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Old Posted Jan 26, 2018, 5:56 PM
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Smart India needs Smart Voters

There are enough articles published in various news papers mentioning that smart cities need smart mayors, smart councillors, smart administrators etc. And smart India may need smart prime minister, ministers, bureaucrats etc. But we have totally forgotten about need for smart voters in smart cities & villages, smart states and smart India. Currently we have 'Intellectual Politics' run by selected class of elite people supported by elite intellectuals. What we need is 'Smart Politics' supported by smart voters to the true spirit of democray not autocratic intellectuals dictating norms.

Who are smart voters? Whether it is possible to create them? Yes, smart voters can be created by educating & making them aware of current political situation. Only informed voter can take an educated decision & vote smartly. What is happening so far is voters are kept in darkness by politicians by letting them remain illiterate or by controlling mass communication media, social media etc to spread biased informations. The concerned ones have to break this stagnant situation and reach out to voters directly by finding out media means which still care for freedom of speech. Creating literate voters using internet and then spreading the information further down to internet-illiterates is a mammoth task but not an impossible one.

In the remaining parts of this post I am going to discuss political, economical & environmental situation of Karnataka as my knowledge of my home state is better compared to my knowledge of other states and its assembly election is scheduled in next few months. In the text below NMCC Karnataka means North, Malenadu, Central and Coastal Karnataka. Malenadu includes Coorg (Kodagu) also.

... censored ...

And the same secular party is now getting ready to promote 'Soft Hindutva' for winning Karnataka's assembly election. What is 'Soft Hindutva'? The secular forces have long back distinguished the words Hindu & Hindutva. As defined by them Hindutva means communalism or terrorism so whether 'Soft Hindutva' means 'Soft Communalism' or 'Soft Terrorism'? Or does it mean imposing your beliefs on others after declaring traditional rituals of hinduism as superstitions? Or does it mean handing over temples under government control back to hindus breaking the myth created by British that hindus are not capable of ruling anything including temples? ('Hard Hindutva' party was supposed to do this. But they ditched tha Hindus and in fact taking more temples under government control.) Or does it mean that coming up with entrepreneurship schemes needed to increase per capita income of hindus, number of hindu entrepreneurs in par with other leading religions/communities of the world? Does it mean to promote Hindus from being nationalist to globalist by converting them as multinationalists owning many MNCs like followers of other dominating religions of the world? And then prove to the world that 'Hindu growth rate' need not be poor? Or does it mean just the drama of visiting temples? Be careful if you visit temples after consuming non-vegeterian food without caring for sentiments those orthodox, superstitious devotees of temples they may not vote for you!

... censored ...

So, we can conclude that both seculars & communals are equally capable of creating communal & casteist tensions to consolidate their votebanks. For this election I am not concerned with communal-secular games & casteist games played by politicians. The villan keeping us busy in this game using politicians is in the background. The way our environment getting degraded is telling us a different story that we may not survive to play secular-communal, casteist games unless we act quickly! We are kept in darkness about this issue by the secular-communal game players. My concern is Karntaka is growing in an ecologically & economically unsustainable, regionally non-equitable way. We are destroying westernghats. North-east Karnataka is polluted with thermal & cement plants but people of north-east Karnataka get neither electricity nor houses, for that matter not even productive jobs. They just wonder where the electricity & the cement produced by them are disappearing. How can they see when their sight is impaired by pollutant black air coming out of these industries? Why the government is not showing interest to build at least solar power plants instead of thermal power plants in this region also just like it is doing around the capital region?

We can almost say with confidence that the only city which is growing in Karnataka is its capital city. The entire state's money is invested in developing this city from the begining itself. Every citizen of Karnataka (& even India) has contributed to the growth of this city by paying tax. So many offices, institutes, industries of the central and the state governments are established here using the tax money of all people of Karnataka. Every Kannadiga has payed for developing the ecosystem of this city. We hoped that one day the capital city will pay back NMCC Karnataka with interest and develop ecosystem for growth in these regions also. But what our elected representatives are doing? Nothing. They just say there is no ecosystem in these cities which we know already & demanding for the same! Why politicians are not showing interest in building ecosystem in NMCC Karnataka? Whether Karnataka voters mandated them to build ecosystem in only one region of Karnataka? If these politicians don't know how to develop ecosystem in NMCC Karnataka then let them at the minimum make way for the people knowing how to do it.

But look at the sad growth path of our capital city also. The real estate mafia has already turned many of its lakes into real estates and remaining ones into burning & foaming lakes. Unscientific growth of this city is turning it into a huge 'Urban Heat Island'. (Bengaluru will be a deadly city in another five years). It is not only destroying itself but also destroying whole Karnataka for getting its water, electricity & other needs. It is a pensioners paradise of yesteryears turned into a garbage city! Did Kannadigas invested & wished for this type of a city as their capital? Oh yes, the government wants to convert this into an electrical vehicles city! That is all politicians and their bureaucrats can think of. (Karnataka govt to bring action plan for electric vehicles policy, Firms showing interest to invest in manufacture of electric vehicles: Minister, The state policians want their fond capital to be first electrical vehicles city of India. And their plan may be to pollute NMCC Karnataka with more thermal plants for supplying electricity to achieve this.)

To understand inequitable growth of Karnataka we have to know how this city grew to such a size? How it became IT capital of India? Isn't it by depriving other regions of Karnataka from the central and the state government sponsored educational & research institutes? Isn't it by giving darkness to other regions to ensure 24x7 power supply to attract industries to this city? Isn't it by dropping plan for medical colleges in NMCC Karnataka - Govt. likely to drop plan to set up six new medical colleges but prioritizing Bowring and Lady Curzon Medical College of the state capital? (No funds for opening six medical colleges: Siddaramaiah). Isn't it by getting first priority for roads, JNNURM, Solarcity, TenderSURE, worldclass railway station, electrical vehicles etc etc? Isn't it by treating NMCC Karnataka Kannadigas as second class citizens and giving them second priority?

NMCC Karnataka cities are treated as street dogs fighting for throw away grubs. The cities are made to fight with each other for IIT, IIIT, AIMS. Why? Because bulk of the government investments of these types of institutes goes to a single city & a region! Rest are forced to fight with each other for rare cases which are thrown at them. Now the state government is playing a big startup drama when majority of the startup companies identified from NMCC Karnataka for government funding are having R&D centres in the capital city itself. All because of real estate mafia blessings on politicians ruling Karnataka & the centre! Yes we know the real estate mafia has invested a lot in region around our capital city. They have huge land banks there. They want to generate value for their land using the government money. They ask the governments to invest huge money to bring electricity, water to this region spoiling NMCC Karnataka. They want the government to spend money on ring roads, new towns for increasing the value for their land reserves. But are the politicians building this city for Kannadigas? Here are a few sample stories of Kannadigas.

