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Second Life model of downtown Toronto

Here's a project I've been working on for some time now, making a 3D model of downtown Toronto. Still needs some improvements, but it's starting to look good enough now to post some screenshots. All of the latest proposals are included, as of last week anyways.

Overview, from the northwest:

And from the southeast:

The CBD and Clubland:

Yorkville and the north end of Yonge Street:

Looking north:

Yorkville, looking south:

Clubland, Southcore and Citiplace:

Looking north from the lake, the traditional postcard view:

And now for some dramatic shots, stuff you can't do with Google Sketchup...

All of downtown, from the west, just before sunset:

All of downtown, from the east, just after sunrise:

Looking up at the towers of the CBD, at night:

Looking west, at sunset:
My Diagram:
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