Thermal Power Station unaffected by virus scare

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Old Posted Apr 5, 2020, 3:07 PM
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Supply Chain (Food & Agriculture)

Supply Chain Issues (Food & Agriculture)

Covid-19 pandemic | India has little to fear about its food security

Farm health in times of corona: Govt must ensure the agri supply-chain remains uninterrupted

Cattle fed broccoli, strawberries as lockdown in India hits supply chain

Dairy industry in Karnataka headed for Covid-19 induced tailspin

Failure to provide food security for vulnerable sections in State, Karnataka High Court holds special sitting

Lockdown could have long-lasting impact on fishing industry
Lockdown impact: With no access to livelihood, small scale fisheries sector needs urgent relief measures from govt

India's food security discussed at WTO amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Corona has pushed Bharat to the brink
  • A prolonged lockdown will hurt farmers about to harvest the winter crop and the landless living on daily wages
  • Continued disruption in the food supply chain will eventually hit consumers if prices vary widely across regions. This uncertainty has also hit 70 mn households in rural India who own small dairies
The Centre has allowed wholesale markets to function as well as transport of all food items across the country, but in reality, the food supply chain is anything but smooth. Trucks and migrant labourers working in wholesale markets are in short supply and small retailers in urban centres are finding it difficult to access mandis due to lack of transport facilities.

A bigger crisis may unfold when farmers across India begin harvesting winter crops like wheat, chickpeas and mustard beginning April. Will government procurement at support prices function normally? Any disruption in peak harvesting season will hurt small farmers disproportionately since they usually sell their produce right after harvest to repay loans and fund the next crop.
What about fertilizers, pseticides and agricultural equipment supply & maintenance (repair)?

Food security at stake

Udupi allows operation of rice mills, coconut oil manufacturing units

Locals team up with leaders for veggies

‘Launch e-commerce platforms to link farmers with consumers’
As farmers are struggling to take their produce to markets or directly sell them to consumers amid the lockdown, an agricultural extension expert has suggested measures to tide over the crisis, including launching e-commerce platforms involving farm universities and district-level Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs).
Price hike: DC warns of criminal action

From turmeric milk to yoga: Here are AYUSH Ministry's home remedies to combat coronavirus pandemic 2 3. Did you expect demand for dry grapes (raisin) grow because of AYUSH Ministry's home remedies for boosting immune system? Look at what is happening - Vijayapura grape growers 'locked' in crisis again; no takers for raisins

Coronavirus Outbreak: In Maharashtra, police disrupting farm produce supply chains impairs farmers, lack of labour stalls harvest
Maharashtra govt streamlines fruit, vegetable, dairy products supply chain amid Covid-19 outbreak

Indian rice exports suspended as lockdown disrupts supply chain: Report

Supply Chain Best Practices (Food & Agriculture)

#Coronavirus: India Launches World’s Biggest Ration Scheme; 80 Cr Indians Will Get Wheat At Rs 2/Kg

Indian Council of Agricultural Research Issues Advisory on Crop Harvesting amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Farm activities exempted from lockdown rules to ensure food security: Tomar

Food minister Ram Vilas Paswan asks states to ensure free distribution of food grains to poor

PM ensuring food grains supply to remotest areas
Punjab tops in transporting food grains during lock down
Food Corporation of India, the central agency which procures food grains for government and transports it to states, set a new record in single day movement by moving 70 rakes carrying 1.93 lakh tonnes continuously for two days on Friday and Saturday.
As on April 4, 2020, FCI is having 55.47 million tonnes of food grains (31.23 million tonnes rice and 24.24 million tonnes wheat) in the central pool.
COVID-19: Govt Grants More Relaxations For Agriculture And Allied Sectors
According to the latest Addendum, shops of Agricultural machinery, its spare parts, including supply chain and repairs and shops for truck repairs on highways, preferably at fuel pumps, can remain open. This will facilitate the transportation of farm produce.
NAFED unlocks warehouses to boost food supply chains in India

Government considering another package to minimize lockdown impact: Sources

Web platform to help farmers with virtual market, maintains supply chain

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Old Posted Apr 6, 2020, 4:03 AM
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Supply Chain (Water)

Supply Chain Issues (Water)

Personal hygiene is critical to fighting corona, but what if we run out of water?

We also have to increase alcohol based sanitizers.

Will Water Emergency be declared after Corona Crisis?

We are in hot summer months. Waterbodies are evaporating fast. Water related activities & logistics needs emergency attention - water tankers, dredging activities etc.

Will be updated
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Old Posted Apr 6, 2020, 9:49 AM
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Supply Chain (Defense & Security)

Supply Chain Issues (Defense & Security)

How coronavirus could impact the defense supply chain

Under pressure: Acts of kindness and cruelty during a pandemic
The acute shortage of masks, which work only for eight hours, and sanitisers means that the police are not adequately protected. “We are working round the clock to make sure others isolate themselves, but we are potentially exposed,” said a police constable.

Supply Chain Best Practices (Defense & Security)

Navy develops Rs 1K temperature guns for Covid-19 screening

COVID-19: Anti-contagion face shields for Mangaluru policemen at the frontline

Will be updated
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Old Posted Apr 6, 2020, 9:54 AM
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Supply Chain (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

Supply Chain Issues (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

As coronavirus spreads, reliance on foreign sourcing strains pharma supply chains
Health officials warn on irrational use of hydroxychloroquine in preventing covid-19
Supply concerns

About 20 Indian companies including Ipca, Cadila, Cipla, Sun Pharma etc make one or both drugs, an estimated 200-crore market, according to Aiocd-AWACS.

Except for companies like Ipca and Cadila, industry-watchers worry that the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) used in making the drug comes from China.

