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Originally Posted by JimCraig View Post
Congratulations on your purchase. It never ceases to amaze me what shows up on ebay. Good price too. Sometimes the Sellers get greedy. You live in an interesting neighborhood. What is the "official" name of your neighborhood - "Garvanza Villa Heights"?,
I agree, good price, and agreed, sellers will at times go overboard in testing the market. That said, hey, it's whatever the market will bear. Especially in these weird, lean times. And I'm on a definite postcard & slide diet. (That said, I did just spend a good piece of change on this.)

And as Bristolian pointed out, the area is Garvanza, though to be exact I'm Garvanza-adjacent, in the Avenues of Highland Park. I did just go through the Jack In The Box drive-thru the other night, right there on the storied Garvanza Villa land...

Despite what it says in the City Planning Dept HPOZ report on Garvanza, I don't think there was a fire. A fire would have made the papers, for one thing. Also, there was a big auction beforehand, which leads me to believe it was their intention to tear it down:

And then Whiting-Mead tear it down come March:

What I don't get, is the use of 156 S Ave 63 in that notice, or in the demo permit that Noir_Noir posted. Seems to me the GV was on the other side of the street; many times its address is given as 121: I guess the subject of its address is something of a mystery.
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