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1916: Nathan's of Coney Island.

1932: Thousands crowd police lines as they watch fire at Coney Island.

1932: Page one of the July 14, 1932 edition of the New York Daily News.

1936: The boardwalk and beaches at Coney Island were thronged with a million people who sought to escape the city's muggy heat.

1937: Mary Dolan, a beauty contest winner at Coney Island.

1938: Daddy patiently smokes a cigarette as his daughter makes him a partner in her game.

1946: Time stood still for this couple at Coney Island as a neighbor turns a completely indifferent back on the scene.

1947: A couple looked down on part of the record crowd at Coney Island from the Ferris wheel.

1947: The beach filled with people at Coney Island.

1950: The freak show at Coney Island held the fascination of the crowds. Even folks who don't care to go inside often pause a moment to listen to the barker's spiel.

1959: Children from P.S. 80 are among the first to see the 80-foot Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missile at W. Eighth St. and Surf Ave., Coney Island.

1960: Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Cabot Lodge and New York Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz gulp hot dogs at a Coney Island hotdog stand.
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