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Originally Posted by obt View Post
Check out these two Flickr sets. (Apologies if these were posted earlier in the thread, I don't remember seeing them.) Lots of great stuff.

By the way, credit for finding these to the excellent Dumpsite.
Here's smaller versions of goodies from one of those links - for full size plus many more follow the link to the "jarchie" collection. First, Near North, viewed looking North-Northwest from the Wrigley Building, in 1950:

Same general area, south from John Hancock Center in 1974.

Very illustrative of how far the Near North Side has come over the past 35 years, and how far it had fallen in the years before. West of State Street looked like a warzone by the 1970s.

I also conjured some magic to show the following chart, which I think is a decent barometer of what was going on in the area:
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