Most migrant labours come from Karnataka in Kasaragod, Wayanad
Migrants choose Pune over costly & crowded Mumbai
50 years on, why are Kannadigas feeling like outcasts in Goa?
The plight of Lambani migrants of North Karnataka tells a sad tale

Yes, Karnataka needs a polarized election! Not on communal-secular or casteist lines as political parties want but on regional lines. NMCC Karnataka should unite and vote against regional imbalance. And the migrants of NMCC Karnataka to its capital in search of jobs & paying high prices to real estate mafia for accommodation should support this cause to save Karnataka! We need support from environmentalists staying in the capital city also to save Karnataka and its current capital from the clutches of real estate mafia and their puppet politicians.

Now is the ripe time for street dogs fighting with each other for throw away grubs to put their mouth in the capital city's food or the food of real estate mafia of the capital city itself and tear it into pieces & eat!

Good that Skill University promised for Kalaburagi district though I thought minister will favour his own home district. Whether 'Indian Institute of Skill Development' will also come within campus of Skill university? In a similar fashion all below mentioned universities can be set up as a part of knowledge cities along with corresponding Indian Institute of Domain-specific Technology & Management & Informatics in different parts of NMCC Karnataka. For example Textile University should have 'Indian Institute of Textile Technology' and 'Indian Institute of Textile Industry Management & Informatics'. 'Indian' is just suggestive name, if Karnataka government sets up it could be called 'Karnataka Institute of Textile Technology'. But calibre should be the same. All items listed below should be in the party manifesto if it wants to harvest votes in NMCC Karnataka. This is the food or the fertilizer to be supplied to us to grow their votes!
  • 24x7 electricity in NMCC Karnataka on first priority.
  • 24x7 water in NMCC Karnataka on first priority.
  • Investors meet exclusively for NMCC Karnataka.
  • Knowledge city - one each of 2000 acres in Hubballi, Kalaburgi, Mangaluru and Davangere instead of 9000 acres at Bidadi. And remaining district headquarters of NMCC Karnataka will have at least 200 acres of knowledge city each. What are the institutes to be in these knowledge cities should be planned as per regional reguirements and planned 'Domains of Excellence' (economic specialisation, 'Verticals of Excellence' based on SWOT & theme) of the region. So, Bidadi knowledge city project stands cancelled - Bengaluru development body to try landpooling for Bidadi Smart City project.
  • No more the central and the state government funded R&D and training institutes in the capital region. All these funds should go to NMCC Karnataka.
  • Aerospace Park in Belgaum instead of Devanahalli.
  • One NMIZ (or special investment region or clusters of SEZ, SAZ etc) each for each belt/cluster of cities of NMCC Karnataka.
  • Defense manufacturing clusters in Karwar, Belgaum, Hubballi, Vijayapura & Kalaburgi. (The defense corridor can be further extended to Visakhapatnam connecting eastern naval base with western naval base).
  • Aerospace University in Belgaum.
  • Automobile & Spices Universities in Hubballi.
  • Steel & Mining University in Bellary.
  • Water University {1,2,3,4} in Vijayapura.
  • Pharmaceuticals University in Bidar.
  • Skill & Rail Universities in Kalaburgi
  • Energy University in Raichur.
  • Textile/Fabric & Apparels University in Davanagere or Shivamogga.
  • Cement, Building & Construction University in Chitradurga
  • Horticulture Universities in Chikkamagaluru, Bagalkot.
  • Food Processing Universities in Hassan, Haveri & Yadgiri.
  • Marine and Chemicals Universities in Mangaluru.
  • Biomedical University in Udupi
  • Tourism University in Uttara Kannada
  • Sports University in Kodagu/Coorg.
  • Law Universities in Kalaburgi, Davanagere & Mangaluru.
  • Manufacturing Universities in each belt/cluster with 'Indian Institute of Manufacturing Engineering' & 'Indian Institute of Manufacturing Management & Informatics'.
  • Medical Universities in each belt/cluster.
  • One university each in other districts of NMCC Karnataka (Koppal, Gadag).
  • 'Indian institute of eminence' status to Gulbarga University.
  • AIMS in Raichur.
  • 'Indian Institute of Biodiversity' (both terrestrial & marine) & 'Indian Institute of Defense Technolgy' in Karwar.
  • 'National Institute of Solar Energy' in Raichur or Vijayapura.
  • 'Indian Institute of Information Technology' in Shivamogga in addition to ones in Dharwad and Raichur.
  • 'Indian Institute of Biotechnolgy' or 'Biotechnology University' in all four belts/clusters.
  • Biotechnology incubation centres & parks in all four belts.
  • Skill Development Centres in all districts of NMCC Karnataka on first priority.
  • Innovation hub for agri-startups should be set up in all belts/clusters of NMCC Karnataka. Not in the capital city. (State to set up innovation hub for agri startups)
  • The state government benfits for startups in the capital city should be canceled & diverted to the startups in NMCC Karnataka zone. Startup benefits to NMCC Karnataka should be 100%, Regions surrounding the capital city 50%, the capital city 0%.
  • Highcourt circuit bench in Mangaluru like in Hubballi & Kalaburgi.
  • Belgaum or Davanagere capital - In next five years all administrative offices should be ready. This year our elected representatives did assembly drama in Belgaum without being present - Revealed: Trick used by Karnataka MLAs to bunk Assembly sessions). As a punishment to this starting from 2018 March itself Belgaum will be the capital of Karnataka. And then they should permanently stay & rule from either Davanagere or Belagavi once one of them is developed as capital. (Actually this will not be punishment once they develop these cities sincerely.). Highcourt offices should also be shifted to the new capital or better to Davanagere.
  • One International Airport for each belt/cluster.
  • Taking Godavari basin water to Krishna basin is relatively economical but taking water to Cauvery basin is a costly affair due to altitude differences & distance (check the map). (Centre plans to transfer surplus Godavari water to Cauvery: Nitin Gadkari). Just plan for transporting Godavari excess water to Krishna. And then Krishna & Tungabhadra water for drinking needs of North & Central Karnataka along with one each metro city of 40-50 lakhs population for Mumbai-Karnataka, Hyderabad-Karnataka and Central-Karnataka. The metro region can be a cluster or a belt of cities like Vijayapura-Gulburga and Shivamogga-Davanagere-Bellary. Or all NMCC clusters/belts combined together with coastal belt as single belt like Hubballi-Belagaum-Vijayapura-Gulbarga-Bellary-Davanagere-Shivamogga-Hassan-Mangaluru-Udupi-Karwar-Hubballi with population of around 2 crores to 3 crores. This belt could be called as 'NMCC Karnataka Maalaa'. That means cancellation of expansion of cities of South-East Karnataka.
  • Linganamakki water should also be used for developing Shivamogga and Davanagere belt with a new city in between them. And this plan should be cancelled - Dual piping and Linganmakki in BDA water plan. We don't want NMCC Karnataka polluted by thermal power plants or to waste our valuable electricity for pumping water to a city at higher altitude.
  • All e-governance works funded by the state government & the central government's Karnataka share should go to NMCC Karnataka IT companies. In this way IT industry should be developed by the state government in NMCC Karnataka in a similar manner to the central government's BPO promotion scheme for tier-II/III cities.
  • As Karnataka's capital city boasts of best eco system in the country all government investment in the city & surrounding areas should be stopped and only private investment should be encouraged to investment including for metro rail etc. The saved government money should be used for development of NMCC Karnataka.
  • Expansion plan for the capital city should be cancelled completely. Along with this all these projects should be cancelled - Will extra 80 sq. km accommodate growing population?.
  • Instead of spending money to expand a single city by constructing outer ring road the same money should be used for developing ring roads in the cities of NMCC Karnataka. And project to be cancelled for the capital city is Rs. 8,000 crores for outer ring road development, Govt plans ring roads worth Rs 36290 cr in 28 major cities.
  • No prority to CBIC to get Kannadigas vote - Eye on Karnataka poll, Centere to expedite Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor. We need corridors passing through NMCC Karnataka to be developed on priority basis.

