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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Here's an interesting rppc. (real photograph post card)
Earl beat me to it, CBD.

A quick return to the Garvanza Villa Hotel.

The hotel under construction. (1885)

Los Angeles Public Library

"The Garvanza Villa Hotel under construction at the corner of what are now Avenue 63 and York Blvd."... KCET

A late 1886 view looking north from the second floor of the hotel.

Garvanza by Charles J. Fisher

"The photograph shows Pasadena Avenue (now York Boulevard) passing the newly completed Land Company
building (later called Miller's Hall) and the Wells Fargo Station."
...Charles J. Fisher

So which one is the Santa Fe Station? I don't see any railroad tracks.

Lastly, here's a photograph taken from the porch of the Garvanza Villa Hotel.

Garvanza by Charles J. Fisher

"When the $20,000 hotel opened on November 1886 it was sometimes referred to as the 'Garvanza Park Hotel'. This view of the Arroyo Seco includes Sugar Loaf Hill
which was to become known as 'Santa Fe Hill' when the railroad bought out the 'Los Angeles & San Gabriel Railroad' the following January."
. . . .Charles J. Fisher

The hanging plant at the end of the porch appears to be taking the brunt of the wind.


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