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Originally Posted by Nouvellecosse View Post
Yea, I don't think that Canada, which has the second largest amount of forest in the world (after Russia) and is the world's second largest exporter of forestry products, is promoting wood frame buildings as a way to encourage the use of wood from Brazil. Keep in mind that the problem of deforestation in Brazil isn't driven by a desire for a forestry industry which generally sees land harvested and continually re-planted, but rather a desire to clear the land for other uses such as farming and cattle grazing.
Most of the backers are from Alberta and British Columbia. Why? Because there's a huge surplus of sustainably harvested timber here with declining domestic uses. How do I know? I'm currently crashing at my mom's place in one of these one-industry towns and they are huge proponents of secondary product manufacturing instead of just shipping raw timber. Makes sense to me especially since these at least are nearly carbon-neutral when compared to traditional builds...
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