Population of the capital city will grow only if government invests on things like Industrial Parks, Innovation Parks & Knowledge cities. If we take out all government investments to other cities to create ecosystem & to attract private investments then population will grow in those cities instead of the capital city. Note that it is politicians and bureaucrats who contributed to the growth of the population of this city by skewed policies. For example, once the banks were nationalized the headquarters of these banks were relocated to this city from the coastal Karnataka by bureaucrats and all further infrastructure like training, BPO were created in this city contributing to its population. The central government is also restricting the growth of non-megametro cities by not allowing international flights to tier-II/III destinations in the name of developing international hub airports. In this way Kannadigas from other parts of the state are forced to move to this city as employment generation policy is not favouring other parts. Only when NMCC Karnataka unite & vote we can defeat the waste body called BDA which is nothing but a servent of real estate mafia of the capital city.

'Our government' should just reverse the policy of building population of a single region. If no party responds positively to our demands then we will vote for independent candidates in the upcoming assembly and general elections. If independents are also indifferent then we will press NOTA button. We will defeat every party which don't have capabilities to develop brands for other cities of NMCC Karnataka. Yes, we will defeat the villan namely the real estate mafia of the capital city unitedly! We will defeat this mafia, the master mind behind secular-communal games, bringing bad names to NMCC Karnataka cities by subjecting us to riots and then increasing their land value in the capital city! We know politicians behind these riots are puppets of real estate mafia of the capital city. We have about 140 seats and let us wait & see whether there is any bidder ready to participate in the auction of these seats by agreeing on election manifesto listed above!

Many of environmentalists in the capital city are going to support NMCC Karnataka on this. They are afraid of overgrowth of their city leading to ecological degration and are wishing for uniform urbanization across Karnataka to fight against climatic changes. They are with us to force both the central and the state governments to spend its money for development works in NMCC Karnataka with first priority.

Once this is done the garden city of bygone years will become garden city again. And we will return 'pensioners paradise' back to the pensioners of this city. In fact by careful planning we should be able to create four more 'pensioners paradise' in NMCC Karnataka. But our wish should be to convert whole Karnataka & India as 'pensioners paradise', 'childrens paradise', 'women paradise' etc.

A couple of politicians of NMCC Karnataka have the habit of demanding for investments going to other parts of NMCC Karnataka instead of contending with the capital city for investments. I request them to fight unitedly with NMCC Karnataka against the capital city's real estate mafia.

A few of the points listed above are further explained below against each news item.

Satellite towns can unclog big cities
BENGALURU: Developing satellite towns at par with cities by providing better infrastructure will lessen the burden on major cities of the state and thus there can be uniform development across Karnataka, feel experts. At present, the state’s population is 6.25 crore, of which 1.25 crore are in Bengaluru.
A big no to satellite towns as they are meant for increasing the population of the capital city region. As I posted earlier opt for remote satellite towns in Davavagere, Bellary, Hubballi, Mangaluru etc.
He suggests that Karnataka should be divided in six zones with a major city in that zone acting as the zonal anchor, while the surrounding smaller cities and towns can be considered for development as satellite cities for the anchor city. “There is a need to develop satellite cities. If we improve them, investments will flow in. At the same time, airports in Mysuru, Belagavi, Mangaluru , Hubballi need to be used more frequently with more flights. People who are investing in these will make all the more difference,’’ he said.
Not six but five zones. Five zones should be North-West Karnataka (Mumbai Karnataka, Kittur Karnataka), North-East Karnataka (Hyderabad Karnataka, Kalyana Karnataka), Central Karnataka, South-West Karnataka and South-East Karnataka. International Airports are to be developed for North-West Karnataka at Huballi or Belgavi, North-East Karnataka at Kalaburgi or Vijayapura, Central Karnataka at Ballari or Davanagere or Shivamogga (Ballari being shifted from NE Karnataka to Central Karnataka, Vijayapura shifted from NW Karnataka to NE Karnataka), South-West Karnataka at Udupi (Padubidri with MIA converted to domestic airport). South-East Karanakata does not need anything new as it already has a very very big city & next big city. For NE Karnataka even a new city with international airport could be planned at Jewargi. When Gujarat can plan for a new mega city at Dholera why not Karnataka have new cities of accommodating around 30-40 lakh people at Jewargi near Kalaburgi and Honalli or Hadadai between Shivamogga & Davanagere? (I am against mega cities exceeding 50 lakhs population so does not like proposed mega cities of Dholera or Amaravati). Liganamakki water can be used for supplying drinking water to Honnalli/Hadadi and it can be the new capital city. With planned diversion of Godavari water to Krishna, excess water of Krishna can be used for developing new city at Jewargi.

These four zones of NMCC Karnataka should be given more autonomy in administrational activities so to safeguard culutral and linguistic diversity of Karnataka.

We need big cities for harvesting the benefits of economic agglomeration. We have selected verticals based on 'domains of excellence'. We build economical, educational, institutional infrastructure around our 'domains of excellence' for reasons mentioned in a earlier post. Though this restricts horizontal integration through economics of scope all types of legally allowed vertical integrations can take place within a city. Though we are looking for economic agglomeration we will not do it beyond a limit so not to feel negative effects of agglomeration including Urban Heat Islands. (read also my old post #238 in this thread on page #12 and post #295 above in this page). That restricts population to around 50 lakhs in a belt/cluster. But the zone will have many more tier-III cities.