... an industry-hand said, as API sourcing becomes key if the requirement picks up.
Surging demand chokes med equipment supply in Karnataka
Fever clinics start, hiccups surface in Karnataka

Pharma case: Packages sent from China to be tested

Shortage of PPEs now, what happens if we hit Stage III, ask anxious doctors
Lockdown impact: Panic buying hits pharma industry, stores run out of drugs

Waive duty on life-saving equipment: CII

Anti-malaria drug is the best bet against Covid-19 until a cure is created
From US To UAE, Nations Queue Up To Ask India To Send Them Hydroxychloroquine Amid Covid
Covid-19 battle: Govt may Lift Hydroxychloroquine export ban

Medicine supply chain moves

Supply Chain Best Practices (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

From vaccines to ventilators, India and US ramp up ties in fight against Covid-19

Government of India has asked liquor manufacturers to make alcohol available for sanitiser

Udupi district administration to source protective gear locally

Praj Industries develops technology to formulate alcohol into high quality sanitisers

Indian Railways gears up its entire machinery in a big way to take comprehensive measures on prevention of COVID-19 virus infection
7. Procurement of medical equipment, PPEs and Ventilators: Availability of sufficient number of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Ventilators etc would be critical in fight against COVID-19. Action has been taken by Railway zones and production units to procure ventilators, PPEs and medical equipment to meet their needs to fight.

ICMR to get 7 lakh testing kits by April 8

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Issues

India: Govt asks shipping lines not to impose container detention charges on EXIM shipment

Karnataka lockdown: Supply issues hit online delivery services

Blockchain in Supply Chain and Domestic Delivery Service: Benefits and Use Cases in India

Supply Chain Best Practices

Transportation, Logistics Workers Deemed Essential During Coronavirus Crisis

Now, doorstep delivery through WhatsApp

Let along with location-based delivery services the delivery person use Aarogya Setu to find out whether he is nearing corona hazardous area.

COVID-19: KSRTC deploys buses for emergency services

Human Resource Management should be a part of districtwise 'ERP for supply chain management and logistics'.

All precautions taken in handling export-import (EXIM) cargo at ports
Apart from restricting cargo handling, and scanning passengers and crew, the government has prohibited entry of any international cruise ship, crew or passengers with a travel history to coronavirus-hit countries post February 1, 2020, to its major ports till March 31.
As per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), all passengers and crew aboard the vessels are being scanned, and all necessary facilities are being extended to them, the official said.

All required protocols are being followed and help is being provided in case of fever or sickness, the official added.
Indian Railways gears up its entire machinery in a big way to take comprehensive measures on prevention of COVID-19 virus infection
1. Uninterrupted 24X7 Freight Trains Operations to ensure availability of essential commodities through the country - ...

2. Running of Parcel Trains - ...

3. Relaxation in Demurrage and Wharfage rules: ...

4. No haulage charge on movement of empty containers and flat containers: ...

5. Central Control Centre Set up: ...

6. Besides 11000 beds for quarantine purposes, ...

7. Procurement of medical equipment, PPEs and Ventilators: ...


11. Free meals supply by IRCTC base kitchens to the needy: ...

Free movement for goods vehicles
DGP: Police to allow free movement of goods vehicle
Movement of goods vehicles exempted from restrictions: DGP

Companies innovate to stay in business in COVID-19 era
Toyota India finds innovative ways to beat COVID-19 slump

Covid-19: Brands tie up to tide over crisis, reach customers
Competitors join hands to tide over supply-chain challenges amid lockdown
E-tailers look at navigating hotspots and group buying

As traditional supply chain gets disrupted, FMCG players try new modes to reach customers

Digesting the shocks: how supply chains are adapting to the COVID-19 lockdowns

Small shifts, automated production to restart manufacturing?

Mitigating supply chain risk
Coronavirus and the age of supply chain resilience

Chandigarh: Panel to streamline supply chain set up

Covid-19 aftermath: A third of orders cancelled, grave crisis grips export hubs

Govt steps in to fix supply chain, truck drivers need to only show licence to cross borders

Government eases rules to aid supply chain
Govt mulls sops for labourers in key services
Designate officers to issue authorisation letters to key supply chain firms: Centre to states
The consumer affairs ministry has developed an e-pass system solution, which states can adopt. ...

He has also mentioned the need to allow a truck driver and a helper to move on, if the driver has valid driving licence.


Consumer affairs secretary has also urged states to facilitate ensuring availability of labour in factories, warehouse, transportation and distribution of essential food and groceries by appealing to house owners, societies and villagers to allow workers to go to work, consumer affairs secretary to states.
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Healthcare & Pharma Infrastructure

Port trusts-run hospitals gear up to treat coronavirus patients (their employees and pensioners)

Work on modification of train coaches for isolation patients begins
The Railway Board had ordered modification of 20,000 coaches across its zones and in the initial phase, modification of 5,000 coaches has been taken up. Each coach, after modification, can hold 16 occupants, apart from attendants and other paramedical staff.
Indian Railways gears up its entire machinery in a big way to take comprehensive measures on prevention of COVID-19 virus infection
6. Besides 11000 beds for quarantine purposes, around 5000 beds have been exclusively earmarked for treatment of COVID-19 patients in 17 dedicated hospitals and 33 hospital blocks have been identified for treatment. These hospitals and blocks are being made ready for this purpose.

Conversion of 5000 coaches to serve as quarantine/isolation facilities: I.R. is converting 5000 train coaches with 80000 beds across the country to serve as quarantine/isolation facilities for COVID-19. Design has been done, prototype approved and conversion action has been started by Zonal Railways. A total of 20000 such coaches with 3.2 lac beds have been identified for conversion in case of requirement.
India has closed its railways for the first time in 167 years. Now trains are being turned into hospitals

Kochi: 1st mobile Covid screening unit begins operation among migrant labourers

China Offers to Build Makeshift Covid-19 Hospitals

Mahindra to Begin Production of Face Shield to Combat COVID-19; Designed by Ford

Mylab gets Serum Institute investment, to scale up production of COVID-19 testing kits

India lockdown day 6: Govt zeroes in on 10 hotspots
A senior official in the Health Ministry confirmed, “We are stepping up testing in the hotspots. But testing will be done only as per testing protocol.” The government position remains that there is no community transmission so far.
ICMR approves TB machines for Covid-19 testing

Covid-19: ICMR advises antibody testing in hot spots for faster diagnosis
DBT, CSIR, DST, DAE labs can conduct COVID-19 testing: ICMR

India will not have 'corona' test kit shortage, know why

Is India’s rural health infrastructure up to the task?

