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^^^ Just find out if they have any sort of HR (though they probably won't) and contact the HR person with a letter or phone call and find out if they have any positions. If they don't, simply offer to work for free since you are a student. Make sure you have a well-crafted letter explaining all of this and the fact that you have a passion for Real Estate, etc.

If there is no HR department, go straight to the top and try to get in contact with whoever the owner/head hauncho at the company is. You can do this in a number of ways, first search them on Google and see if you can get their contact info. If you can't try calling and asking for them (likely won't work, secretary usually intercepts you). The best trick is just finding the email for someone else at the company and then figuring out the naming protocol for their email. By this I mean if you see John Smith has an email of, then you know the CEO, David Johnson, probably has an email address of I've actually used this trick before and have gotten direct responses from some pretty high up people as a result. They are often impressed that you were clever enough to use this simple trick to get in contact with them.

From there its simple, just tell them that you'd really like to work for them and will even do it for free. If they let you come do some work for free, work your ass off to prove your value and they'll often move you to a paid position after a while.
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