Eye on Karnataka poll, Centere to expedite Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor

This party wants to win 150 seats. 50% of these seats should be from North Karnataka and rest are mainly from Central, Malenadu and coastal Karnataka. What will NMCC Karnataka get in return? Nothing. After winning the requisite number of seats the party wants to build CBIC, ring road to the current capital etc etc.

CBIC is not much beneficial to Karnataka people and against interest of NMCC Karnataka which wants internal Karnataka corridors to be developed on priority basis. So, NMCC Karnataka Kannadigas are going to revolt & vote against any party favouring CBIC dumping interior Kannadigas' interests. Our demand is to prioritize 'NMCC Karnataka Maalaa' or Hubballi-Belagaum-Vijayapura-Gulbarga-Bellary-Davanagere-Shivamogga-Hassan-Mangaluru-Udupi-Karwar-Hubballi belt. Let us see which bridegroom will wear this maalaa by winning swayamvara. (if interested somebody can draw imaginary pictures of prospective bridegrooms with this maalaa).

Telangana agrees to meet Karnataka's drinking water needs in Tungabhadra basin

This water & Linganamakki water should be used for developing Shivamogga-Davanagere, Vijayapura-Kalaburgi-Ballari and Belgaum-Hubballi belts, other towns & villages of NMNC Karnataka. NMNC Karnataka should vote against taking of these waters to Karnataka's capital city region. No water from rivers of Malenadu & Coastal Karnataka including Coorg can be taken for further increasing population of the capital city region. The committment to not deprive these regions of water should be in the election manifesto itself.

On technical terms also using this water for development of NMCC Karnataka is a cost effective solution. For example, taking Godavari basin water to Krishna basin is not a big task but taking water from Krishna basin to Cauvery basin is a costly solution because of distance & altitude differences whichever the way you try to link them.

On Mahadayi issue every party has to talk to its counter part in the other state to arrive at a solution. Vote only for parties engaging in talk with their counter parts to solve this issue within the party level. All parties should submit the result of this talk before the election so that we can give them pass marks. What I think is Goa may agree if we have to use 25% Mahadayi, 25% water from reduced sugarcane cultivation, 50% Malaprabha water as per Godavari-Krishna link plan for developing Belgaum-Hubballi belt. We have to findout a more productive crop with better yield in place of sugarcane so that farmers will not suffer. Anyway urbanization & industrialization also needs farmland. Karnataka's sugar production capacity will not be perturbed if sugarcane cultivation is encouraged in Uttara Kannada & Kundapura through Pashchima Vahini scheme. 25% Mahadayi water will help in initial growth of the belt as Godavari-Krishna linking will take time. Anyway this is just a suggestion.

Yettinahole water should be used by the parched districts specified in the plan only. It should be used neither by the capital city or for building new satellite cities around it. As suggested by a scientist the government should had used money wasted on this for harvesting the water in the region. But alas! All new cities & expansions should happen in NMCC Karnataka only. The population count of the region identified as the parched region should not be increased by any development works other than natural birth if they want Yettinahole water. (In fact population should decrease by reverse migration from the capital city to NMCC Karnataka). Should not touch Aghanashini river or Coorg rivers for supplying water to the South-East Karnataka. All these should also be added to the manifesto of the party if it wants coastal Karnataka votes. And desalination plants deadly for marinelife are to be constructed only under extreme situations. For the time being situation is under control and there is enough water coming from other means for NMCC Karnataka's development.

As far as Coorg is concerned its water problem can be solved just by spending a few crores to construct checked dams and a few vented dams. People should also have to adopt other ground water recharging techniques. Why the state government is not releasing such a small amount is not understandable!

When all new educational & economical infrastructure development works happen exclusively in NMCC Kaarnataka then definitely water demands of the capital region will fall.

The politicians sitting comfortably in the capital city want riots in Coastal and North Karnataka to harvest votes by creating fear in their vote banks. But NMCC Karnataka people are getting ready for war itself. Yes, it is 'Water War' between NMCC Karnataka and Karnataka's capital city region. The day of the war will soon be fixed by the election commission. Surprisingly more than 50% of people in the capital city will be fighting on NMCC Karnataka's side. Let us wait & see how many bandhs will be held in the capital city region for NMCC Karnataka's development on first priority.

Deshpande to Centre: make B'luru India's second capital

We don't want population of Karnataka's capital increased further at the cost of Kannadigas. So make Nagpur the second capital of India. And make Davangere or Belgaum second capital of Karnataka. Kannadigas want jobs to be created in Karnataka for Kannadigas. Let us hope that recent government changes will help UP & Bihar to reduce migration to South India. And let us also hope for best things for Bengal. Faster development of UP, Bihar & Bengal is important for a healthy Karnataka and India. I think if emerging cities of Mangaluru, Kochi, Trivandrum, Kozhikode, Kannur, Goa, Ratnagiri, Nagpur, Dholera, Amaravati, Visakapatnam, Paradeep each has to take around 5 to 10 lakhs of UP, Bihar, Bengal migrants then the problem can be mitigated to certain extent. I think to control population growth the state governments have to cancel all other bhagya schemes and come up with a new scheme called condombhagya. Best charity a foreign organization can do in India is Condom Charity. Otherwise to feed our growing population we need to expand our territory through floating townships which are more economical than space townships as I posted before.

Make a north Karnataka city state’s second capital: Netizens
Please shift IT offices to Hubli-Dharwad, Shimoga, Mangalore, Belgaum.
Shifting of private IT companies is difficult. But it is possible to shift government owned R&D and training institutes. IT/BT offices & startups have flourished in regions where there were well established R&D & training institutes like Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. But instead of shifting anything first priority should be to create ecosystem by developing knowledge cities in Belgaum-Hubballi, Vijayapura-Kalaburgi-Ballari, Shivamogga-Davanagere, Mangaluru-Udupi belts with the central & the state governments funding. Bidadi Knowledge city & KGF city proposals should be cancelled or should be given a low priority. (But no objection for Tumkur NMIZ). We need the committment to create four knowledge cities in NMCC Karnataka with high priority in the election manifesto itself. Don't worry the youths migrated to the capital city from other regions of Karnataka in search of jobs will also vote for this manifesto.

In addition all e-governance works of the state government & Karnataka's share of central government e-governance works should also be allocated to NMCC Karnataka IT companies only.

Inclusion of Informartics as part of domain-specific university's teaching & research activities results in growth of IT industries through startups. If IIIT creates software engineers, domain-specific Management & Informatics should create domain experts.