NIMHANS to start testing samples from today

A tiny made in India ventilator is helping hospitals fight Covid-19

Kasaragod gets its own Covid hospital
Fight against coronavirus: Kerala designates 28 hospitals for treatment as 8 districts listed as hotspots

Coal India's subsidiary MCL to fund Covid-19 hospital in Bhubaneshwar: Pralhad Joshi
Bhubaneswar: India's first dedicated Covid-19 hospital starts running with 14 patients

Kudos! Indian Railways manufactures low-cost ventilator prototype for COVID-19 patients in a week’s time

Indian Railways CLW to manufacture in-house hospital beds & side drawers for COVID-19 isolation wards; details

Karnataka has third highest number of testing laboratories in country

Inspired by South Korea, Kerala launches walk-in Covid-19 sample collection kiosk
Kerala doctors develop India's first walk-in kiosk to take samples for COVID-19 tests

Should this kiosk have decontamination/fumigation facility?

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Healthcare & Pharma Infrastructure

Healthcare & Pharma Infrastructure Issues

Testing facilities yet to start in North Karnataka

Shortage of PPEs now, what happens if we hit Stage III, ask anxious doctors
Many states lack PPEs, medical facilities: Indian govt survey

As coronavirus reaches rural India, three cases reflect the steep challenge ahead

Wockhardt hospital in Mumbai declared containment zone after 26 nurses and 3 doctors test positive for coronavirus
Coronavirus: 92 staffers of Pune Hospital under quarantine
Coronavirus: Mumbai, Pune top hospitals quarantined
Infection spread from non-Covid section of Mumbai hospital: Wockhardt Chairman
COVID-19: Mumbai nurses demand better safety facilities after Wockhardt Hospital incident

Healthcare & Pharma Infrastructure Best Practices

Innovative Covid-19 decontamination tunnel in Kashmir; SMC's indigenous move

How many hospitals have thermal screening & decontamination tunnel? How much useful is such a tunnel combined with thermal screening to separate covid suspects from others?

Telangana govt deploys India's first real-time health surveillance platform 'Covid-19 Monitoring System'

#StartupsVsCovid19: States Turn To Startups To Ensure Supply Of Testing Kits
Startups Ramp Up The Fight Against COVID-19 With Pop-Up Intensive Care Units; Helplines And Regional Content
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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Research & Innovations in India

Covid-19: Rs 56-cr 'CAWACH' at IIT-B to scout for 50 innovations
Science ministry sets up a rapid response centre at IIT Bombay to combat COVID-19

C-CAMP nominates top 5 COVID-19 innovations

Awareness of Covid-19 higher in India's Tier-1 cities, says study by IITs
IITs study COVID-19 impact on daily commuters

Indian researchers make coating to kill virus like COVID

Covid-19: Indian biotech fights back

TCS and CSIR accomplice to plan AI based medication for COVID-19

National Innovation Foundation – India invite innovative citizens to participate in Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3)
NIF Covid-19 challenge seeks innovative solutions to mitigate pandemic impact

COVID-19: Research community counters misinformation with “CovidGyan”

Ramdev’s Patanjali submits a herbs+hydroxychloroquine plan to treat Covid-19
Patanjali Ayurveda has also submitted a research paper to a medical journal claiming ashwagandha herb stops entry of coronavirus into human body.

New Delhi: Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda has submitted a proposal to the Modi government for the “treatment and prevention” of Covid-19 using medicinal herbs along with allopathic medicine hydroxychloroquine, which is an anti-malarial drug.

The proposal, prepared by Haridwar-based Patanjali Research Institute (PRI) that functions under the Patanjali Ayurveda, stated that phytochemicals in ashwagandha, giloy and tulsi have the potential to fight Covid-19.
“Like China has used the combination of traditional medicine and modern medicine, we have submitted a treatment protocol (to the government) using ayurveda, which can be used along with ICMR-prescribed allopathic treatment for treating Covid-19 patients,” Balkrishna added.
IIT Dharwad makes 500 3D-printed face shields for medical staff fighting COVID-19
Hubballi: City-based startup develops two devices to fight Covid-19
Covid-19: IIT Kanpur to manufacture cost efficient antiviral coating masks
COVID-19: IIT-H suggests cheaper alternative to ventilators

COVID-19: Bharat Biotech Developing Intranasal Vaccine Against Coronavirus

IIT Delhi Allocates Supercomputer Resources For COVID-19 Research To Merit-Based Proposals
IIT-Delhi invites proposals for COVID-19 research

‘Look into Covid- related innovations’: Telangana Minister for IT and Industries KT Rama Rao

COVID-19: What Are Serological Tests, and How Can They Help India
India Needs to Establish an Infectious Disease Forecast Centre Urgently
Avalon's CEO reflects on the way forward for Covid-19 response

Tracking COVID-19 in India: The BCG Hypothesis

Indians do not have genetic protection against coronavirus, published research incorrectly interpreted

ICMR allows rapid testing for COVID-19, issues guidelines
How rapid antibody tests are different from existing PCR tests for Covid-19 | Explained

In fight against coronavirus, India’s universities have lagged far behind China’s
What Covid-19 can teach us about redefining our academics and research

Startup Street: Top VCs Have Tips For Entrepreneurs During Covid-19 Crisis

Coronavirus: Biotech startup AmpliGene India's COVID-19 testing kit could be the fastest in the world
Molbio Diagnostics' testing kit for COVID-19 approved by ICMR

