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What is wrong with Casinos there? A lot of people have some sort of moral superiority complex out there, they will never allow a vile thing like blackjack or Texas Hold 'em in New York. Gambling is the devil! I bet. Oh wait, its illegal.

Before you conjure images of Atlantic City, Reno, and Vegas... question, are those the only places in the world to gamble? How's about this, make Governer's Island the Monaco of the United States. No other place in the world could you have a gambling resort style island at the footsteps of the greatest city on earth. Dubai has yet to build that island. A place where James Bond would go, you've got plenty of old, rich high-brow New Yorkers that would appreciate it. Plenty of young hip people with money go blow it all in Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun. Why not have that revenue go to the city - education even?
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