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Originally Posted by Notyrview View Post
^this coming from someone who sings the praises of RAMSA at every opportunity. maybe it will turn out bad? not as bad as your fav neighbor tho.
I'm pretty sure that Ardecela doesn't like RAMSA, but I disagree with him about curved buildings. Sure they are philosophically vapid from an aesthetics standpoint, but they are fun and efficiency isn't everything. I don't really mind the occasional flashy metallic glass rounded building, I just don't want to see them all over. OMP, for example, is actually a popular landmark similar to Smurfit Stone. Everyone knows the design, they just don't know the name. Streeterville is all boxes or ugly concrete shitboxes (OBP included). This is an improvement because it adds interest in this area. If it were right next to OMP that might not be true. With any decent quality to the details and glass this will be a solid addition, certainly better than what it has been for the last 20+years. What was here before? More of North Pier Warehouse?