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^ I remember you mentioned your connection to the area in the Central Erin Mills thread too. Ninth Line might be a bit out of the way for me but it seemed important to show it as some sort of dividing line while I still can. I was actually planning a larger thread, also including photographs of the portion of the Ninth Line corridor south of Britannia, closer to Erin Mills Town Centre, but after recent travelling through there, I realized it was too late, that part of the corridor not so much "liminal space" anymore, so I didn't photograph it. These photos just show the portion of the corridor north of Britannia.

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bravo as always.

i just cannot tell you how much i look forward to doady's photo threads.

100% j.g. ballard dystopia approved!
And I cannot tell you guys how much I look forward to all your comments in my threads, even getting references to J.G. Ballard and "liminal space". I never got much response for my photos elsewhere, so I want to tell everyone that I appreciate the support I have gotten here.

Although I must admit, even though Joy Division is my favourite band, and their song "Atrocity Exhibition" is a reference to J.G. Ballard, I didn't have him mind when I was taking these photos. I didn't know about liminal space photography either. I probably was thinking more about David Plowden, whose book Heartland: The Plains and the Prairie I bought a couple of years ago and I even revisited again while editing these photos. He photographed a lot of the Great Plains of the US and the disappearing rural landscape. You can see his work here:
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