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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
There isn't a victory anyone yet. For one thing, Macklowe doesnt need that small piece of the property to build his tower, which is mostly fronted on 52nd Street. The tower itself will hoover far above. It would make for a nicer entrance on 51st Street, but hardly necessary. It's the reason Maclowe is still moving forward with plans. He'd love to have it, but could build with or without it. The more important factor is the approvals process that he needs to go through in order to build the tower. Thar's what will determine this tower's fate.
Right, most renderings depict it offset from/above the existing property, that makes more sense. We would have heard this thing was cancelled otherwise, due to Venezuela's refusal to sell the Consulate. Thanks for clearing that up.

Macklowe represents the self-entitled variety of New Yorkers who think that the world revolves around them and are oblivious to the rights and concerns of all others. This kind of narcissism makes him believe that he can develop a building that he doesn't own. In NY, we call this hyper-narcissism "chutzpah."
Sure, but given who he is would we expect otherwise? His narcissism, persistence and "chutzpah" is probably the reason this thing still has a chance. I know you hate it, as do many others, but there's a good chance the design isn't completely final.
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