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I looked through numerous Los Angeles Directories but never found a H. J. Bliss.


Two excerpts from a Los Angeles Herald (5 November 1908) story.


"Manza Daniels, a mail carrier of Hollywood became the hero of a thrilling rescue of a child from an awful death by fire. Vernon Bliss, the beautiful 3-year-old son of H. G. Bliss, a photographer, narrowly escaped the terrible fate of being burned alive in a fire that the child had set and which consumed his father's barn and photographic studio at the rear of the residence at 747 El Centro Street. Colegrove, despite the fact that the Hollywood fire department quickly responded to the alarm. Daniels had been calling on some friends in the vicinity of the Bliss home and was passing the place when his attention was attracted by the voice of a child singing to the accompaniment of crackling flames. The man entered the yard, and as he turned the corner of the house he was transfixed with horror to see the child sitting with his little bare feet swinging out of the upper window of the hayloft and the red tongues of flames reaching up toward him from the lower part of the building."

"A look at the child showed he was severely burned about the face, but Daniels' face and hands scarcely bore a mark, owing to his presence of mind in covering himself with his coat. The child also suffered from having inhaled smoke. Fire was carried by the wind to outbuildings In the vicinity and considerable damage resulted before it was extinguished. The Bliss child had been left in the care of his elder brother while the other members of the family were away from home. In some way the little one had obtained some matches and set fire to the building as a method of diversion during his loneliness. After he had the blaze comfortably under way, he decided it would be fun to ascend to the loft and there enjoy the bonfire he had started. So well pleased was Vernon with his idea and the progress of the blaze that he burst into the song which attracted the attention off the rescuer. The loss to the building and photographic material is estimated by Mr. Bliss at $400. He loses two valuable cameras, a large number of highly prized negatives and considerable photographic supplies. Vernon has decided that bonfires are no good and declares he will eschew such frivolities In the future. Mr. Daniels modestly denies any heroism and says he is not a candidate for a Carnegie medal for bravery." - Los Angeles Herald - 5 November 1908
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