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Site status as of Friday....

110 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr
You can see the Penn Tower, Perelman and Smilow buildings, as well as the existing HUP which will relocate to the planned building.

One issue has to be resolved before anything can be done: to get from Perelman to HUP via skywalk, patients, visitors, and staff have to go via Penn Tower's second floor. Therefore a new bridge has to be erected to circumvent it....
112 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

This structure will join in with the existing skywalk leading from Penn Tower enabling the tower to be cut off in preparation for demolition....

111 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

There were two renderings of this temporary skywalk posted next to each other. Now this I found funny, if you look past the glare you can make out the existing Penn Tower silhouette and the skywalk leading to it still intact....

114 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

Turn the corner and there is another render that looks almost identical except the Tower is gone and they have a stubby looking crane in it's place
115 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

Penn Tower with the bridge to Perelman
116 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr

It should also be mentioned that Penn Tower wasn't exactly built to a high standard to begin with and the garage has required numerous repair jobs in recent years. You can see the extreme spalling and the steel braces that were added to keep the concrete panels in place.
119 by tehshadowbat, on Flickr
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