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Originally Posted by Beaudry View Post
Bang! I bought that in a heartbeat. I live pretty close to the same neighborhood as the Garvanza Villa. Or where it was, anyway. Which is here:



Can't find a demo permit, but 211-221 South Avenue 63 was built in 1925, so I'm guessing it went down around then. Here's another shot of it:


The view looking out over the Arroyo must have been incredible*. Designed by Boring and Haas, it was built in 1886.

*Edit: the view is still pretty swell. As are the 1920s apartments that replaced it—

Congratulations on your purchase. It never ceases to amaze me what shows up on ebay. Good price too. Sometimes the Sellers get greedy. You live in an interesting neighborhood. What is the "official" name of your neighborhood - "Garvanza Villa Heights"?,
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