Government funded start-up working on rapid test kit

DST funds Pune healthcare startup for rapid detection of COVID-19

COVID-19 outbreak: DRDO develops disinfection chamber, face mask
Indian Railways Jagadhari Workshop makes coverall PPEs approved by DRDO; builds Fumigation Tunnel – details

India-Australia Ready To Share COVID-19 Research Efforts

View: Faith in Indian science and technology begins at home

SIDBI comes out in support of startups during COVID-19 by launching financial assistance

COVID-19: A hackathon through virtual mode brings in new ideas

Here's How India's Science, Technology Institutions Working Against COVID-19

Research & Innovations Issues

Startup Policy Rundown: Startups Demand Financial Aid To Survive Covid-19 Fallout

How red tape, government delays have left biotech start-ups struggling to ramp up their war against COVID-19

Summa: Permits, premier research labs closed, access to reliable information, absence of staff due to curfew, supply are a few of issues faced by startups

Research & Innovations Best Practices

Indian startups at forefront during COVID-19 crisis
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Propagation Analysis and Mitigation

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Issues

Experts fear India will be the next coronavirus hotspot

Health Ministry identifies 20 existing, 22 potential coronavirus hotspots in India

Lockdown helps, but wider corona testing a must
Old RNA extraction method slows testing

The four stages of Covid-19 transmission & why India maintains it is not yet in stage 3

Explained | Why India has relatively lesser number of COVID-19 cases

‘People tend to underestimate covid-19’s explosive potential’

India yet to see peak of corona: Health expert

Hotspots that can swing India's Covid-19 war

Coronavirus spread: No evidence of COVID-19 being an airborne disease, says ICMR

Explained: Can a mother transmit the COVID-19 virus to foetus or newborn?
Coronavirus: Why a new study wants pregnant women to be closely monitored

Use pooled testing to identify hotspots, lower number of Covid-19 tests: CDDEP
To curb further Covid 19 spread, move to pooled tests
As Covid 19 spreads more broadly into the community, it is time for India’s strategy to move from one of individual testing, containment, and isolation, to a community approach.
Covid-19: India Must Urgently Manage Regional Contact Networks

Centre advises rapid testing for entire populations in Covid-19 hotspots
But shortage of kits amid regulatory confusion may prove a hurdle for States
COVID-19: Hospitals May Become The Next Hotspots
Those in quarantine centres worried over transmission within the facility

New Delhi: SDMC goes beyond corona hotspots

Saharanpur, Ghaziabad, Lucknow emerge new COVID-19 hotspots in UP as confirmed cases rise
Lucknow, Agra, Ghaziabad, Saharanpur have emerged as new COVID-19 hotspots in Uttar Pradesh as coronavirus cases in the state continue to rise. At present, the state has over 300 COVID-19 patients including two deaths while 19 people have recovered.
Coronavirus: India struggles to find emerging hotspots
  • The health ministry said the current geographic distribution of covid-19 mimics the distribution of H1N1 pandemic influenza
  • Officials said it would be a herculean task to quickly zero down the emerging centres and seclude new patients
COVID-19 virus can last on face masks for a week, banknotes and other surfaces for days: study

Corona can spread through just talking

Covid-19: India between Stage 2 and 3, says govt
Lockdown in India must be extended to 49 days to curb spread of COVID-19 coronavirus: Study
PM says "long fight" ahead to defeat COVID-19, asks ministers to ready plans for ''slow'' exit from lockdown
Prepare ‘graded plan’ to open depts in non-hotspots of COVID-19: PM to ministers
To lockdown or not to lockdown is the big question

Covid-19 scare: India's zoos on high alert after tiger tests positive in US
In a first, Bronx zoo tiger 'Nadia' tests positive for Covid-19, develops dry cough, loss of appetite
Chinese disease control officials had identified wild animals sold in a Wuhan market as the source of the coronavirus pandemic that has infected well over one million people worldwide.
In late March a pet cat was discovered infected with the novel coronavirus in Belgium, following similar cases in Hong Kong where two dogs tested positive for Covid-19.
Researchers find coronavirus can survive on outside of face masks for up to 7 days

ICMR study suggests 1 covid patient can infect 406 people in 30 days in absence of self-isolation: Govt

Delhi Police Cordon Off Area in Nizamuddin as People Show COVID-19 Symptoms After Religious Gathering
Hot spots sealed in Mumbai, Delhi police crackdown on religious event, more
Do we need to completely seal Mumbai to contain Coronavirus? | ABP Special
2 Mumbai hospitals declared containment zone as several doctors, nurses test positive for Covid-19
Delhi hospital sealed after 18 staffers test positive for Covid-19
Madhya Pradesh: Neemcuh-Mandsaur administration seals entry points shared with Rajasthan
Large parts of Pune sealed from Tuesday to prevent community spread
NMC seals Govind Nagar area of Nashik after finding Corona patient
Odisha Govt Seals Satya Nagar After Man With No Travel History At All Tests Positive for Virus
15 UP districts including Noida, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, to be sealed
Sealing and screening: How Palwal is trying to break the coronavirus chain

Coronavirus outbreak: Centre mulls lockdown extension as states go ahead with cluster containment, tally crosses 4,700
PM Modi hints at extending coronavirus lockdown at all-party meeting, says it’s a long fight

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Best Practices

ICMR Advises Antibody Tests In Areas Emerging As COVID-19 Hotspots

Covid-19: Kerala begins rapid testing in hotspots regions to prevent community spread

Corona testing shifts into top gear
In a massive ramp up of testing for Covid-19, the government plans to double every three days the number of samples tested through RT-PCR process - considered mandatory for accurate results - by government laboratories.
Eye on the world’s hotspots, India draws up plan to battle Covid-19 outbreak
  • The plan includes focusing on states where new cases are surging and identifying dedicated hospitals in coverage area
  • The government has readied 29,810 ICU beds, 14,947 ventilators, 650,190 N95 masks and 295,102 PPEs
India not out of woods; needs to exponentially ramp up Covid tests: Experts

Wearing Surgical Masks May Help Slow Covid-19 Pandemic, Says Study

Drones to monitor situation

Covid-19 cluster management to geographic quarantine: What govt’s containment plan includes
Watch: Union Health Ministry briefs media on the Cluster management plan & Corona hotspots
Union Health Ministry briefs media on the Cluster management plan & Corona hotspots

Breakthrough; Bhilwara city in Rajasthan breaks Corona chain
Bhilwara becomes global model by breaking corona chain: CM

Propagation Analysis Issue Cases

Mystery surrounds COVID-19 cases at Nanjangud company 2

Coronavirus: Nizamuddin's Tablighi Jamaat has doubled cases in India 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ...

