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Originally Posted by hudkina View Post
A lot of renters don't need solid hardwood floors or italian tile countertops or whatever stupid gimmick developers are throwing into these $1,200+ per month apartments. I think these cities really need to entice developers to build more affordable units in the $400-$900 per month range. If that means cheap laminate flooring and countertops, a single bathroom per unit, and no in-unit washer/dryer then so be it.
While I'm a no frills person myself, seems like many AA renters aren't exactly the same...and they'll pay whatever, just for the location

And the range is still too low for AA. I paid $950/month for the one bedroom shown below in 2006. BTW, I painted the walls which were heavily damaged. Those are cabinets from the 60's, a stove from the 70's, a fridge form the 70's, and laminate from the 90's. I took my laundry offsite, and the bathroom ceiling leaked. Yeah there was wood floors, but they looked bad....and you can see that vintage linoleum floor there

Here's an updated full house rental. Limited parking, 5 bedrooms, and recently renovated (cheaply renovated) but good enough
$45,000 / year....which is way more reasonable, but the rooms were ridiculously tiny.

Finally, an example unit from my last year in Michigan. This rent was heavily negotiated. $850/month. It was very old and all the cabinets were original

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