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I've read that the first wave that settled on the southeast side of Chicago were heavily recruited to come work in the factories and for others Chicago was a primary train destination and that's how alot of Mexicans ended up here after crossing into the southwest The second wave settled in a heavily immigrant area in the near west side of the city where they could practice their customs without alot of fear of discrimination. I do know other Mexican Americans whose families settled in other smaller midwestern cities usually had to Americanize much faster. I know there was another big wave in the 70s and I know for alot of them it was a combination of available housing and jobs. My family skipped Los Angeles because even back then there was already a housing crunch in the Mexican areas and skipped Texas because of the crappy job opportunities whereas in Chicago they were able to work in factories and rent cheap 2 or 3 bedroom apartments. The 90s wave, which I think was the biggest came to an already established Mexican community also primarily made up of first gen immigrants from mostly the same parts of Mexico.
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