Mumbai Police probing suspected Markaz link in first Dharavi Covid-19 death

Propagation Analysis Solved Cases

Bagalkot case: Brother may be primary carrier
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Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
This thread is to discuss issues and best practices to tackle infectious diseases especially Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. Although it focuses on India relevant news from across the world may also be posted.

All candidates for best practices are classified under Best Practices though they are not yet proven to be best. (this line will be removed later).

I am changing 'Best Practices' to 'Actions'. This is because actions are taken against issues without knowing its effect and whether it is 'best action' or 'best practice' is decided at the end only. 'Actions' may be 'Preventive Actions/Measures', 'Mitigation Measures', 'Corrective Measures/Actions', 'Control Actions' etc. Even advisories/advices can be 'actions'. (Decision-making, Issue log , Project Issue Management , Control (management), Control system).

Actions are classified as following
  • 'Control Actions' will be from various government agencies like central government, state governments, local governments at cities & villages, courts and then WHO advices will also be included (will not be subclassified).
  • 'Suggested Actions' are suggestions from non-government experts, opinion makers, self-styled experts/expert-journalists etc.
  • 'Innovative Actions' are disruptive actions taken by public, companies and non-government organizations.
  • 'Volunteer Actions' are from volunteers & voluntary organizations. Because of workload I am not going for further classification but a tracker tool users can do that more easily.

It is also interesting to see how 'actions' will result in further chain of issues though I may not be able to link them in this thread. Because of this 'actions' will become 'issues' later. For that matter here I am clubbing so many issues together under a single class of issues.

At the end we can decide about best practices looking at the results 'actions' produce.
I am going to follow this convention now on. If it works well I will go back and edit earlier posts.
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Propagation Analysis and Mitigation

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Issues

Devotees Assemble in West Bengal Temples on Ram Navami 2020 Defying COVID-19 Lockdown

Corona has city folks trooping back to farms

Will this migration spread disease from cities to villages?

New study a worry for Delhi-NCR, says high pollution can cause spike in Covid-19 deaths
Harvard Study Finds Link Between Air Pollution And Increased COVID-19 Death Rates

Cheers to lockdown for decreasing pollution!

Four of seven coronaviruses that infect humans are seasonal 2

Amid corona outbreak, 15 monkey deaths create alarm in UP

Why Maharashtra has India’s highest Covid-19 mortality numbers

Coronavirus | COVID-19 hits both genders equally, except in two nations

Covid-19: What you need to know today
Patient database plan to combat Covid-19

Highest single-day rise in Covid-19 cases: 773
Coronavirus curve up, lockdown impact may take a while
Coronavirus curve in India: Scientists using computer models to measure the spread of an infectious disease say they are yet to notice a “flattening of the growth curve”.
IIM study predicts 1.5 lakh Covid-19 cases by May first week as ‘result of Tablighi event’

SC order for free COVID-19 test may hinder fight against coronavirus, say experts

Use of COVID-19 Drug Hydroxychloroquine May Lead to Irregular Heartbeats, Low Blood Sugar, Says Study
Review cautions how hydroxychloroquine could be potentially harmful for treating Covid-19
* Potential harms of hydroxychloroquine for treating Covid-19
* Smokers, COPD patients at higher risk of infection
* Smart ring can detect infection before symptoms appear
* Lockdown affects physical health, mental well-being
* Babies with Covid-19 infection experience only mild symptoms
COVID-19: Vitamin C, herd immunity the hope for India, Indian doctor says
Speaking to Gulf News during an exclusive interview, Dr Roy Chowdhury said that in the absence of a vaccine, it’s the "treatment and not the disease" which is taking more lives around the world. "Check the WHO protocol and you will see it’s a combination of anti-malarial, antibiotics, anti-pyretic and even in cases a HIV drug. Why do you need antibiotics to treat what is essentially a viral fever? Even the dosage of anti-pyretic is also extremely high and it can often turn out to be a lethal combination," he said.
Building on his alternative treatment theory, Dr Roy Chowdhury prescribes India to fight the flu by systematically taking .2 grams of Vitamin C daily. "You can look at the following options – one guava, two oranges, three mangoes, four tomatoes or a handful of peas. Avoid animal protein, including dairy products – this should guard you at least 80% against chances of a flu," he said.
Corona crisis: Mumbai’s congested Dharavi causes big worry

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Control Actions

Religious leaders have a vital role in COVID war
India, which believes in religion, spirituality, gurus and godmen, has also followed suit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon the religious leaders in the country to take the lead and ask their communities to adhere to the Government’s guidelines to contain the pandemic. Roping in Chief Ministers, too, Modi asked them to convene a meeting of religious leaders across all faiths and urge them to convince their people to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
Temples in India are shutting down amid Coronavirus scare

Muslims told not to gather in large numbers for prayers

Curbs tightened in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad: Hotspots sealed, masks now must

Karnataka: Extend lockdown in red zones, says Sriramulu

SC asks Centre to carry out free covid-19 tests for all Indians
Private labs begin free Covid-19 tests after SC order, but explore options

Covid-19: Delhi government seals 20 hotspots across city

Kerala Police uses Ravi Shastri’s ‘tracer bullet’ to track lockdown violators, earns praise from India coach

AIIMS to launch training module for health staff to manage COVID cases of pregnant women

