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I'll admit that the revision is kind of underwhelming, to say the least!!! It's almost like how the ACC in Philadelphia first came out, and it seemed like everybody and their mother was excited that we was going to have America's tallest building, then all of a sudden, for some strange reason, it doesn't get the major tenant that it deserves, and it sadly bites the dust.

Even though the project finally goes forward, the revision of the tallest building is very bland and very depressing, as the first proposal was very forward and very inspiring, especially for a city like Camden, which needs a shot in the ass to jumpstart it's renaissance. I'm disappointed that the first proposal couldn't get off the ground as promised, and I wonder why the project was scaled back (gov't, residents' fears of gentrification and taxes, etc.).

It's still an okay project, but the first project should've at least been strongly considered since it's not nearby any neighborhood and it's only on the waterfront, in this case, meaning that the property would've been expensive anyway since anything on the waterfront commands high prices. Once you go for mediocrity, you're going to get mediocre results, no matter what, just ask the gov't leaders, the developers, and the businessmen who killed off what should've been a major public works project such as the American Commerce Center and replaced it with the Comcast II. If only the Comcast II got destroyed somehow and replaced it with the ACC, I'd be happy, but for right now, we have to live with mediocrity. AAAAAARGH!!!