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two street sections connected to the roundabout finally opened this weekend: Channel, and Mission Bay Blvd.

Channel, leading away from roundabout

looking back toward the roundabout

two lanes in each direction seemed excessive for now

at the east end of the formerly closed section. the traffic lights haven't been turned on yet. the dog park on the right is also to - finally - open later this month, I read.

looking back the other way. the parking lot on the right remains closed. it's baffling to me why it takes years after construction ends for these things to be approved for opening

Mission Bay Blvd, leading away from the roundabout:

where the little neck of MB Blvd meets the western end of the Commons

looking head-on at the intersection where Long Bridge St curves in to MB Blvd

the western end of the Commons ends in a little semi-circular plot, inside which is this irregular-shaped structure whose purpose or reason for being that way, is a mystery to me, except that the slant on one side seems to be to help the sidewalk line up with the one across the street here

looking back toward the roundabout

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