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Suggestive Actions

Flu-like Symptoms? COVID-19 Or Not, This Is What You Should Do

Lockdown to have long-lasting impact on nation’s health, says ICMR
“Such drastic measures can lead to social, psychological and economic stressors on the whole population, leading to long-lasting adverse health outcomes," said lead author Dr Pranab Chatterjee, translational global health policy research cell-ICMR, in the paper, which is aimed at informing India’s public health response.
Will summer halt Covid-19? Scientists say there are other factors

Moily asks govt to revive lapsed public health emergency bill through ordinance to tackle COVID-19

Propagation Analysis and Mitigation Innovative Actions

Temples feel pinch of Covid-19, Sabarimala goes online
ISKCON Decides to go Online, Requests Devotees to Stay Home

Propagation Analysis Issue Cases

Fruit vendor dies, 65-year-old tested COVID-19 positive as community transmission fears crop up in Kalaburagi 2

Real-time monitoring needed to prevent second COVID-19 wave in China: Study
New study warns against lifting lockdown before COVID-19 vaccine arrives

Propagation Analysis Solved Cases

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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Research & Innovations in India

Together we can: Startups across India team up to wage war on coronavirus

Here’s how India can become a global bio-medical hub post Covid-19: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Fight against coronavirus: Hacking a solution to COVID-19 crisis

Marico Innovation Foundation throws open a grand challenge to #Innovate2BeatCOVID

Hack the Crisis – India selects top 10 innovative ideas to beat spread of Covid 19

Kerala Police uses Ravi Shastri’s ‘tracer bullet’ to track lockdown violators, earns praise from India coach

Indian Railways next big innovation to fight COVID-19! Develops mobile doctor booth for zero-contact check-ups

8 Indian Innovations That Could Prove Crucial in Tackling COVID-19

KT Rama Rao backs startup that says it can conduct 100 Covid tests per shift

Startup’s device monitors your lungs remotely

From 'GoCoronaGo' to 'Sampark-o-Meter': IISc, IITs develop mobile apps to aid Covid-19 fight

NIIT launches free remote work kit to support fight against COVID-19

Manipal students win MIT COVID-19 challenge to build Tele Health platform for non-contact monitoring

‘Corona disinfection tunnel’ at dist admn complex

UV Technology-Based Innovation to Battle Coronavirus

SCTIMST scientists develop UV light disinfected booth for examining COVID-19 patients

Multi-utility sterilization chamber for mobiles, keys

UV light booth, nasal gel & other innovations India’s working on to battle Covid-19
Face shields, bio-suits, and disinfection chambers — some of the ways that Coronavirus is driving innovation in India

NVIDIA joins Covid High Performance Computing Consortium group,will give researchers access to 30 supercomputers
Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Persistent Systems bring tech tools to Covid-19 battle
L&T Launches Technologies to Fight Corona

Indian researchers start working on genome sequencing of Covid-19
Indian scientists begin genome sequencing to track covid-19 spread

Indian Immunologicals to lead Research Collaboration to Develop Vaccine for Covid-19 2
IIL to lead research collaboration for COVID-19 vaccine
The experiment of coronavirus vaccine on animals started in India, hopefully desired results will come in 4-6 months
Corona vaccine remains a pipe dream despite global research efforts
India, China can collaborate on Covid vaccine, says envoy Misri

India Based Stem Cell Research Firm To Test Its Stem Cell Product For Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS) COVID-19

Kerala gets ICMR nod to test plasma therapy to treat COVID-19 patients: How does the treatment work?
Why Kerala is looking at plasma therapy to treat Covid-19 patients
COVID-19: Karnataka readies for blood plasma therapy

World’s first cement suit has been designed in India to fight coronavirus. Here’s all you need to know

Top Valuable DataSets For COVID-19 Researchers

Startup Inali Builds Smart Ventilator for COVID-19 Dassault Systems' 3D Experience Lab

CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) Pune ties up with Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) for production of medical devices

This 72-hour online hackathon will help find solutions to aid India’s fight against the Coronavirus. Here's how2

IIT Roorkee Startups Tackling COVID-19 Through Innovative Technologies

Research & Innovations Issues

It's time to enlist research labs in the COVID-19 fight

National Task Force recommends establishing 'India COVID-19 Clinical Research Collaborative Network'

Research & Innovations Control Actions

Coronavirus pandemic | MHRD launches 'Samadhan' challenge to invite ideas to fight COVID-19 2
IITs, research institutes get govt funding for Covid-19 solutions
Coronavirus: ICMR sets up national task force to carry out COVID-19 research
Govt forms clinical research team for better insight into Covid-19 pandemic
India has allocated over Rs 200 cr for new Covid-19 projects: Science secretary
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Economy & Finance

COVID-19: PM Modi asks ministers to prepare ‘business continuity plan’
Prepare ten priority areas, business continuity plan: PM Modi asks ministers
Be ready to fight economic impact of Covid-19 on war footing: PM tells Ministers

Odisha State Disaster Response Fund to aid corona-affected people

Corona Impact: Recession To Hit World Economy With Likely Exception Of India, China, Says UN Report

Corona is a bigger opportunity than a threat for India!
To sum up
We can reasonably hope that Corona virus damage to human lives will be relatively less and tolerable. Incidentally, in India, on an average 377 people are killed in road accidents every day, so lockdown should save 8000 lives in accidents. At the same time, India has an unprecedented opportunity for a very strong economic acceleration for the next decade. It’s convergence of opportunity for the government to put together a large ambitious revival stimulus package, combined with benefits of low oil prices and getting a share of global MNCs’ sourcing, as they plan to reduce their over dependence on China. Now is the time for India to dodge the virus bullet, offer a silver bullet to the economy and bite the bullet on big reforms.
World Bank to help India ready virus combat plan

India's $11 billion eHealth sector accelerates due to Covid-19

COVID-19 and Microfinance Institutions: Striking the right note

Nifty reclaims 9,100, Sensex closes 1,265 points higher; M&M, Maruti top gainers

Economical & Financial Issues

Economists are losing hope of V-shaped recovery from corona

Covid effect: Biggest weekly fall in forex reserve since 2008

How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact The Economy -- And You

Will Corona crisis take a toll on savings account interest rates?

