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Here are two more from the same group.


The Los Angeles County Courthouse designed by African-American arthitect Paul Williams.

Additional info. for newbies.


See the clock. Read below:

"The gigantic clock with the 11-foot hands and large Roman numerals first appeared in Los Angeles County's 'Clocktower Courthouse' in 1861.
The clock was transferred to the 'Red Sandstone Courthouse' in 1891. After sitting in storage, the clock was retrieved and installed in the Mid-Century
Los Angeles Courthouse, shown above."

That is amazing. I'm surprised the clock survived all those different moves from one place to another.

(most of you no doubt already knew this story)


For newcomers:...

The massive building in front of City Hall is the old California State Building. It was damaged in the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake & demolished in 1975-76.


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