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More Candy

And since it's the Holiday Season, here are more Candy related Pictures. When they passed, granny just boxed up the pictures and put them n the Duplex's basement. I've tried to get a hold of FIDM to see if they wanted any items (we have the keys to Mr. Candy's office at Bullocks Wilshire and Westwood, along with his awards, and a few P.G. Winnett items), but it's a lost cause.

I posted this way back when i had Photobucket, the back had my Grandmother's writing, but its BW.

Christmastime 1957

P.G. Winnett, and Kate Winnett Candy on the right, the rest unknown.

This last one is the Candy's driver out in Sunland. Evidently they owned a bunch of property out in that area, and they would go shooting out there. All of the photos from this day are desert scenes, Mrs. Candy Shooting, the driver sitting, and my grandmothers lunch.. I'm only posting the driver because the rest aren't too interesting. Plus he looks cool.

All photos scanned by me
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