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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
I still can't imagine what's going in here. This looks like a suburb in Tulsa. The sidewalks look inexplicably narrow and suburban - like the width of what you'd find in a mcmansion development. What's the deal with that? Will they widen them when the buildings start going in?

It just looks like way too much open space to develop in a weird, not super desirable location. Who wants to be the first tenant in this brownfield? Like, SYards i can visualize - there's an actual there there - in terms of location, density, TOD, and land-use. This feels like, "Hi, I'm in Delaware."

Am I crazy - or will this fill in super quickly?
I'm not sure I see that at all. The road is a little odd, but I definitely think this is going to feel like a big urban location. It's only a block off of Market and there are a number of large buildings around. The trolley's go through here and 34th St is only 3-4 blocks away. I'd hardly call this a brownfield in the traditional sense where there isn't much around the site, as uCity Square is pretty well connected to the urban fabric and there's a substantial amount of jobs and development nearby already. If it gets built as shown, I think this will be a very active spot. While SY is great in a lot of ways, I'd say uCity Square is a pretty attractive development spot in its own right.
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