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How many homes have you built/rehabbed?

Those numbers remind me of 1995 luxury or 2019 hovel.

I mean, a full kitchen remodel using a licensed contractor and high end finishes will set you back $40K alone, more if you start moving gas lines or drains.

A nice range is $5,000 before your vent hood.
Your cabinets are going to cost $200/lf at least!
A 3.5 ton gas pack is going to cost you about $5,000+
upgrading electrical is another $4,000+
you're going to spend close to $15K on the existing bathroom if you do it right and another $400/ft for the one you're adding on.
Flooring? MINIMUM $5/ft for porcelain tile, much more if you want hardwood.

I don't know a single GC who will do an addition properly for $150/ft. Between pouring a foundation, re-working the roof, upgrading electrical panel, HVAC work, and all the other engineering involved you might spend that $150/ft before you get to drywall, flooring and fixtures. Let me guess, you're one of those guys who would just frame in an enclosed patio and use a semi-flat roof because it's cheaper. Ok, do that and you might get it done for $150/ft. It's a block home, let me guess you think it's okay to build your addition out with wood frame stucco construction? For $150/ft that's what you're going to get.

The prices I'm giving you are to do it right, you can always save money by half-assing things.
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