Covid-19 impact: Budget numbers of States need major revisions, says SBI report
Covid-19: Salary and pension load may derail budget in some States
How Much Financial Flexibility Do States Have To Deal With Covid-19 Strain?
Coronavirus impact: Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, UP stare at big fiscal hole
COVID-19 impact: Karnataka State Budget figures likely to undergo massive revision
Govt. may have to present second Budget to deal with COVID-19 aftermath, says Jairam Ramesh

Covid-19: States reel from revenue loss, salary delays likely

ADB expects India GDP to slip to 4 pc in 2020-21; projects strong recovery next fiscal

Corona crisis: India VIX declines but market experts say worst not over

Coronavirus pandemic: India faces 'greatest emergency' since Independence, says Raghuram Rajan

What India market analysts are tracking? Covid-19 cases, volatility, rupee

Countries with universal health coverage have fared better in fighting COVID-19

Coronavirus Outbreak: GDP to decline to 1.6% as key sectors to witness fall in business, says Goldman Sachs

Economical & Financial Control Actions

Coronavirus Crisis: RBI Cuts Rates As Distress Mounts Across South Asia

Kerala: KFC announces 3 new loan schemes for MSMEs to tide over economic crisis

Centre to give states Rs 42,000 crore from FY21 budget to fight coronavirus outbreak
Centre grants Rs 17,000cr to states to tackle coronavirus crisis

Covid-19: Finance ministry working on second relief package to revive battered economy

Coronavirus update: New Rs 75,000 crore fund to boost small industry in post-Covid world

Economical & Financial Suggestive Actions

Assocham for greater use of contactless debit/cards to deal with Covid-19 crisis

Coronavirus crisis: Little relief for the Indian economy

COVID-19: What Should Be India's Exit Strategy and Minimum Size of Fiscal Package
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Medical Staff

Medical Staff Issues

Who will save our corona warriors?

Doctors, social workers attacked across India as country fights coronavirus
Watch: Coronavirus warriors attacked across India,, ASHA workers abused & threatened by the patients
Manhandled in UP, assaulted in Karnataka: How ASHA workers on coronavirus duty are being harassed by mobs
A health worker came under attack in Karnataka
ASHA workers face ire of residents
Two held in Bantwal for threatening ASHA worker
Bengaluru locals attack, snatch phones of Asha workers checking houses for coronavirus symptoms
Meerut: Family attacks ASHA worker for Corona survey; 4 held
Covid-19: Health workers attacked in cities, 7 held in Indore for pelting stones
‘Asha’ to contain corona losing fast. ASHA workers now attacked in Adilabad

VIDEO: Mangaluru nurse boycotted from her village for treating Coronavirus patients | Caught on camera
Health workers battle virus, social discrimination

Coronavirus: Man in isolation ward attacks nurse, another man slaps social worker in Kerala

Coronavirus: Health Officials Attacked By Locals In Madhya Pradesh's Indore, 2 Doctors Injured
Coronavirus: Unfazed by attack, Indore doctors return to fight pandemic
They think I will bring coronavirus to building: Surat doctor on being attacked, abused by neighbours
From Beating Pots and Pans to Beating Doctors, Coronavirus Fight Takes Bizarre Turn

A Doctor Was Assaulted On Her Way To The Hospital. She’s Not The Only Medic Being Attacked.

Family of man who died due to COVID-19 attack doctors at Hyderabad hospital

Doctors express concern over quality of personal protective equipment
A doctor from a government hospital said, “We are concerned about all medical care providers, including group D workers serving in hospitals. There is no doubt that they are socially and economically vulnerable. The government must ensure that boots and boot covers are included in their kit, because they are the ones who will be moving the patients.” A few doctors expressed doubts over the quality of personal protective gowns, and whether they are impermeable to blood and body fluids. A few doctors allegedly found that the goggles provided were not spectacle friendly, and doctors are forced to use transparent plastic sheets to cover their eyes. Along with quality, quantity is also a major concern.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has issued a circular on the appropriate use of various PPE by various sections working in the hospital, that includes triple layer masks, N-95 masks, gowns, goggles and kits, as part of AIIMS Covid-19 preparedness.
On the use of N-95 masks, he said, “In the United States, qualitative fit testing is done on a yearly basis, which tests the seal between the protective fitted mask like the N95, and the face. That way, you know that your respirator fits you properly, and can protect you, as long as you use it correctly. A mask cannot protect from the coronavirus if it doesn’t fit the face. What I see in India is, the fit test is not talked about, among the medical fraternity. The test relies on smell and taste. Since Covid-19 infection can cause a loss of smell and taste, I don’t know if the test can be reliable, with possible higher chances of false negative results. Wearing N-95 masks without a fit test may put healthcare providers under a false perception of protection” he said.

Doctors, especially those working in rural areas, must be guided on the donning and doffing (removing and discarding ) of the PPE. Doffing is very important, as it has been a source of infection for healthcare workers, if not done properly. Further, Dr Nayak said, “I have been interacting with several doctors serving at various government hospitals across the state. They have raised concerns over the safety of the working environment. Many expect the government to provide police security in all hospitals treating Covid-19 patients, because in case of a death or if the patient absconds from the hospital, chances of confrontation and violence inside the hospital are high,” he said, advising people not to step out of their homes and rush to the hospital for minor health issues. It is important to isolate senior citizens with chronic diseases, as they are the most vulnerable during these pandemics. Consult your family physician over phone, and go to the hospital only if it is absolutely necessary,” he said.
Locals in Lucknow Covid-19 hotspot stop health workers from examining people

Medical Staff Control Actions

Clap, whistle, ring: PM Modi's mantra on how you can thank those working 24 hours during Covind-19 outbreak

High Court takes cognisance of doctors’ emails on safety of health workers
Karnataka HC directs government to respond to protection of medical workers from violence

NSA Slapped Against Four Culprits Involved In Attack on Healthcare Workers In Indore
UP, MP invoke NSA for attacks, harassment of health workers
TRS councillor arrested for obstructing Asha workers

Health workers to get 5 masks, reuse them for 20 days: AIIMS
It stated that health workers have to reuse the masks after disinfecting them, but has given no guidelines as to how to do it.

