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I knew alot of people who intend to become developers / working for developers at the moment. Actually all of them don't have architecture degrees. They went into an urban studies program, took real estate development courses, some cross disciplinary law courses (not really necessary), and some business classes. If you are not in it for the money I wouldn't go that route....because each of these professions is so particularly focused on what they do. Money and cost vs high quality design. Heck certainly, I'd love the role of architect and developer, but I think I'd end up broke trying to make my vision reality. Point is, don't spread your interests too thin. On one hand it's great having alot of academic experience in different areas, but it can also be hassle when employers want someone very focused in their career.

Sorry I got off topic as well. Actually this discussion would make a really great new thread if the mods are interested in relocating the posts.
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