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I see you noticed Sally Rand, too, JMR. I'll delete the photo from my post since it's right there above!

I don't think I knew Sally Rand was a WBS. She certainly has eyes for the Babe. I always heard Babe nicknamed The Sultan of Swat, instead of The King of Swat. Of course, he was so popular he had many nicknames: Babe, The Colossus of Clout, The Sultan of Swat, The Big Bam, The Behemoth of Bust, Jedge, The Caliph of Clout, The Wazir of Wham, The Maharajah of Mash, The Rajah of Rap, The Blunderbuss, The Mammoth of Maul, The Mauling Mastodon, The Mauling Monarch, The Wali of Wallop, The Prince of Powders, The King of Crash, The King of Clout, The Colossus of Crash, The King of Swing, The Terrible Titan, The Kid (or King) of Crash and, of course, The Great Bambino. (From: Babe Ruth Nicknames and The Story Behind Them)


This is considered a lost film. It was released the day after Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight and landed in Paris, May 21, 1927.

Ballpark scenes in the movie were filmed at Los Angeles' Wrigley Field.

Speaking of Wrigley Field, recently I saw AMPAS's Hollywood Home Movies (online version for this year; premiered 11/20). They have done other Hollywood Home Movies programs in person at their theatre before. This new one has color scenes of Satchel Paige pitching in an exhibition game at Wrigley Field in November of 1948. (He had been part of the 1948 Cleveland Indians World Series winning team and is wearing his Indians uniform in this game.) It's noted this may be the only known footage of him pitching in a game. There are nice shots of the field and people in the stadium, including Louis B. Mayer and other M-G-M people. The footage was shot by Richard Brooks and they may have been there because they were doing a baseball themed film at the time.

This WRIGLEY FIELD sequence is at approximately 32:47. If one is interested there is MUCH to enjoy in the entire presentation. (Among other things, there's footage of stars at play in Catalina, behind the scenes footage of a film, set in winter, being shot at the Greystone Mansion and a backyard party at Dolores Del Rio's place.)

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