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all pics from Sunday...

looking northeast up the length of what will be Long Bridge St, block 11 on the right, 12E on the left

walking up the street, the base has been fully poured past the end of block 13 to the future dog run (P5) on the left:

closer-up view of the SW corner of block 13 (pile-driving continues on block 13W):

I was surprised that curbs as far south as the ones separating sections of the Commons were going in. looking south:

and looking back north:

and part of the base of Mission Bay Blvd North has been poured (looking west, so the future Commons would be on the right):

here's a shot north up Fourth showing the west streetwall starting to emerge above the trees:

and looking back south at dusk:

the view looking east along Channel with block 13E on the right:

the base for the crane has been set up at UCSF's newest building site:

the public safety building doesn't look too different, though there is new scaffolding around the old firehouse:

and since it's been a while, here is the Saitowitz building on 21st:

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