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Originally Posted by 3rd&Brown View Post
1. Increase undergraduate enrollment by 500-1,000 students. I know colleges like to cap enrollment to keep their acceptance numbers down, etc, but the reality is the country adds 20-30MM people every ten years. It is my understanding most of the country's most elite institutions (Penn included) haven't increased enrollment in years, at least at the undergraduate level.

Further, to stay competitive as a country, we need MORE people receiving education of this caliber...not fewer.
I’m not suggesting that one doesn’t receives a better education at Penn as compared to say, Temple but isn’t it more about collecting the most elite students in the country at these Ivy League Institutions? That being said, increasing enrollment doesn’t create 500-1000 more super-smart people but would only simply open the door to someone who might otherwise attend Drexel or Lehigh or Penn State, etc.
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