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Originally Posted by Flyers2001 View Post
The trustees met last Thursday, they meet every 1-2 months. Last Friday there was a sustainability meeting where the new hospital was discussed. It involved department heads from not only Penn Mesicine but associated business like EVS and Impark.
The full Board of Trustees, which is necessary to approve big projects like this, only meets 3 times a year--winter, spring, and fall. And the day before those meetings of the full board, the committees that make up the full board have their meetings. The Executive Committee (and, I believe, the Budget and Finance Committee) also meet another 2 or 3 times a year as needed, but major trustee decisions (e.g., major capital expenditures, policy changes, high-level executive appointments, etc.) only happen at the 3-a-year full Board of Trustees meetings:

So it's possible that there was a discussion of the architectural plans at the Facilities & Campus Planning Committee meeting on Thursday, or even at the full Board of Trustees meeting on Friday:

I usually read the minutes of the Penn Trustees meetings when they're published, but that won't happen for this spring meeting until the minutes are approved at next fall's meeting of the full board. The trustees meetings are also covered in the internal Penn publication, "Almanac" (, but that's currently on a summer publication schedule, so its coverage of this meeting may be a bit delayed. The Daily Pennsylvanian, which also generally covers trustees meetings, is currently on its summer weekly schedule, so there may be a story on the spring trustees meeting tomorrow. As I said, I'll keep an eye out.
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