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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
^ Jamie Dimon has history and ties to Chicago so I have a feeling that Chase will do something appropriate and NOT lame
What history and ties? After being canned from Citigroup, Dimon was offered the CEO position at Bank One in 2000. From Day 1, he started negotiations to sell out to Chase in return for the No. 2 position with the promise that he'd later be made CEO. The sale took place in 2004 and Dimon became CEO of Chase a year later. The hollowing out of (now) Chase Plaza was underway, at a lost of thousands of high-paying jobs (corporate & investment banking, forex trading, etc. was shipped to NY). I worked in an office overlooking Chase Plaza and saw floor after floor emptied out. The giveaway was when he refused to move his family to Chicago and basically commuted to the Chicago gig at Bank One. Today, Chase is just a big retail branch network.
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