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Originally Posted by MayorOfChicago View Post
Yeah, I have three friends currently downtown who have said their offices have been recently reconfigured to get rid of large cubes and offices and are now open floorplans for almost everyone in the company. One of them even has senior management in the new open designed plan with people sitting at desks with very little cutoff between people. It has allowed them to fit MANY more people into the area. They now have open windows throughout the floor and have increased greatly the number of conference rooms so people can still pow-wow and have privacy.

Our company just announced last week that we're also going towards the open-floor design. Our CEO was stating how it's been a HUGE push overall the past few years and will really increase going-forward. It apparently helps get the creative juices flowing and lets people interact much more. They're doing away with all offices along two sides of the building and increasing the number of conference rooms. Our offices are currently at capacity with people sitting in hallways since we're growing so fast - but this route will let the company increase workforce another 20% and not have to take on a single square foot above what we already have.
It's definitely a trend. It's occurring in my office too. from my cubicle I now have North, South and East views of downtown
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