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Taurus and its principal architect, RSP Design Consultants, have finalized the masterplan and concept design for the Taurus Downtown Technopark project after fourteen months of intensive discussions and design iterations involving feedback from consultants and prospective tenants across the world.
The project’s office component, the Taurus World Technology Center, has incorporated the state-of-the-art in workplace design, with elements such as collaborative office spaces, modular floor plates, ergonomic design features and a focus on sustainability. The World Technology Center will pioneer a number of innovative design and building system features, creating workspaces that are sought after by employers who truly value the experience of their workforce. Downtown Technopark features an unmatched amenity set for its offices, combining lifestyle retail, entertainment, dining options and business class hospitality, all quite literally within walking distance of its 3.1 Million Square Feet of world class offices.
After having signed the Framework Agreement with Technopark in September 2015, it took till the end of May 2016 before all administrative hurdles before the land lease were addressed by Technopark. We are currently in the process of applying for the permits necessary to begin construction of Phase 1 of the project and expect to begin construction by the end of 2016 upon receipt of all necessary approvals.
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