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Originally Posted by sentinel View Post
The deadline for Phase II of the competition of the New Engineering Science Building at UC was 12/30, I believe. I don't know who all of the shortlisted teams are, but one of the designs I have seen so far is very impressive, and quite unique for the University, while still maintaining a lot of features, textures and materials that the campus is known for. It will be interesting to see all of the designs, for what the University is considering a 'game-changing' development. The new building will be pretty massive, possibly close to 500,000 sq ft.
Despite the fact that the university has been cagey with announcements and details of this project, 'game changing' is the appropriate sense of the building based on the whispers around campus. It will be extremely large.

Notably, it will facilitate the expansion of the 'Molecular Engineering department' (read applied science) to over 100 faculty. That kind of expansion will put the number of the PME's applied science and engineering faculty at a level on par with the PSD and BSD, which will represent pretty significant departure from the University's traditional approach of research.
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