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the dog park adjacent to Channel is finally open after appearing complete, but fenced off, for what seemed like two years

Fourth St and the Weill Neurosciences building

a peek at the arena past the Weill construction

looking back north down Fourth. the project to redo the underground infrastructure is done, and seems they aren't going to replace the trees they took out for it

there's an arena back there

UCSF housing in Dogpatch

the T-Third Loop never-ending project, coming up on two years for something that was supposed to take 4 months

another slow one, Crane Cove Park. I was reading in the Potrero View (article I can't find online) that the tops of the cranes may never be put back. one apparently is in really bad shape, and the cost to rehabilitate even the one is probably more than the community can come up with. if I remember right, the contract to create this phase of the Park was originally to have included the crane tops, but was altered not to (due to cost).

the utility poles along Terry Francois (TF) have finally come down, and looks like we'll have the new roadway pretty soon. way too wide for current traffic but I imagine the arena will make use of its full capacity

another angle of TF

SE corner of the arena site, at 16th and TF

and, now the fancy steps and ramps of the Fibrogen building complex on Illinois will finally come into their intended function, linking them with the sidewalk and surrounding greenspaces. (and hopefully they'll fill the planters)

Third St

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