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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
Having a keen eye for an opportunity is a must. Seeing value and potential where other may not (yet). This 'vision' will give a developer an edge over the others. You just have to be careful not to make the wrong bet or you'll find yourself and your company bankrupt.

Developer wish list:

1) great taste in architecture

2) not a greedy a*hole

3) won't cheapen out on the materials that often make or break a development

4) doesn't settle for the path of least resistance. Sticks with their vision and convinces the unconvincible

5) not evil

6) has a thorough understand of what is good urban design and bad urban design, even if those of authority don't

7) passionate not just about doubling or tripling their investment, but genuinely wants to improve the public sphere and the standards of the business

8) not a greedy a*hole

9) not a greedy a*hole

10) not a greedy a*hole
well that sounds like me . I know that it would make more sense to get a business major but I was thinking that if I major in architecture then I'll have a better understanding about what it is that I'm actually trying to build (better knowledge about materials and all that stuff). I'm definitely not trying to get into this field for money. Also if I had experience as an architect then wouldn't it be possible for me to design some of my own projects? or would that be too much? Thanks for the response in advance, sorry for taking this thread off topic...
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