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a few pics from this evening...

the view NE up future Long Bridge St from its western end. you can't see in the photo, but there were new piles lying around on block 12E (which is on the left in the shot), so pile-driving may start up there again soon (test piles had gone in some weeks ago):

stepping back a bit to take in block 11. Long Bridge St coming in on the left, and future Commons coming in on the right:

and moving forward again to the business end of Long Bridge, where the action is (clockwise from left we see blocks 13E, 2, 3, and 5):

speaking of 13E, the wood framing is rising into the third floor above the concrete base. here showing the corner and edge along Channel:

almost the same shot, but looking more directly down Fourth:

and for those who like comparison shots, here's where we were almost exactly 5 years ago (24 Jun 2008) - Strata still in progress, Fourth still a bed of dirt:

.... and a couple other random shots. here is the public safety building, which is getting some concrete around its base:

and the Illinois St side of 2121 Third:

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