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Added some notes in bold on some of these:

Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
Some other updates:

- Crane base on site for X Walked by yesterday. Wondering if 2 cranes will go up for X? Not sure a single crrane is going to reach the other end of the construction.
-Link is adding a sign
-No action on the AC hotel but people trying to get from the APS building to the parking garage are causing traffic issues Had the same problem walking yesterday. Didn't know the sidewalk was closed off. Hopefully they add an option to walk around the construction.
-Lots of Dirt moving for Battery
-lots of dirt moving for Alta Which Alta?
-3rd ave jail conversion almost done, It doesn't look as different as I expected
-the Frys at block 23 looks to be moving quickly Article posted this morning now says an October opening date. So moved back from September,
-Hines has no movement yet I'm curious on this one. Nothing moving, however, all the parking meters have been closed off and there are road construction cones and signs in place along the sidewalk. Wondering if garage work is imminent?
-Filmore is not making much progress Phoenix's version of the Pier
-Columbus and Central is much taller than Alta Midtown
-Earl is starting its main building construction with some interesting angled support collums
- Cranes on site for Park Central Parking Garage Tower crane parts or mobile cranes?
-Ten-o-One has a lot of work going on the inside
-Portland street, the hotel and French restaurant Rehab are both nearly complete
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