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Old Posted Sep 30, 2022, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
As I just stated above, "The biggest chunk of state tax revenue is obviously going to come from the areas of the state with the highest populations... they're putting more into the pot."

The have nearly half the population, so yeah, they're gonna contribute nearly half the state tax revenue. It's very simple math... where the most population is, is where the most tax money is going to come from.

But don't go and say that they are "propping up the rural areas" when those same (comparatively wealthy) counties are receiving huge portions of the pot in return. I mean... are you telling me that the four wealthiest counties in the state (Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware) will cease to be viable locations without 35-50% of their revenue coming from state and federal allocations on a roughly 2:1 basis?

That is a MUCH more accurate instance of being "propped up" by everyone else. And I don't disagree with this... the places that pay more should get more of the collective pot -- we live in a Commonwealth.

To act like YOU are being hurt by paying into Forest County's paltry $341k annual state allocation while your SE PA county is receiving between $250M and $4B annually is absolutely absurd. Get off your high horse.

As far as Turnpike tolls go, whoever uses it the most, pays for it the most. If you don't like it, take it up with the market economy.

Maybe people in PA who don't live anywhere near the Turnpike and don't use it shouldn't have to pay anything to "prop it up", right?
So to sum up your snarky and backhanded retort is we are just getting back our own money that we paid into the pot, but somehow we will frame it that the rest of the state is propping us up. Got it.

I-80 was supposed to be tolled when Harrisburg made the deal with the Turnpike Commission to fund Act 44. Yet Upstate fought that and won and they get to keep their free to drive on interstate and we get yearly toll hikes because the Turnpike still had to hold up their end of the deal. Again..we get to pay outrageous tolls (which have been hiked 15 straight years and are on schedule to be hiked for another 28 more) for the Turnpike and federal and state taxes that fund the upkeep of I-80. Lucky us. I mean the rest of the state suggested that the Surekill Expressway be tolled too. Why not. Let's just toll every highway in Southeastern PA while we are at it.

BTW...the cost of toll to go from Butler Valley to Irwin as it skirts past Pittsburgh is $4.00 with EZPass...for a 28 mile ride. That is less than I pay to go 26 miles on the same road run by the same Turnpike Commission. I guess Yinzers don't use the Turnpike to travel within the area so they get to pay less per mile than suburban Philadelphia. I mean that is what you are insinuating...that we use it more so we should pay more. Why even toll the western portion if it sits unused?

Now lets talk about which part of the state has hardly any representation in leadership positions in the legislature. The Republicans are in control, and almost every person in the leadership in the house or senate is from Northeast, Central or Western Pennsylvania. Literally only two people from the 5 SE counties one in each branch. Two. So don't act like our area is dictating anything politically in this state. it's almost the other way around. The Democrats in the Minority Leadership are more diverse in it's geographic makeup, but the Democrats have hardly any chance of taking back both the house and senate.

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