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Originally Posted by IWant2BeInSTL View Post
yeah, not saying Boulder is better. just meant a more affordable alternative real-estate-wise. at this point, though, i doubt real estate is much cheaper in Longmont.
Well - as somebody who grew up in Boulder, I WOULD say that Boulder is better. Boulder is just extremely one-of-a-kind - though admittedly may not be everyone's taste given its extremely liberal culture, NIMBYist tendencies, and rapidly increasing cost of living. Longmont feels more down-to-earth, and like xzmattzx says, feels like it could be in Nebraska were it not for the mountain view in the distance.

Zillow says that Longmont's typical home value is currently around $428,000 and Boulder's is around $781,000 - so while not cheap, it is still a big difference. Many renters would find Boulder to be completely cost prohibitive without sharing with many roommates or moving into a co-op or something. Of course Longmont isn't the only bedroom community nearby - the northwest Denver suburbs also serve that purpose.

Originally Posted by xzmattzx View Post
Are there any plans to widen the road between Longmont and Boulder?

I kind of got the feel that Longmont a little Midwestern feel. If you couldn't see those mountains just west of town, you could probably convince someone that the town was in Nebraska or Kansas.
I just checked on the status of the Highway 119 BRT study. It looks like they are currently talking about adding "managed lanes." Presumably these would look like every other highway in Colorado with regional bus routes allowed along with HOV3+ and vehicles willing to pay a demand-based toll. The City of Boulder has some pretty firm modal-shift goals in the Transportation Master Plan that preclude it from endorsing any new general-purpose automobile lanes being added anywhere in town.
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