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Originally Posted by shakman View Post
Where is the "increase to 94 floors" coming from? Has the tower design allowed for a height increase?
Yes it's engineered to (easily) accommodate the extra 9 floors.

If you saw the early below grade work (including the first super-columns) and then the early above grade work with the jigsaw puzzle of angled steel and massive "octopus" connectors... all to achieve a column-free retail space for the Apple Store)... you got a good look at just how much steel and concrete this tower will live on top of.

The height increase has been applied for and a decision from the city is expected by the end of this year (perhaps next January due to holiday stuff).

Early above grade steel for the retail space. Super-columns and first angled steel.

The tower is built without a traditional elevator core rising in the middle of the tower (from bedrock)... most of the load work carried by the 8 huge super-columns around the floor-plate perimeter.

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