Medical Staff Volunteer Actions

ASHAs and anganwadi workers greeted with flowers and claps
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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Worlwide

Countries with compulsory TB vaccine BCG like India are showing fewer Covid-19 deaths

These ‘disease hunters’ developed a novel technique for tracking pandemics after 9/11, but lost funding right before COVID-19
New Study on Covid-19 by British Doctors Links Loss of Smell to Infection

Korea’s response to Covid-19 was widely praised. Startups had a lot to do with it
South Korea turns to tech to take on Covid-19

Israeli Bio-Defense Lab Reports 'Significant Progress' On Corona Virus Vaccine

Explained: Why researchers have developed the musical structure of COVID-19

Anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin can kill COVID-19 coronavirus within 48 hours, claim Australian scientists

STAT’s guide to how hospitals are using AI to fight Covid-19
Updated: This AI camera detects people who may have COVID-19

Coconut against COVID-19? 2

‘Coronascope’ enables live observations of COVID-19 infections

British Indian entrepreneur's firm begins arthritis drug tests for COVID-19

Robots may become heroes in war against COVID-19

How Covid-19 has created revenue opportunities for tech businesses adopting this unique approach

Can We Have Access and, Not Versus, Innovation for COVID-19 Treatments?

COVID-19: 42 Vaccines in Pre-Clinical Stage; Two in Phase 1, Reveals WHO

Comparison: COVID-19 Innovations in the U.S. Versus the Rest of the World

Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic, CDC Wants To Hire A Chief Data Officer

Facebook expands location sharing data by providing it to Covid researchers
Google, Facebook Share Mobile Location Data for COVID-19 Efforts
Government, researchers and big tech team up for digital COVID-19 tools

UK doctors to research more severe COVID-19 impact on Indians
Hawaii researchers seek clues to COVID-19 risk in DNA

Second US study for COVID-19 vaccine uses skin-deep shots

Care Access Research Launches COVID-19 Clinical Trials Alliance to Accelerate Vaccine and Drug Development

Coronavirus may ‘reactivate’ in cured patients: Korean CDC

Wuhan hospital says HIV drug beneficial to Covid-19 patients
Swedish hospitals abandon trial of promising malaria drug chloroquine for coronavirus patients after it caused them blinding headaches, vision loss and agonising cramps

So, Indian companies' plan to ramp up production has to be relooked into.

Active Motif launches a portfolio of recombinant COVID-19 antibodies; the first full human antibodies derived from patients infected with the 2019 Coronavirus, now available for research and commercial use
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Mental Health

Mental Health Issues

The Emerging Mental Health Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Opinion | Any shade of corona anxiety... so long as it is sane
Depression and anxiety: The mental challenges endured during coronavirus lockdown

Mental health conditions on the rise

Age of anxiety: Mental health is the next looming crisis in Covid-19 times
Elderly complaining of anxiety on helpline

Patna: Collegians seek psychiatrists’ help amid Covid-19 scare

In charts: India’s migrant workers face anxiety over jobs, healthcare and food supplies

Docs’ anxiety is never greater than when one of their own is afflicted

Suspected coronavirus patient commits suicide by jumping off 7th floor of Safdarjung Hospital
Man in Udupi suspects contracting coronavirus infection; commits suicide
Man Commits Suicide Over Coronavirus Suspicion in Bantwal, Karnataka
Anxiety over COVID-19 leads to Phagwara woman's suicide
Man escapes Covid-19 quarantine, commits suicide
Corona Scare Drives Youth To Suicide, Third In UP - ABP Live
Corona scare drives govt employee to suicide - sixth Corona suicide in Uttar Pradesh
Coronavirus: Indian man 'died by suicide' after becoming convinced he was infected
Barber commits suicide on suspicion of being infected by corona

Coronavirus shows why India needs to invest more in mental health care

Mental Health Control Actions

Govt plan soon for healthy lifestyle during 21-day coronavirus lockdown
Health Ministry shares tips to cope with stress, anxiety during COVID-19 lockdown

Indians light lamps to heed Modi's call for coronavirus comradeship

COVID-19: Maharashtra govt launches helpline to address mental health concerns

With lakhs under home quarantine, Kerala employs counsellors to help quell anxiety

Mental health helpline amidst COVID-19

J&K issues advisory for children, caregivers to deal with change due to COVID-19

Punjab launches Helpline for COVID-19 related stress & anxiety

Shimla: Helpline launched to deal with Covid stress

COVID-19: Mental Health Authority steps up psycho-socio support programme to people, medical professionals

Anxiety, depression, panic: A mental health crisis in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic? - WHO guidelines

Mental Health Suggestive Actions

Harvard suggests yoga as a tool to cope with corona anxiety

Expert tips: How to deal with the stigma around COVID-19 infection

How Companies Are Tackling Mental Health Of Employees Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Talk About Stress Amid COVID-19 Anxiety

Mental Health Private Actions

Nestlé India has rolled out a number of virtual engagement programmes like training sessions and mental health initiatives

Mental Health Volunteer Actions

Psychiatrists in Karnataka to counsel anxious, depressed locals during COVID-19 lockdown

Mental Health Innovative Actions

New app to manage anxiety during coronavirus pandemic
Counselling hotlines to counter anxiety over COVID-19
Online therapy platforms offering anonymity are helping India’s Covid-19 related mental health crisis
COVID-19: Virtual Therapy Getting Popular For Treating Coronavirus Anxiety

Alright. Meditation, pranayama etc may help.
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