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Originally Posted by CCs77 View Post
I guess You mean municipalities. I think most systems runs within a single city or municipality, as New York. But Washington goes by some different municipalities, the same as BART, And I think Atlanta. PATH in NY-NJ runs within four municipalities, I think, and PATCO between Philadelphia and NJ also goes by some different municipalities.

Here is a Wikipedia list where You can find all United States systems and find out the ubication of the stations.
That list leaves off heavy rail Metra

Metra (reporting mark METX) is the commuter rail division of the Regional Transportation Authority of the Chicago metropolitan area. Metropolitan Rail Corporation or Metra operates 241 stations on 11 different rail lines. Throughout the 21st century, it has been at least the fourth busiest commuter rail system in the United States by ridership. Experiencing a 1.7% decline in ridership from the previous year, Metra trains offered 81.3 million passenger rides in 2012.

Which would rank 7th. Or if combined with the L rank second.
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