Request Smart Voters of Karnataka to vote for a long term solution which will lead to a better ecological and economical sustainance of Karnataka.

Minister’s composting remark at investors’ meet raises a stink

Whatever stink you people are generating smell there itself. NMCC Karnataka is already infested by polluting thermal power plants, cement plants & petrochemical plants, mines to supply fuel, electricity & construction material to you!

The full post with uncensored political masala ingradients is available in other forums and blogs
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Extension of the previous post.

‘10 cities in state most polluted’
New Delhi, DHNS: Bengaluru, Tumakuru, Bidar, Davanagere and Raichur are the five most polluted cities in Karnataka, according to a report released by Greenpeace on Monday.
Useless union budget 2018. Nothing for NMCC Karnataka! Favouring the capital city region where this party gets a countable number of seats only.

Bengaluru gets 17,000 crore reasons to cheer the Budget
Why Bengaluru's suburban rail is now a political project
Also, as the party is weak in Old-Mysore region, any gain in Bengaluru is a plus for the BJP, and could be a game-changer. And while the Mahadayi river-sharing row could cost the party in the Mumbai-Karnataka region, a gain in Bengaluru could compensate it.
Trains, science and tech R&D a boost for Bengaluru
First defence corridor will connect Chennai and Bengaluru: Nirmala Sitharaman on Budget 2018

We want Goa-Belgaum-Gulbarga-Vishakhapatnam Defence Corridor to be given priority.

This is a typical case of a party ditching the people (people of NMCC-Karnataka) who have created a base for it in South India by joining hands with the real estate mafia of the capital city of Karnataka. Let NMCC Karnataka unite and vote against the union budget 2018 in this assembly election!

At least this one has better things for NMCC Karnataka.

18 institutes selected for biotechnology skill development course

When will AICC president reveal his formula to resolve Mahadayi dispute?

When these both parties don't have solution why should we vote for them? NMCC Karnataka has to defeat both the ruling parties (union & state) and vote for the third party.

A few journalists are asking how 'Gulbarga University' can get eminence status when it has not even applied for it? My answer is just like the capital city of Karnataka included in smartcity list through a special category called 'capital cities' Gulbarga University can be considered under special category. All three regions of India with special status should get one eminent university each under this category.

A few politicians are telling that Gulbarga is a small city to have such infrastructure. My answer is world class universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, MIT all are in small cities. Boston's population is just 6 lakhs but have so many world class universities around it. And secondly, we want a big city for Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

Congress plans to release three manifestoes for Assembly polls
For the first time, the Congress is planning to bring out three separate manifestoes- state, region, and district wise- for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections.

The state-level manifesto will list out programmes which will be applicable across the state while zonal-level manifesto will have details of the projects targeting the particular region or zone, senior Congress leader and Congress Manifesto Committee chairman M Veerappa Moily told DH here on Wednesday.

The district-level manifesto will comprise the projects which are going to to be implemented in that particular district if the party comes to power, the Congress leader said.
In manifesto parties can show paradise itself. What is important is priority. First priority for NMCC Karnataka's four zone development is most important! Knowledge cities in NMCC Karnataka belts/clusters should be developed on first priority. Let there be clear cut view in the manifesto itself on what are the governement funded R&D and training institutes which will be shifted from the capital city to NMCC Karnataka zones.

Karnataka: Will remove hurdles to flow of private capital if re-elected, says Congress
The Congress, Moily said, will have state-specific, region-specific and district-specific plans, and has divided Karnataka into six zones centered around Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Mysuru, Hubli-Dharwad, Gulbarga, and Chitradurga.
Chitradurga is fine. But only one zone for South-East Karnataka. No region should get more zones. No discrimination please. What is the plan for redistribution of government-owned R&D infrastructure equally among five zones? I am not worried about private infrastructure in the begining. But the government infrastructures has to be distributed equally among five zones. Hope one day even population will get distributed evenly among five zones.

Now regarding 'Soft Hindutva'. What I want to know under 'Soft Hindutva' is whether there is any policy to promote temples under government control as charity organizations? What I want to know is whether temples will have enough lands for conducting charity & educational works like the leading religion of the world in India? Many of socioreligious unrest are happening now because temples are unable to do charity works in par with other religions as they are controlled by government and government had confiscated their land for its own purposes making many of them bankrupt. What basically temples need is land in equal ratio with the leading religion of the world. If 'Soft Hindutva' policy can bring temples, which are under its control, in par with organizations of the leading religions of the world then we would achieve a lot towards inclusive growth & peaceful co-existence. Ultimately the government should relinquish its control fully as per the spirit of secularism and temples under its control currently should be managed by an autonomous charity/religious body which should render charity & educational services in par with other religious bodies. So, what is 'Soft Hindutva' detailed plan for this? Please include this plan in election manifesto so that smart voters can analyze it.

Anyway enjoy election time statements of politicians while visiting temples as a part of 'Soft Hindutva Programme'.

Congress will simplify GST, cut confusion if voted to power nationally, says Rahul Gandhi - a uniform tax structure capped at 18 per cent
Even UPA did not create enough jobs, admits Cong chief

This party ruled Karnataka & India keeping many temples under its control for more than 50 years. This party appreciates charity works done by the majority religion of the world. But showed least interest to develop temples under government control as charity organizations providing social, educational & medical services to people in need. And it talks about 'Soft Hindutva' now.

And first the party which wanted a separate flag for the state in favour of Kannadigas started inviting other state political leaders to get non-Kannadiga votes. Now other parties are following it. See these parties want both Kannadiga and non-Kannadiga votes. Chameleons!

BJP putting plan in place to woo non-Kannadiga voters
Karnataka polls: After BSP, JD(S) allies with NCP, fosters Third Front to counter Congress, BJP

Mridangist Umayalapuram Sivaraman bats for global music university

Dharwad which has produced so many musicians can have this university.

Namma Metro to Business Parks, Siddaramaiah Showers Sops on Bluru
Karnataka budget welcomed by business community

No doubt real estate mafia of the parched city liked the budget!

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Smart India needs Smart Environmentalists

Discussion here is in continuation of previous posts and hence will be focused around Karnataka.

Does India have enough environmentalists? Are they generating enough noise? I think India only has 'micro environmentalists'. These micro environmentalists focus just on micro issues.

Our environmentalists fight against copper smelting units. They are also against plastic. They don't want microplastics from tap water. They don't want people to consume microplastic particles in plastic bottles and advice to use copper vessels. They want copper vessels but not copper smelting industry. What is this? Do they want everyone to use earthernware? Can we produce enough earthernware for population of 120 crores without harming environment? The environmentalists themselves don't live without copper or plastic products and advice others. How many environmentalists use only non-motorized vehicles or public transportation? These type of environmentalists are good for hugging trees hence let us call them 'micro environmentalists'. Nonethless micro environmentalists are also important and serice to country at microlevel is also needed. The issue is micro environmentalists don't care of issues at macro level.

