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Originally Posted by timbad View Post
I am a resident - not sure if you consider that category a stakeholder! I'll give a short response: as far as I can tell, all the completed developments are basically full, and there is a healthy amount of foot traffic through the neighborhood. it has steadily increased over the years. retail locations have been slow in opening, and there are still empty ones, but the open ones seem well-patronized.

to me, one tangential benefit MB has had has been the stimulus to surrounding neighborhoods, particularly Dogpatch, that formerly felt more disconnected from the downtown area by the void that MB was.

average folk probably have a number of opinions, but one common one seems to be that the overall effect, at least of the architecture, is blocky and sort of sterile.

I find it a pleasant place to live myself, and have a sense that we are still in a settling-in period. when all the cranes come down will be a good time to ask these questions again.
Yeah, I agree with most of this, having lived here for almost eight years. It's not a bad place to live, but shops have been slow to open. The architecture is quite noticeable because, unlike other parts of the city, everything was built pretty much at once. This gives it a sameness not really seen in much of the rest of the city.
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