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Exclamation SSPIA: Changes in Rules Regarding Trees in Illustrations

III. Quality:
All drawings submitted to must meet the standards of quality stated here. Not every drawing is expected to be a masterpiece, but there are basic standards that have to be met...

c.) No illustration deemed by the SSPIA Senior and Approval committees to have any of the following elements in excess will be considered for approval:

Lens Flares
We consider an excessive use of trees to be: the addition of trees to an illustration of a building or structure that do not exist planted on or in the actual building itself.

For example:

This use of trees is acceptable:

The following uses are not:

Because it is only fair, all the illustrations currently submitted which do include trees that are not planted on or in the building in question, like the excellent illustrations above, are exempt from the new changes to the code.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them here.
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