What are catalysts for a city's unbound industrial & population growth and hence its deterioration?
  1. Being a capital city of a country or a state - Industries & people want to move to a city where all types of services are available easily including administrative ones. Gererally sound 'legal infrastructure' & other infrastructures will be developed in capital cities in a better way due to government investments.
  2. Availability of 'research & training infrastructure' (or 'intellectual infrastructure') in abundance - The industries want research and training support hence prefer to move to cities where these facilities are available.
  3. Easy availability of resources/ raw materials artificially - You can make resources available in selected cities of your choice economically artificially by subsidizing input goods resulting in economical & ecological losses to country.
  4. Money poured on a city for building 'Economical Infrastructure' (mainly Industrial Infratructure) - If you pour money in any place of your choice in isolated infrastructure like houses or roads you may end up in ghost cities. It is important to create jobs also. (we have also problem of non-population growth inspite of industrialization which resulted demand for 'United States of South India').
  5. Money poured on a city for building 'Institutional Infrastructure'
  6. Money poured on a city for building 'Physical Infrastructure' (includes water, energy, housing, transportation, communication, environmental infrastructures)(resources/ raw materials listed separately in the third bullet point as it is decisive factor in discussion here)
  7. Money poured on a city for building 'Social Infrastructure' (includes health, entertainment, educational infrastructures)(but 'research & training infrastructure' is listed separately in the second bullet point as it is more decisive factor or catalyst)
Last four infrastructures are listed in smart city guidelines.

Karnataka Budget 2019-20: Every move you make...
Experts and city planners have always advised that an mobility plan for Bengaluru was the need even decades ago. Anything from the Metro to a rapid bus system or footpath for pedestrians cannot be planned in isolation.
I am also expert. I am also saying anything in isolation with other regions of the state can not solve the problems of Karnataka's capital city. An integrated plan for Karnataka is needed. So for India to solve its tier-I city issues. (Only a city like Singapore can solve its problems in isolation as it is also 100% urban country. Do you want to follow Singapore Model? Then demand for independence and build peripheral fence road instead of peripheral ring road with guards on patrol.)

If you focus on isolated cities and pour money on them then more people will migrate to these cities like ants. If you don't want elephants or monkeys to enter human territories & bite on human food then you have to create food for them in forests itself. What we have created so far is vacuum in large parts of the country by pouring money on a few cities in isolation. Wherever money was/is poured people (as job generating industries also move to these cities due to availability of better facilities) from other parts have/will moved/move to that part as they are convinced that you are going to develop only those cities of the country. More money on a city means more migration to that city. Why are the government pouring money on already saturated cities and neglecting other cities?

What is happening with India is its tier I and a few more of tier-II cities are suffering from 'negative effects of economic agglomeration' where as most of other cities are suffering from 'nil economic agglomeration'. It is expected as 80% research & training institutes of central government are located in 10 mega cities of India. (Whether government is trying to create 10 Silicon Valleys in India? No. We have just generated 'Population Valleys'. And as discussed in earlier posts we don't need any Silicon Valley in India. Silicon Valleys are economically & environmentally costly solutions. We know how much should be the per capita energy consumption under Silicon City model.) All issues are due to the government funding anomalies. Good idea is to provide government sponsored 'research & training infrastructure' or 'intellectual infrastructure' in all 100 cities (and a few more) for balanced and sound development of India instead of providing these infratructure in just tier-I cities & a few selected tier-II cities. People move to places were jobs are there that is industries, industries move to places were 'research & training infrastructure' is there (economic infrastructure grows in cities were 'intellectual infrastructure' is available as they need better collaboration with each other). In this way 'research & training infrastructure' is one of main factor contributing to the growth of population focused around a few selected cities. Of course money poured on other infrastructure also play a role but not as important as 'research & training infrastructure'. In fact once you start building 'research & training infrastructure' every other kind of infrastructure will be developed by private sector except for a few non-lucrative like transportation. Wonder why private sector find it non-lucrative to develop 'research & training infrastructure' in places were 'resources/ raw materials' are available easily - the government has neutralized that advantage with freight equalization policy.

Do you know what has happened in response to my previous post on creation of business ecosystem in other cities of Karnataka? The state government is stating that by building 'Innovation Hubs' in these cities it will be done. Are they thinking people are fools to believe in it? The state government wants a Sports University. I had identified Madikeri as location of Sports University in my previous post. (Madikeri has similar kind of geography as National Sports University (NSU, a true a/c city of Karnataka as of now), Maipur and the central government did a good thing by building facilities for research on sports related technology in Manipur). First they changed it to Tumkur. Okay fine, no issue another city will be developed, no issue if they thought associated developments will spoil delicate ecology of Madikeri. But why they changed this also? Why the state government wants to open the university in its capital and create jobs there itself? Why not university go to say Gulbarga/Kalaburgi or Dharwad or Mangaluru? The government knows that a lot of Information Technology jobs can be created around sports technology area by building knowledge in this area. Hence the answer is Real Estate Mafia, which wants excess jobs to be generated in the state capital itself so that once again hot & spicy demand will be generated for its properties. That is all the reason. The government of Karnataka want to keep itself busy in an endless loop solving problems and creating problems in its capital city ignoring other parts of the state. The state government want to be in an eternal patch up loop for a single city. The central government is not different. It promised Skill University, International Air Travel, NMIZ for Gulbarga. Just promise. All money allocated in 2019 for Karnataka was only for projects in the capital city of Karnataka. Does Karnataka mean only its capital city? Isn't the mafia psychology that existed during Indira Brigade of emergency era is still continuing with support of all autocratic parties?

Do you know that if country's capital & 50% of the central government sponsored research institutes are shifted to smaller cities in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar etc then Delhi's cancer will be cured & Delhi will go back to enjoy positive effects of economic agglomeration? Wonder whether doing this is costly or repairing Delhi is costly!

South India subsidises the North, where is the reward for development: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

The former Chief Minister of Karnataka could have asked the above question in many other ways
  • South Karnataka subsidises North Karnataka, where is the reward for development?
  • Upper class subsidises lower class, where is the reward for development?
  • Upper caste subsidises lower caste, where is the reward for development?
  • Majority subsidises minority, where is the reward for development?
"South Karnataka subsidises North Karnataka, where is the reward for development?" would have been a ridiculous question because the central and the state government spent huge amount of the national and the state money for building the infrastructure in Karnataka's capital city in South Karnataka and in a few satellie/shadow cities around it. One of important expenditure was on developing research & training facilities. As a result industries which needed these facilities started growing in the capital city starving the other regions. Freight equalization might have also helped the state's capital city though other regions of the state/country were rich in minerals and other raw materials. Result is raw materials transportation to the state's capital city from other parts of the state/country and then finished product back to other parts of the state/country. Wastage of transportation fuel leading to environmental degradation. Politicians just ask questions based on their vote bank requirements, for winning a local election they raise local issues targeting other regions of the country, and for winning national election national issues or issues on communal & casteist lines.

