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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Even in a garage with flat floorplates, you still need ramps between floors obviously. In the case of a large garage, you can still have most of the floor be flat and suitable for future conversion, but in a compact podium like this there's no way to avoid sloping large portions of the floor area.

I'm guessing they need that solid panel at left for shear, but they may extend the glass screen wall in front of it.

I did find this rendering which may be slightly newer, it looks like the screen wall has switched from glass to a metal mesh and is vertical stripes rather than being a randomized pattern:
Thanks for finding that rendering. I remembered it, but couldn't find it.

I would be more understanding about the sloped floor area in the garage if it wasn't so hideous. I can only hope there's the faint possibility that those original townhomes could be added on at some point in the future. Though maybe I should hold my judgment until I see the facade treatment.
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