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When I registered on this site, in 2012, I did it for a reason: I found little or incorrect data in my country and decided that I had to intervene.

As for Argentina, I can assure that the information here is much more accurate than in Emporis, Skyscraper Center, Phorio or any other site, and even more accurate than other countries, because I myself checked and corrected everything using various sources, making more precise estimates (I can take hours to calculate the approximate height of a building for which there is no official data, using photos of every angle) and adding dozens of cities and hundreds of buildings that are not on the other sites (when I ventured to make buildings from other countries, such as the USA, I found errors that I also corrected). I even put the materials, style, uses and companies involved of each building I add, always trying to be as accurate as possible.

And as an illustrator, I try to make my drawings look exactly like the real thing, or as close as possible. Therefore, they usually look more like photographs than 2D drawings.
La_Parca/FacFer is also doing a great job with Argentina, providing a huge amount of drawings and data.

Still, there is a lot of work to be done, especially in the big cities, which actually have thousands of highrises. I also have to replace several of my drawings, since after a major revision I did, I have to modify the height of them.

Lastly, I have found that a lot of unchecked or wrong information is taken from SSP and used in Emporis and Skyscraper Center. That's information that I corrected at SSP, but they still have it wrong.

So, at least for Argentina, this is the most reliable database on the internet.
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