South India was blackmailing North India from the begining itself. South India became richer than North India due to blackmailing. And after becoming rich also it is continuing blackmailing. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14. What is true for Karnataka's capital city is true for South India also. Unneccessary movement of raw materials and finished products across India - a contribution towards global climate change. Goes against principle of local production & consumption using local resources to achieve maximum environmental friendly living.

That is not the end of it. South India wants inter-linking of rivers. After other raw materials South India now wants water. This water has to be pumped against gravity as there are height differences. Wastage of energy to pump because industries are not located in regions where there is water & raw materials. If you look at just water movement Mumbai city gets not only raw materials but also bottled water from far off coastal Karnataka, Kerala etc. What was the need of filling this city with people in excess if the city does not have enough local resources to support its population? A waste on transportation and hence environmental degradation. What we want is a proper population distribution as posted earlier based on resources to minimize the transportation cost both moneywise and ecological cost wise.

Our environmentalists are lost in isolated issues at microlevel. What we want is a thinking based on integrated issues at macrolevel. For that we may need better & bigger data and aid from a better intelligence system may be artificial. I don't think India is planning for an integrated enterprise solution for addressing economy with environment. Our environment informatics system may not be good enough to have a full vision for planning and allocation of funds to regions and cities in such a way to optimize both economy & environment. Whatever, even these system can be manipulated by political power to suit their selfish benefits. India needs non-politicial macrolevel environmentalists acting as watchdog on these are required. Non-political because we have seen how 'India Against Corruption' agitation lead to formation of another 'Crony Corruption Party'. Every ideology has been manipulated by fascist looters. For that matter we have even organized 'charity mafia' running child trafficking, organ trade in the name of charity although the mafia as such looks non-political from outer appearance. Non-political, non-organized fight for environment may be the only solution. (Actually every unorganized ideology has tendency to become organized ideology and then to gain political powers irrespective of whether ideology is religious or non-religious). Hence, job of 'Smart Environmentalists' is to create 'Smart Voters' not 'Crony Environmentalists'.

Wonder why I had the title 'Smart India needs Smart Environmentalists' for this post & content around that title? Why I didn't choose 'Smart India needs Smart Economists' as a subject for this post? Anyone can wonder with me on many more such titles!
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Hyderbad Karnataka's smart voters' got opportunity

At last Hyderbad Karnataka's voters have opportunity to act smart!

Congress-JD(S) reach seat-sharing pact in Karnataka
With Jadhav, BJP looks to breach Kharge’s bastion

The political developments in Karnataka are indications of possible regional polarization within Karnataka. The ruling party at the centre is going to lose all seats in Old Mysuru region as the coalition partner of the main opposition party of the country in the state is strong in this subregion of the state. The party currently ruling at the centre is desparate to win more seats from NMCC Karnataka. This should lead to NMCC Karnataka versus Old Mysuru region in line with my hope for polarization. NMCC Karnataka can extract maximum from the union government if acts smartly. (and even from the state if the current state government falls as a result). Acting smart after voting is also neccessary because all politicians of Karnataka irrespective of their party & irrespective of where is their vote base have vested interest in the capital city of Karnataka as they are all part & parcel of land mafia of this city. Anyway this election is providing the greatest opportunity to people of Kalyana Karnataka to take a risk. A risk worth taking!

Regional disparities indicative of larger problem
“For this, you need to set a skill-base and infrastructure to attract private investment. It is a long-term goal, but there has yet to be an earnest start,” says Dr. Annigeri.
Disparities are created artificially by politicians to support their real estate activites in a selected few cities of India.

Not only skill but R&D infrastructure for all 'domains of excellence' of Hyderabad Karnataka has to be shifted from the capital city of Karnataka to Kalaburgi & other district head quarters of Kalyana Karanataka.

I am listing here what has to happen in year 2019-2024 for techological development of North-East Karnataka.

New R&D and training institutes
  • Skill University (to Kalaburgi)
  • Indian Institute of Pulses Research (to Kalaburgi)
  • All India Institute of Medical Science (to Rayachuru)

To be shifted from the capital city of Karnataka to Hyderabad Karnataka
  • Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (to Kalaburgi)
  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management (to Koppal)
  • National Institute of Animal Nutrition & Physiology (to Bidar)
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (to Ballari, as Ballari is jeans maufacturing hub and Textile & Apparel Park is planned)
  • National Institute of Design (to Kalaburgi/Yadgiri, in augmentation with NMIZ)
  • Central Power Research Institute (to Vijayapura/Kudgi as it can be considered as a part of Kalyana Karnataka)

Note that we are not touching any of defence (DRDO - ADA, ADE, DARE, CABS, CAIR, CEMILAC, DEBEL, GTRE, LRDE, MTRDC etc), aerospace (ISRO, ISAC, ISTRAC, NAL, LEOS etc) or medical (NIMHANS/NRC, NIUM, NTIB etc) institutes. Other institutes like Central Silk Board which are more relevant to the capital city are untouched. Also though prestigious institutes like IISc, IIM, RRI, JNCASR, IIA, C-MMACS, ICTS, IIIT, ISI, ISEC, NLSIU, CSIR-4PI are untouched one each of them in science domain could be shifted to Kalyana, Kitturu & Central Karnataka. IWST, NCBS is already listed for Shivamogga & Chikkamagaluru by me. Here is the list if you want to choose differently - 1 2 3 4. Other than these institutes there are research wings of many more public sector companies under union government control which can be demanded in 2024 General Election for year 2024-2029.

Fund can be arranged by selling assets of these institutes where they are located currently. To start with the union government can build an institute or two and then sell the land of current location and use that money for building other institutes.

As funding is arranged fully by selling land & other assets no other states expected to object to this idea. And Kannada organizations will not object as shifting happens within the state of Karnataka. The union government at the same time could focus more on developing R&D infrastructure needed in North & North-East. In those regions also funding can be arranged by shifting institutes from the mega metrocities which are facing negative effects of economic agglomeration. This will be a win-win situation for whole India as both, cities facing negative effects of economic agglomeration and regions with nil economic agglomearion, are benefited.

