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Originally Posted by The North One View Post
The flippant demolition of irreplaceable gems in NYC seems rampant. In any other city people would be screaming bloody murder about this. And it's so swept under the rug, you can barely find information about these very recently extinct prominent buildings. In Chicago it would be front page news.
Actually, Chicago has very weak landmarks laws, and is much, much more pro-development than NYC.

Roughly half of Manhattan is landmarked, and therefore almost completely off limits to development and much of the remainder is downzoned or limited special district. NYC, alongside Bay Area, is probably the most anti-development major metro in North America. It's amazingly difficult to get stuff built, from endless lawsuits, to the nation's longest environmental review, to ridiculous community board micromanaging.

And yeah, probably no place has so much old stuff get redeveloped, but that's because no place has so much old stuff. Core NYC has an absolute crapload of late 19th/early 20th century building stock, and almost no parking lots or vacant lots, so if you want something new, something old will likely come down.
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