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Originally Posted by Ploppalopp View Post
Great news! This is a really exciting one. One question I have is with the bricks, are they going to be individually laid or will they come in groupings that are connected?
Thats a good question. My assumption is that it would be hand placed given the small site. Larger sites tend to see the connected/groupings that you've mentioned. But not 100% sure when it comes to this project as its fairly new in the pipeline. Best thing to do though is that if there's activity at the site, down the line of course, best way to get good insider info is to talk to a worker on a lunch break. It works. Small conversation can go a long way.

With a date of 2018 for completion, which is kinda long for a tower such as this, I'd go with hand placed. They look like they are going to take their time with this one.