Once the knowledge infrastructure is built through research & training institutes other things like startups & Information Technology follow as these are byproducts of knowledge. Even industrial infrastructure is a byproduct of knowledge infrastructure as you can see clustering of industries in cities having excellent knowledge infrastructure. What we want is knowledge infrastructure and then industrial infrastructure to be built as per available natural resourcse to achieve optimum ecological & economical sustainability - not the current type of economy built through things like freight equalization & not an economy to help real estate mafia.

One month left for voting. Kalyanigas, please act smart!
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Design For Failability

Environmentalists highlight impact of a ‘thirsting, monstrous’ city
'Bengaluru must save rivers of Karnataka' - Bangalore Mirror

Our crooked politicians and bureaucrats are good in harvesting self-benefits by planning for failure. Depending upon their personal goals they design policies and schemes for failures to achieve that goal.

Big shock for people who want new home in Bengaluru
Water woes: Karnataka looks at five-year freeze on constructing apartments in Bengaluru
BENGALURU: The unbridled growth of Bengaluru, which has led to a major crisis on the water supply front, has prompted the government to consider tough measures. Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara on Thursday said the government is contemplating on not allowing construction of any new apartments in the city for the next five years.
Freedom fighter H S Doreswamy, who blamed politicians and government officials for the water crisis, likened the situation prevailing in Bengaluru to Chennai, which is witnessing a major water crisis.
Oh Ganshyam, even freedom fighters!

Centre to cut funds to Karnataka <- Here Karnataka does not mean 'The Thirsting Monstrous City'. Remember in the last budget the central goverment alloted funds for health institutes in 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' and declared as funds alloted for Karnataka!

The best thing is to put a freeze on commercial & industrial space hence job generation in 'The Thirsting Monstrous City'. No more land conversion for industries including IT/BT. Let jobs be generated in NMCC Karnataka. But whatever new stuff comes up, the state & the central government plan to have it in one and only city of Karnataka! Look at what happened once EV cluster policy announced by the central government - Karnataka Govt To Mark Out 600 Acres For An Industrial EV Cluster.

Okay here is some hope as far are general industries are concerned. But we don't know whether the exclusion of 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' only help its satellite and shadow cities.

Karnataka's new industrial policy to focus on tier-2, tier-3 cities
New textile and garment policy targets Rs. 10,000 cr. investment, 5 lakh jobs <- This policy identifies different zones. No idea whether NMCC Karnataka zones or at least Kalyana Karnataka gets any additional benefits?

But what about creating ecosystem for startups in NMCC Karnataka. Is there a plan for building knowledge infrastructure in NMCC Karnataka? No. The central government wants every kind of knowledge institute alloted to Karnataka to come up in 'The Thirsting Monstrous City'. Whether it is CIPET or Space War headquarters and associated R&D labs or anything else. Why they don't club knowledge infrastucture with industrial infrastructure for better colloboration is not understandable. Why they are alloting Plastic Park for one city but CIPET for a different city? Pharmaceutical Park somewhere but NIPER somewhere else. Why they don't allow proper economic agglomeration to happen in other cities of Karnataka? Such lousy policies.

We should go on a war against Space War Headquarters in 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' unless they shift other institutes which are listed already by me to NMCC Karnataka cities. What we need is a freeze on R&D space availability in 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' at least for central government funded institutes.

100 days at Rs 500 per day: Azim Premji University proposes urban employment guarantee scheme
Azim Premji University's policy paper suggests the pan-India scheme cover towns with population less than one million. There are about 4,000 such towns with 126 million people of working age. Workers with varying levels of formal education upto standard 12 would be eligible for 100 days of guaranteed employment a year at Rs 500 per day. The paper also suggests "150 contiguous days of training and apprenticeship at a stipend of Rs 13,000 per month for educated youth".

The proposed programme, the paper states, seeks to address "underemployment and low wages in informal workforce, migration to large cities from small towns, poor quality of urban infrastructure and public services, ecological degradation, shortage of human and financial capacities of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), unemployment and lack of skills among the educated youth".
What we need is burden removed from mega metro cities which are feeling the negative effects of economic agglomeration, which have high transportational & hence environmental costs to get resources from far off places to feed its huge population. And then allow positive economic agglomeration to happen in smaller cities which have enough material resources available locally around it.

Remember that we need more cities in range of population of 25 to 30 lakhs so to make social, economic & physical infrastructure viable. We have already discussed in an earlier post that to make an airport or a disneyland profitable a certain level of dense population is needed in the vicinity. Optimized economic agglomeration needs optimized population level.

The treatment recommended for 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' to bring down its thirst is to keep it starved for sometime and letting it to become slim & beautiful again. And allow other small starving cities to gain weight.

I will write more stuffs relevant to this in my upcoming series of posts titled "Globalization x Localization".

Karnataka has got a new government now. Some hope is created for NMCC Karnataka. Earlier as NMCC Karnataka elected more MLAs from a non-ruling party it was finding it difficult to get funds. Now the situation has changed and MLAs are getting more funds as their own party is in power.

Hyderabad-Karnataka Region Renamed "Kalyana Karnataka
HKCCI demands creation of a separate ministry and secretariat for HKRDB
Yediyurappa promises separate Secretariat for Kalyana Karnataka
Separate secretariat will ensure growth of Kalyana Karnataka: CM Yediyurappa

Hyderabad Karnataka is renamed as Kalyana Karnataka. Politically it is assumed that Kalyana Karnataka people are now happy and vote for this party in all future elections! :lol:

On the other hand the political leeches, which were out of power for last six years, are fighting to be in-charge of 'The Thirsting Monstrous City'. And no one is fighting to be 'Kalyana Karnataka Minsiter'! What does that mean? Obviously there will be no money for Kalyana Karnataka.

2019 Karnataka Legislative Assembly by-elections have offered a new opportunity for people of North Karnataka. In this by-election request North Karnataka people to vote for the ruling party. And those NMCC Karnataka migrants settled in 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' & having voting rights there to vote against the ruling party. Just recollect those old days you spent in schools and colleges wishing to be with your parents forever and wished for development of your birth town or village in NMCC Karnataka so that you get a good job there itself. Recollect how politicians having nexus with real estate mafia of 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' forced you to migrate to that city by not creating any jobs in your birth place. Remember those sufferings and take revenge. Best treatment for 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' is to keep it starved so that its thirst will be reduced. Please tolerate inconvenience for sometime & who knows if situation gets better in your home region your wish of going back to your place may be fulfilled soon!

Today is the black day for NMCC Karnataka. Formation of Karnataka has only helped Real Estate Mafia of 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' and a few haptavasuli gangs there. NMCC Karnataka is exploited like colonies by 'The Thirsting Monstrous City' real estate mafia. So, let us observe this black day with usual silence without any protest till next black day!
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