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Originally Posted by viewguysf View Post
You'll go to the Parnassus campus, not Mt. Zion. I'm sure that you'll find the lovely edifices there to be most esthetically pleasing.

Barring that, you'll go to the VA Medical Center, which is one of UCSF's training and residency hospitals.

You see BT, curmudgeons are in good hands here in San Francisco!
As you may know (because I may have said), I do go to the VAH for outpatient care but for emergency care (on the 2 occasions I've needed it), I went to California-Pacific. Should I need cardiovascular care, I'd probably still go there (or Stanford) but it's the possibility of cancer, which is something for which UCSF is highly regarded, that has me interested in UCSF and its plans (that and the fact that I did some training there so in that sense I'm sort of an alum)--on a personal level, that is.

And of course it's probably a nice addition to Mission Bay as well as being more or less essential to their developing medical research campus there.
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